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Youichi Hiruma is one of the main characters from Eyeshield 21 anime and manga.

Youichi is the devilish, gun-toting co-founder and captain of the Devil Bats. He would do anything short of outright cheating to make his team win (and get away with it, too). "Anything" included blackmails, threats (with guns, lots of guns), psychological warfare, trick plays, inhumane training, and that's just to his own team.

In the AWA fics, Youichi is a student at the AWA Academy.


Hiruma's general appearance can be summarized with the word flashy and very far from reassuring. He has spiky blonde hair, sharp-shaped eyes and eyebrows, sharp pointy teeth - more similar to animal fangs than anything - and long pointed ears that makes him look like a disguised devil. He is tall (from a Japanese point of view) and has a slim build. He also has thin and long fingers, with similarly long nails.

To further underline his demonic look, Murata tends to draw him with a pointed devil-tail and small horns when he's planning (or has already done) something particularly devious (not to mention the "black evil aura of evilness" that seems to form around him whenever his evil genius gets in motion).

Hiruma's usually seen either in his school uniform or in his football uniform, but, as sometimes the manga is setted outside the school or the field, he's also seen in normal clothes occasionally.

Attending the Deimon High School, his school uniform is composed by black pants, white shirt and a turquoise jacket (according to the anime coloring). During the series he shows two version of the football uniform. The first one is red in top and white in pants, the second one is red and white in top (being red the shoulders and chest sides, and white the front and back) and white pants.

When not in his school or football uniform, Hiruma's most frequent clothing is a pair of black tight pants and an equally black and tight T-shirt. He seems to prefer dark colors over lighter ones, though he once wore a pure white furred-collar jacket (with matching white pants) and a maid outfit to spy on USA team during the World League. 


Hiruma acts in a vulgar, bizarre, threatening manner or to intimidate or disturb those around him into getting what he wants. He has a cunning, goal-oriented mind and does not seem to care what means he uses to accomplish those goals. His sense of morals is lax, but he is quick to find the moral flaws of others, which he keeps recorded in his "Book of Threats" or "Devil's Handbook", and uses this information to blackmail everyone from students to figures of authority into placing him in a position of power.

He has little respect for authority and has in fact usurped authority over Deimon High School well before the series begins and has the authority over the principal, using his power in the school to give himself beyond-perfect scores in all his classes and divert funds to the American football club as he desires.

Besides blackmail, Hiruma can often intimidate others into taking the action he wants by waving around his vast arsenal of firearms. Even without having to take direct action, Hiruma's mere reputation is enough sometimes to make most of the student body fear him and bow to his authority. He has a brutal appeal to violence and firearms, making him hotheaded such as firing his gun so many time to intimidate people.

Despite his penchant for blackmail and breaking every school rule without consequence, Hiruma adheres to the rules of American football without exception while playing. Inagaki says Hiruma "does everything else to win" and is "only concerned with winning." Instead, Hiruma tries to throw opposing teams off guard through taunts and insults.

Even when Hiruma has expressed excitement or happiness, he does so violently, by firing his large handguns into the air or kicking a teammate in the rear when they have executed well on a play. He addresses all members of the Deimon Devil Bats with a vulgar manner, beginning with "Damned" and ending with a descriptive noun, such as "Shorty" for Sena or "Monkey" for Monta. Some characters, such as Kid, have observed that Hiruma's attitude and even aspects of his demonic appearance are an act to intimidate his opponents both on and off the field.

Hiruma is also a risk taker and often take a risk when they still have a chance even if the chance is extremely low and do things that would be considered impossible but, he would back off if a chance of winning is 0 and only believe in Numbers

Hiruma was stated by Musashi that He Loves to bluff and intimidating people and like play tricks as well one of them is where he nicknames Musashi the 60 yards Magnums where Musashi couldn't do 60 yards he then gives Sena the Name Eyeshield 21 to imitate rivals teams with Sena not aware that it is a title however it became true as Sena became the new Eyeshield 21 after beating the Original and attend Notre Dame and Musashi was able to do 60 yards at the Christmas Bowl

Over time, the series has alluded to Hiruma's 'true' personality, which Sena and Mamori Anezaki have at times been shown to understand to some degree, as when one or the other correctly observes Hiruma to be worried, happy, or tired. In addition to these instances, Hiruma has shown compassion to others, though he continues to hide it with his demonic behavior - allowing Takami some privacy after a loss is one such instance. In addition, some of Hiruma's actions imply that he cares for the other members of the team more than he lets on. In the case of his two oldest teammates, Hiruma abandoned Shinryuuji High to join Kurita at Deimon High when Kurita failed to gain entrance into the school, and he forbid Musashi's kicking tee from being touched after Musashi had to leave the team, making it an almost sacred object in the Devil Bats' locker room. As the series progresses, Hiruma's feelings for his teammates become more apparent, especially the faith he places in Sena and Monta.


