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Yoruka Kirihime is one of the main characters from the Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut light novel and anime.

Formerly Lux's father's personal assassin, she now pledges her loyalty to Lux due to her promise made with the royal family. Nicknamed the "Empire's Assassin Blade", she calls Lux, 'Master'. She wields the Drag-Ride "Yato no Kami". Upon realizing that Lux has no desire to reform the Arcadia Empire, she turns on him and they later battle in one of the ruins but Lux defeats her by distracting her for a split second. She rejoins him afterwards.

In the XP4 fics, Yoruka is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is an honorary member of the Cross Guards. She also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Yoruka is a slim girl with long black hair which perfectly matches her black yukata which is tied by a red obi around her waist. Her most interesting trait are her heterochromatic eyes, her right eye is blue and her left eye is purple.


Yoruka has shown to be a cold ruthless assassin when it's necessary, while being kind yet having an evil air to her when she is serving her "master".


She has some of the same skills as Lux.

Quick Draw: The first of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a slash with speed greater than the eye can follow. This technique requires complete harmony of body control operation and mind control operation. Yoruka's mastery of this technique is enough to block Lux's own Quick Draw.

Recoil Burst: The second of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a powerful slash unleashed by causing the Drag-Ride to intentionally rampage. This involves holding down a full power body control operation with mind control operation that is focused into one point. This attack is so powerful that the mere shockwave of its aftermath can blow away Drag-Rides.

End Action: The third of the Drag-Knight secret arts, a seemingly endless chain of consecutive attacks. This involves alternately controlling the Drag-Ride with body control operation and mind control operation. Using this technique, Yoruka can unleash over a hundred attacks in a few seconds, though this leaves her exhausted.

Baptism: Yoruka's left eye has been strengthened via Baptism. It shines with a mysterious light when in use. Yoruka's eye can perceive the wavelength of an opponent's consciousness and also the subtleties of their heart.

  • Instant Strike: Using the power of her Baptism, Yoruka can unleash an attack that her enemy cannot react to. This takes advantage of the fact that every person, even if they try to focus, will have moments where they pause. Yoruka uses her enhanced eye to perceive these moments and attacks during them. Instant Strike is not particularly powerful or fast, but it can still bring down an average Drag-Ride in one hit and the speed is irrelevant since the opponent cannot perceive it.

Yato no Kami

Yoruka's Drag-Ride is Yato no Kami, a Divine Drag-Ride that resembles a Drake. It uses a Blade shaped like a katana.

Spell Code: Yato no Kami's Divine Raiment, which allows Yoruka to control other Drag-Rides after touching them. This Divine Raiment leaves shining letters on Drag-Rides touched by Yato no Kami (including by its special armament). The longer the duration of contact, the greater the accuracy and duration of the control. If she can touch a Drag-Ride continuously for ten seconds, she can completely control it. This Divine Raiment allows Yoruka to fight against multiple other Divine Drag-Ride users at once. However, the effect wears off after a Drag-Ride spends some time separated from Yato no Kami. She also cannot use Spell Code if she is using the Drag-Knight secret arts or Instant Strike.

  • Over Limit: By using Spell Code on her own Drag-Ride, Yoruka can release its limiters to strengthen it and transform it into a shape more specialised for battle. In Over Limit, Yato no Kami has several additional blades sticking out above its armour and its four legs are now arranged similarly to a horse's. The altered leg arrangement allows Yoruka to dodge attacks and add the force of the legs to her own attacks. However, the use of Over Limit places a high burden on Yoruka's body.

Kumo no Ito: Yato no Kami's special armament, which lays out unseen steel strings like a spider's web. Its purpose is to act as a conduit for Spell Code, allowing Yoruka to control Drag-Rides that touch the string even if they don't touch Yato no Kami itself. This allows Yoruka to take control of a large number of Drag-Rides at once.

Karafumi: Yato no Kami's special armament, which allow to leap in midair. It's very useful to dodge attack.


  • Her own father not only called her a bloodless monster but forced her into the assassin business.
  • In her whole life, only two people have treated her kindly: her little brother and Lux himself. And for that, she loves them both.
  • She has black hair and is one of the few characters with a remotely Asian background.


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