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Zessica Wong is one of the main female protagonist form the Aquarion EVOL anime.

A girl with the power to release energy blasts from her hand. Showing no inhibition about cross-gender Unions (earning her MIX and Suomi's scolding), she also started taking interest in Amata, going so far as to tease him just to see him float around, much to Mikono's jealousy.

She is the second most frequent user of Aquarion Gepard, though she's more famous for her one-time use of Aquarion Spada.

In the XP4 fics, Zessica is part of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. She also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Zessica has short green hair and violet eyes. She has slightly tanned skin and wears skimpy clothing.

She's usually seen wearing a short sleeveless white and black shirt with a gap on the center, through which her cleavage is visible. It has black straps that forms an X around her back. This shirt covers very little as even her side breasts can be seen from certain angles. She also wears a gold and black brooch around her collar. Along with this she wears white shorts with black linings that also have a gap on the right side as well as in the backside, showing that she isn't wearing any underwear. She wears black and yellow boots and a little yellow bow in her hair.

Her swimwear consists of a black bikini with yellow linings and a yellow ribbon in the collar. In the 2013 calendar, she wears a yellow bikini with the lower part having black stripes, alongside a pair of light blue shorts and a white shirt.

In the last episode she is seen wearing a yellow hoodie.


Zessica is a confident, cool and slightly arrogant girl. In the first episode, Zessica states that unification with girls is boring and wants to try it with boys, resulting in MIX and Suomi scolding and lecturing her on how "impure" that would be. She's interested in boys, as she alongside the rest of the female student body has been forbidden to interact with them. Regardless of the rules of not having romantic relationship with male students, she still pursues Amata and constantly flirts with him. She sometimes can be mean, and there's moments where she feels jealousy of Mikono, but nevertheless she supports everyone in battle and stays cool-headed and in control, at some point she even tries to advise Mikono into showing more skin to attract Amata's attention.

Because of her powers, she wears skimpy clothing and isn't afraid to show her body, taking pleasure in teasing Amata by jumping onto him or rubbing her breasts onto him. She also does this to tease Mikono, knowing that it makes her jealous, as she challenges her to do something or else she'll try to take Amata for herself. However, Amata never reciprocates the flirting and instead tries to get her off him or ignores her in favor of Mikono. She tries to come off as laid-back and tomboyish, but in reality she cares a lot about her image.

Despite this, Zessica later grows to genuinely care for Amata, helping him multiple times and, at one point, even sacrificing herself for his sake. She secretly wishes that Kagura would take Mikono away so that she can have a chance with Amata, and tries to disuade Amata from going after him when she's kidnapped. When it's believed that Kagura and Mikono are Apollon and Silvie, she worries that Amata won't be able to take it and that Mikono will inevitably hurt him, as she and Kagura are supposedly destined to be together. She grows uneasy about the rumors that Amata and Mikono are destined to be together, as she develops feelings for him and wishes to be with him.

After confessing her feelings to Amata, he rejects her, leaving Zessica heartbroken and insecure. Due to this, she starts imitating Mikono in a last effort to gain Amata's attention, however it doesn't work. From this point on she constantly compares herself to Mikono, as her confidence and pride are deeply hurt. Mykage takes advantage of this and, as her negative feelings dwell inside her, he takes possession of her and torments her as her captor. When she encounters Kagura in the last episode, she asks her to kill her as she has lost all the will to live.

She has a fear of supernatural things, like ghosts, but tries to hide it because it embarrasses her. Like the rest of the female student boy, she's creeped out by Kagura's aggressiveness.


Zessica's element power is Distortion (Nejire no Chikara), which allows her to warp structure of objects and project bolts of kinetic force. She additionally possesses a secondary element power that lets her extend extra-sensory perception through her exposed skin. In one episode, she saw a vision of Kagura and Mikono in her mirror, but it is unknown whether this is actually a manifestation of latent element power or one of Mykage's many tricks. She's a very capable pilot, staying cool-headed in the most dire situations, and even manages to defeat Jin in battle. Zessica belongs to the school choir, showing that she's capable of singing as well.


  • Her esper-like powers are similar to Silvia's psychokinesis from the original Aquarion.
  • She shares the same voice actor with Chloe Klick from the original series.
  • Towards the end of the show she's seen to get along with Shush, Mikono's pet.
  • Ironically, Zessica's fear of ghost results in her downfall. Mykage is technically the ghost of Toma, and even possesses her towards the end.
  • In a Biglobe popularity poll made during the show's airing time, Zessica ranked 1st in the female cast, with a total of 2146 votes. She ties with Yunoha as the most popular female character.
  • In the promotional poster for the show, Zessica is seen holding tarot cards, even though she's never shown to know about tarot during the show.
  • Zessica, along with MIX and one of the extras, has one of the biggest breast size in the female cast.
  • In the manga version of the Aquarion EVOL manga, when Mykage possesses Zessica towards the end, she turns into a man. Following the same name change as MIXY, this would turn Zessica into ZEXY. Notice the pun.
  • Zessica's character design resembles that of Ranka Lee, a character from Macross Frontier, a show directed by the same creator of Aquarion, Shoji Kawamori. They both have short green hair, and Zessica's dress resembles Ranka's schoolgirl uniform.


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