Of the myriad of weapons at Hiruma's disposal, possibly the most devastating of all is his steel-trap mind. An expert strategist with a clever and cunning demeanor, he is a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the field. He can also think up to 17 strategies quickly, no matter the scenario, and even if he is under harsh conditions, he manages to stay focused. His game plans often appear insane. He is a well-rounded quarterback, possessing a strong throwing arm, mobility, fast reaction time, and the ability to notice details quickly. According to Ichiro Takami and Musashi, Hiruma lacks the body type for American football, but makes up for it with his cunning mind and force of will. It should also be noted that Hiruma's kicking power is exceptional, while his aim is on par with Monta's throws. He is strong enough to kick a heavy metal bench - with football equipment on it - and send it flying, scaring Kurita. More comically, he is also able to juggle Kurita with his feet like a soccer ball.

  • Devil's Handbook - Not really part of the arsenal he uses on the field, though one can say that it's his most potent weapon, aside from his cunning mind. At the beginning of the series, he uses it to force students from other clubs to become support players for the football team. This book is not limited to the secrets of students and teachers at Deimon; Hiruma has been known to blackmail city officials, work crews and storekeepers (in one case he even used it to commandeer a JSDF tank).
  • Psychological warfare - Hiruma is a master at manipulating, tricking, and playing with his opponent's mind. By using rumors, bluffs and threats, Hiruma can unnerve the opposing teams, as well as to bolster morale among his own teammates. He even went as far as to use lipstick as a trick to fool the Dokubari Scorpions. The most famous example of this is the network of lies he makes up about Eyeshield 21, Sena's alias. He even use spectators to cheer to the team as distraction, while he is busy creating a play.
    • The Gargoyle - A tactic only possible due to his reputation as an unpredictable, dangerous player, Hiruma takes up his position normally when he is injured beyond the point of being able to play effectively. Against the Dinosaurs, this has the effect of Hiruma not being seen as a weakness on defense, and in fact his position is directly avoided.
  • Play action pass (Fake handoff) - Hiruma is a master of making the football disappear from sight, fooling many different defenders into believing he has handed off the ball, usually to Sena, while he actually sets up for a pass. Prior to the Autumn Tokyo Tournament this was the only physical technique that Hiruma employs in games, but it develops a reputation for even deceiving the cameramen who records the game against the Aliens.
  • Wishbone- A formation in which one full back and two halfbacks line up in a "Y" shape behind Hiruma. Hiruma has the option of handing the ball off to one of the three running backs or keeping it himself, utilizing his talent for fake handoffs. The running backs who don't receive the hand-off are additionally used as lead blockers. Due to Hiruma's ability to make snap decisions, this strategy is extremely adaptable, and the player who runs the ball is not determined until the middle of the play.
    • Quarterback draw - Fundamentally, the opposite of the play action, as rather than pretending to execute a running play to set up a pass, Hiruma pretends to set up for a pass in preparation for a run. In the most prominent example of this, Hiruma has his receivers line up in the 4-wide Shotgun formation and run pass routes, shouting "4x DEVIL LASER BULLET!" He then keeps the ball and runs himself.
  • Trick Plays - The most powerful weapons in the Devil Bats' offensive arsenal are high-risk unorthodox plays that tend to depend on deceiving the opposing defense.
    • Clock Play - Hiruma appears to have the offense line up in preparation for a spike to stop the clock, and Monta pretends to line up late, while actually going in motion. While the defense still expects Hiruma to spike the ball, Kurita snaps the ball to Hiruma, and Monta runs a long pass route, getting a head start because of the defense's confusion.
    • Direct Snap - Hiruma pretends to be preparing to take the ball as quarterback to draw the defense's attention to him, but Kurita snaps the ball to Sena instead. Sena can either run the ball or pass it, in either case the defense tends to be caught off guard.
      • Devil Dragon Fly - A variation of the Shinryūji Naga's Kongo Brothers' Dragon Fly, using both Sena and Hiruma as quarterbacks. Using Hiruma's ability to use real and fake hand-offs and laterals and Sena's mobility, the two have a number of options to run and pass on each play.
    • The Lonely Center - Hiruma lines up behind Kurita, who is the only offensive lineman. This forces the defense to send only a single defensive lineman against Kurita or else leave the sides of the field unprotected and allow Hiruma to quickly toss the ball to Sena.
    • Chris Cross/Evil Cross - The 'Chris Cross' is a play in which Sena and Monta line up as running backs, and run crossing routes with Hiruma as their point of intersection. Similar to the Wishbone, Hiruma can choose to hand the ball off to either running back, or keep the ball himself. The play relies upon the defense not knowing which of the three keeps the ball, as whoever receives it will keep it hidden from plain sight. However, this deception-based strategy is a decoy for the 'true' form of the cross, called the 'Evil Cross', in which Hiruma hands the ball off to Sena who then pretends to accidentally reveal he carries the ball. This draws the defense in, and Sena then laterals the ball back to Hiruma, who throws a pass. The trick play presents several options for Hiruma, since the defense will likely have moved forward to stop Sena, leaving one or several receivers uncovered. Sena also runs a receiving route after returning the ball to Hiruma.
