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Yumichika Ayasegawa is a character from the Bleach anime and manga.

Yumichika is the apparently narcissistic current 3rd and former 5th seat in Squad 11. He isn't the fourth seat because he hates the number four (and who wouldn't?) and apparently didn't want to share the 3rd seat with Ikkaku. His most distinguishing feature is his right eye which has two pairs of brightly coloured feathers accentuating it. Yumichika is first seen fighting Ganju Shiba during the Soul Society arc and losing, mainly due to having his precious hair messed up. Despite his vain appearance, he's actually an even match to Ikkaku.

In the AWA fics, Yumichika is a student at the AWA Academy.


Yumichika wears the standard Shinigami shihakushō uniform with some customizations. An orange piece of clothing sits on top of his uniform around the neck, which covers most of his chest that would otherwise be exposed by his uniform. This is connected to an orange sleeve on his right arm under the much looser fitting sleeve of the uniform. Yumichika has colorful feathers on his right eyelashes and eyebrow. He has shiny skin, purple eyes, and jaw-length black hair, which, in conjunction with the feathers, gives him a somewhat feminine appearance. Before he joined the Gotei 13, he wore a simple kimono with a flowery pattern on it, did not wear any feathers on his eyes, and his hair was down his back and tied in a loose ponytail with shoulder-length pieces framing his face.

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Yumichika sports a similar hairstyle as before, although he now has a braid hanging down the right side of his face. He has feathers protruding from his hair on both sides of his head. Also, both his eyes now sport extended lashes, and he wears a sash over his right shoulder and a turtleneck sweater.

Ten years after the defeat of Yhwach, Yumichika's hair is no longer in a braid, and reaches slightly past his shoulders. Yumichika has replaced the customizations to his shihakushō with a white cape that extends from his right shoulder to over the entirety of his left arm, and is fastened at the front by a single button. Yumichika no longer wears the extended eyelashes, or the feathers that had protruded from his hair and covered eyes.


Yumichika is a narcissist who judges almost everyone and everything by beauty. He is also incredibly vain. Yumichika is a powerful combatant and wanted to become the third Seat of his Division, as he thought the kanjifor the number three was the most beautiful. However, Ikkaku Madarame took it, so Yumichika took the fifth Seat, as he thought that the kanji for five resembled three. However, at times he is caring and helpful to others. He is extremely loyal to his friend Ikkaku, even going as far as to abandon his post at a pillar in the fake Karakura Townto try and save Ikkaku from being killed and threatening his allies who try to stop him. He cares deeply about what Ikkaku and Kenpachi think and hides the true nature of his Zanpakutō from them for fear of being hated. Despite his flamboyant nature, Yumichika can be an insightful person, able to quickly pick up on a person's nature and methods.


  • Expert Swordsman: Yumichika, as a high-ranking member of the 11th Division, excels in swordsmanship. He is capable fighter that is on par with lieutenant-level fighters, such as Shūhei Hisagi, and Arrancar such as Charlotte Chuhlhourne.
  • Kidō Expert: Yumichika has demonstrated capable skill in Kidō techniques, able to use a mid-level Hadō spell and a low-level Bakudō spell without incantation.
  • Shunpo Practitioner: Yumichika has used Shunpo frequently, although he only uses it to keep up with stronger opponents. He is fast enough to get behind Ganju Shiba and attack him before the latter had a chance to dodge or even react, as well as being able to keep up with an Arrancar or lieutenant level fighter.
  • High Spiritual Power: Despite being a 3rd seated officer of the Gotei 13, Yumichika boasts a high level of spiritual energy on par with lieutenant-level Shinigami. His Reiatsu is green.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Yumichika is a very resilient fighter. In his fight with Charlotte Chuhlhourne, Yumichika was overpowered by his attacks and his left arm was even broken in three places. Even so he was still able to continue fighting.
  • Enhanced Durability: Yumichika has a high level of durability. In his fight with Ganju Shiba, he was able to take direct hits from Ganju's fireworks and only receive minor burn marks. In his battle against Luppi, he is repeatedly beaten, first by Luppi in his unreleased state, and then twice by Luppi in his released state and can still stand, with only minor cuts on his head.
  • Highly Perceptive Combatant: Yumichika is a fairly perceptive man, deducing that Giselle Gewelle was intentionally provoking himself and Ikkaku into attacking her because she had some sort of ability activated by her getting injured. In addition, he was able to deduce the mechanism behind Bambietta Basterbine's The Explode ability.


