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Yue Ayase is one of the main characters from the Mahou Sensei Negima anime and manga.

Yue is an extremely intelligent but cynical girl with demotivation issues stemming from the death of her beloved grandfather. She's normally quiet, distant and snarky but very supportive of her friends and Nodoka in particular, who reached out to her when she was isolated. This has some emotional consequences for her when she ends up in a love triangle with her and Negi, who is largely oblivious. Most people find it difficult to read her emotions.

Yue has a fair talent for magic, but her primary strength is her intellect and quick thinking skills, which allow her to quickly come up with strategies.

In the AWA fics, Yue is a student at the AWA Academy.


Yue is a petite young girl with a waist-length dark-purple hair tied in low twintails, and has bluish-purple eyes. She usually wears her Mahora Academy Uniform.


Yue is considered the cool slacker of the class, a highly intelligent girl yet, at the same time, a horrible student. Her intelligence is shown by her interest in philosophy and her membership in the Library Exploration Club alongside classmates Nodoka Miyazaki, Haruna Saotome and Konoka Konoe. Even though she has never been through the entire library due to its massive size, she does know enough to be a guide for those who choose to go in there, such as guiding Negi and other members of the class. It is through the club that Yue becomes friends with the club members, usually finding herself helping her shier friend Nodoka gain confidence to do what she wants while at the same time ignoring or putting up with the manipulations of the bespectacled Haruna. Although she is scared of Haruna's tendencies, she does somehow find a way to remain her friend.

However, despite being a talented bibliophile and a member of the Library Club, Yue hates studying and schoolwork. Due to this, she is one of the students in 2-A with the lowest grades in the class, and hence is a member of the "Baka Rangers" or "Dummy Force" study group (a play on the Power Rangers series and the Super Sentai genre they came from). In the Baka Rangers, Yue is "Baka Black", and considered the team's leader, most likely in being the "smartest" of the quintet both in general as well as in her average as a Baka Ranger. Although Yue doesn't like studying or schoolwork, she is capable of performing well academically, either when she needs to (to raise the class's average) or in a subject she finds herself interested in. It is revealed later that Yue's hatred for studying is due to the death of her beloved grandfather, making her lose interest in the world in general and considered everything, especially studying, as pointless. She was initially uninterested in making friends, though Nodoka was the first to make an impression on her, by saying that anyone who likes books cannot be a bad person.

Yue is often seen drinking unusual beverages (including salt water) from juice boxes, found in various and bizarre flavors. She was once seen drinking the "Last Elixir" in one chapter, a cameo appearance from Final Fantasy. Whenever Yue drinks from one of these boxes, she usually is seen either in a more contemplative or a commentary role compared to the craziness going on around her.

Unfortunately, due to the large amounts of liquid she takes in, Yue is well known by her friend's for needing to use the bathroom almost constantly. This is also the reason she wears more adult underwear, such as tie side panties, as Haruna explains ( to Yue's embarassment and protests that it was meant to be a secret between friends) Yue is unable to go to the bathroom without completely removing her underwear. As such, she needs panties that can be quickly and easily taken off.

This frequent drinking and urination cycle is one that continues even when Yue temporarily loses her memory, as does her taste in underwear.


  • PactioPhilosophastra Illustrans (literally, "Enlightening Little Philosopher"): Her artifact is called Orbis Sensualium Pictus, it is a set consisting of a cloak, book, witch's hat, and a broom. Chamo mentions that she has the same Beginner Mage Set that Negi also had. This implies that her equipment is essentially the same as those given to mages in training. At first, her artifact doesn't offer any noticeable firepower, but its merit is progressively proven useful as the story moves on. For one, the book initially appearing to be a beginner's manual for casting spells, but actually has a wide array of general information on various magical topics, like an encyclopedia. It is able to display this information in the form of illusionary pages, like holograms. Even more impressive, the book is also linked with Mahou.net and updates continuously. It can thus answer almost any question Yue asks that pertain to magic. Yue has the equivalent of a magical library branch in one book. She was able to discover that Asuna's magic cancellation ability was exceptionally powerful, simply by looking it up and, furthermore, she was able to learn the spell needed to amplify it. After mastering riding brooms at the magic school she can use the broom to fly.
  • Logical Intelligence: Though she hates to study, Yue's ability to research and piece together facts is considerable. She was able to deduce Negi's identity as a mage and gather information concerning on the Magic World and Negi's father. As long as the subject maintains her interest (such as magic), Yue becomes dedicated to learning all there is to know. While studying at the magical academy, she becomes one of the highest test scorers in the class.
  • Magical AbilityAfter discovering Negi's mage status, Yue coaxed him to make her into his student on magical arts, both for her own defense and to "get revenge on the guardian dragon of Library Island" (who later turned out to be a friendly guard of Albireo). Combining Negi's guidance and the power of Evangeline's resort alongside Yue's own studious nature and her Pactio, she soon masters the basics. Studying at the academy in the magical world significantly improves her spellcasting and she learns to ride on a broomstick. Also during the competition it is revealed that Yue now has a magical activation key which is Foa Zo Cratia Socratia (perhaps referring to the philosopher Socrates), and she is believed to be a quite powerful mage as Emily said "no spells could break a dragon's horn!" but Yue managed to break it with the Fulguratio Albicans spell.
  • Close Combat: Under her knights training she has gain much more training in combat situations including using her "Souken"(Fake Sword)as a weapon and for spell casting.


  • Baka Black/Leader of the Baka Rangers, 5th place from the bottom of 3A.
  • Actually, she's not dumb, she just hates studying.
  • She was often found drinking some really strange drinks.
  • Since she has a large input of liquid, she always had to go to the washroom.
  • Since she dislikes the normal routine of life, she's trying to learn magic (much to Negi's chagrin).
  • In the second anime series, Negima?!, Nodoka's armor card's abilities have the same practical abilities as Yue's Orbis Sensualium Pictus in the manga.
  • Yue's outfit while using her artifact bears a striking resemblance to the design of a traditional Black Mage in the Final Fantasy series. This is possibly meant to constrast with Nodoka's design, which resembles a White Mage. This is also reflected by Yue's skills with offensive magic.
  • Yue and Nodoka's respective hair colors are switched between the two anime series. 


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