  • Passing - While Hiruma is more recognized for his strategic mind than athletic ability, his throwing ability is exceptional. His passes are powerful and accurate, and are thus valuable to the Devil Bat's offense.
    • Air option - By adding Yukimitsu as the second wide receiver, Hiruma has three options to pass the ball to: Monta for long passes using his great catching ability, Yukimitsu for mid-length passes using his ability to read defensive formations, or Taki for short passes using his tall build and flexibility.
    • Devil Laser Bullet - Hiruma's signature pass, a powerful throw that puts a tight spiral on the ball. The pass has an unusual trajectory - a straight line, even regarding harsh weather conditions and gravity. Only Monta is capable of catching this pass out of Deimon's players.
      • Hail Devil Pass - A very fast, long and low-altitude version of the Devil Laser Bullet. Because of its tight trajectory, it does not rely on chance to succeed like the more common Hail Mary pass.
    • Shotgun - The same tactic used by the Seibu Wild Gunmen, Monta, Sena, Taki, and Yukimitsu all line up as wide receivers. The tactic gives Hiruma a wide number of passing options by forcing the opposing defense to spread out and cover the various receivers.
    • Hail Mary Pass - A very long forward pass commonly used near the end of a half or game where there is no possibility for any other play to score points. This play is unlikely to be successful, because of the general inaccuracy of the pass and the defense usually being prepared for it.
  • Killer Hornet - After the Devil Bats receive a kickoff, Hiruma calls various runners into a makeshift huddle. This hides the ball from view and prevents the opposing team from seeing who is carrying it. The players then scatter in various directions, each pretending to carry the ball. This confuses the kicking team momentarily, allowing the true ball carrier to advance more easily.
  • Communication - As the team's 'control tower', it is necessary for Hiruma to be able to properly instruct his teammates on what to do. Under certain circumstances when the Devil Bats have been able to huddle or speak with the sideline, several tactics devised by Hiruma and Mamori are critical to the team's success.
    • Quarterback Blitz - Hiruma instructs a number of players to blitz the quarterback, or blitzes himself. The strategy is bolstered by the team's ability to decide the number of blitzing players with no huddle, using a series of signals sent by Mamori, Yukimitsu, and even Cerberus from the bench.
    • Sign Language - Hiruma communicates with Mamori on the sideline using a system of hand signals. Unlike the codes most sports teams use to communicate, the signs Mamori sends are long and complex, and described as "telling a long story" by Wakana, Ojo's manager. Because of their complexity, however, Hiruma and Mamori can communicate any intended thought necessary from across the field.
    • Audible - A no-huddle strategy employed in situations where the Devil Bats must catch up quickly, wherein Hiruma calls the play as Deimon is lining up. The plays coded with two-digit numbers, and Mamori devises a system to make the code harder to crack. Hiruma calls a three-digit number, preceded by the name of a team the Devil Bats previously faced. Depending on whether Deimon defeated, lost to, or tied with that team, the first, second, or third (respectively) digit is eliminated from that number, leaving the two-digit play number. The strategy also has Mamori using hand signals to communicate the hut count to the team, making the code harder to crack
      • 21 - Rather than a play decided upon beforehand, this is an audible call whose meaning can vary from game to game. The Devil Bats execute a play that they have been preparing for the whole game.
    • The Gatling - Hiruma uses four receivers: Tetsuma, Taka, Monta and Sakuraba by splitting them making their own route. He stated that this is the extreme pass formation he planned. In their first try, he failed to use this formation as Mr. Don already passed through to sack Hiruma. On his second try, though the four receivers made it perfect, Hiruma rather than to have a pass, he managed to jump with the ball to get a touchdown.
    • Petit Devil Bat Dive - as Suzuna named, Hiruma will jump with the ball. Quite same as Sena's Devil Bat Dive.
    • Golden Dragonfly - Shinryuji Naga's other formation by using three quarterbacks: Hiruma, Kid and Agon. This technique was used during the youth tournament where Hiruma, Kid and Agon jump over the American team's defense. It should be noted that MR. Don called this the Cerberus Dive, seeing as all three were diving.


  • Hiruma is one of the Deimon "Brainy Trio" Members along with Mamori and Yukimitsu.
  • Hiruma is shown to have extraordinary memory as shown when he completely memorized Mamori's hand signal list in a manner of about five seconds. He is also hinted to have photographic memory due to that.
  • Hiruma has a laugh that distinguishes him from most people, which is "Kekeke.".
  • Hiruma is the only member of the Devil Bats who has most of his personal background unrevealed.
  • Hiruma is actually the Devil Bats' hidden ace, as he is the one planning behind the scenes.
  • In an interview with Riko Kumabukuro, he said that his strong point is that he wins, the most expensive thing he ever bought is an island, with the cost unknown, if it is the last day of Earth, he will search for every single possibility for it not to happen and the kind of girl he likes is a girl that he can use. When he was asked if he is looking out for any player in the year's tournament, he didn't answer.
  • Toua Tokuchi from One Outs is said to resemble Hiruma.
  • Yusuke Murata tweeted that Marco was originally going to be set up to be Hiruma's older brother.
  • During a livesteam, Yusuke Murata said that Hiruma was modeled from an image in the book "Hayao Miyazaki and Yasuo Otsuka's World".


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