  • Ruri'iro Kujaku (Azure Peacock), "nicknamed" Fuji Kujaku (Wisteria Peacock). It has the form of an average katana. It has a bronze tsuba shaped like a German cross, purple hilt-wrapping, and fuchsia-colored sheath. The spirit of Ruri'iro Kujaku is as vain as his owner, as Yumichika visibly gets angry with him for thinking of himself as beautiful, saying that he is full of himself. He even goes as far as to call his Zanpakutō annoying and tries to break the blade after performing Jinzen. Ruri'iro Kujaku is an odd sword, as it has a favorite color. "Azure" is its favorite while "Wisteria" is its least favorite. Because of this, Yumichika calls it "Fuji Kujaku", knowing that Ruri'iro Kujaku really hates that name so that it will sulk and doesn't reach full power. It is only when he calls it by its true name that its potential is achieved. Due to it being a Kidō-type Zanpakutō, Yumichika hides this from the 11th Division, for fear of being hated as the division is known for shunning non-direct combat blades.
  • Shikai: The Shikai command as Fuji Kujaku is "Bloom". When referred to by its true name, Ruri'iro Kujaku's command becomes "Split and Deviate". Yumichika runs his hand along the length of the blade as it glows a white light and transforms. It takes the form of a sickle-shaped blade, or falx, distinguished from the khopesh by the cutting edge being located on the inside. A hinge at top of the hilt allows it to split into four identical and evenly spaced blades. The hilt and tsuba remain the same in this form. The blade's overal design most closely resembles a shotel.
  • Shikai Special Ability: When released as Ruri'iro Kujaku, the blades can flare up and transform into a number of glowing peacock feather-like vines. These vines move to grapple and ensnare an opponent. Once the opponent is sufficiently subdued the vines begin to grow energy buds that are being filled with the opponent's Reiatsu. The flowers actually use it as a form of power source, siphoning the Reiatsu the opponent emits in order to fuel their growth. When the flowers bloom the collected Reiatsu is turned against the opponent, either seriously incapacitating them or killing them in the process. By chewing on the petals of the bloomed flowers one's wounds are healed and their body is revitalized proportionate to the amount of Reiatsu consumed. When the effect is over the vines release the target and shrivel up. The vines then recede back into the hilt and the sealed blade is reconstituted.

Bankai: Not Yet Achieved


  • Whenever he uses an Artificial soul to leave his Gigai, his personality changes to a rather violent and irritable one. According to an omake, this seems to be Yachiru's doing.
  • Despite wisteria purple being Ruri'iro Kujaku's least favorite color, the hilt of Yumichika's Zanpakutō is wisteria purple. It should also be noted that while Yumichika's eyes are purple in color, in conjunction with his Zanpakutō, when calling forth his true Shikai, Yumichika's eyes and Ruri'iro Kujaku's blade glow azure blue.
  • In the English dub of the anime, Yumichika states that his Zanpakutō's favorite color is sapphire, as opposed to azure, and that its least favorite color is lavender, as opposed to wisteria.
  • In the popularity polls, Yumichika has gone up in each poll, placing 34th (tying with Yuzu Kurosaki) in the 2nd, 21st in the 3rd and 13th in the 4th.
  • His Zanpakutō(s), Ruri'iro Kujaku placed 14th, while Fuji Kujaku placed 27th, tying with Ikkaku's Ryūmon Hōzukimaru.
  • Yumichika has written Are you okay with that? and Good morning to you for the Seireitei Communication


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