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Wesley Bryans is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Wesley is a former college football player and Squigly's boyfriend.

Wesley debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.


Originating from San Antonio, Texas. He used to play football when he was back at college and dreams of becoming a pro until he got involve into a fight causes his dreams to crumble down.

He was later recruited by the Heroes Coalitions after discovering that he's a Blessed.


Wesley has a messy neck-length brown hair, he has green eyes and black thin facial hair. His choice clothing varies but he usually wears a black beanie hat with fur on top, a black buttoned vest, black & blue spandex pants and white & black boots.


Positive and outgoing, and despite his clumsiness and habit of getting distracted, Wesley is a very hardworking person. He also plays straight man alongside Sylvia towards his team's shenanigans.

XP4 Fanfics

Wesley is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Cross Guards. He also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 9, Wesley, alongside Jaune Arc, Lie Ren and Ruby Rose, are seen in the track field at the Vanguard Academy where they were getting interviewed by Amelia Sainthearts and Duke Armstrong. Wesley and Ren are seen digging a hole and when it's deep enough, Jaune told them to bury him which they obliged, much to Amelia, Duke and Ruby's bewilderment.

In Chapter 10, Wesley, alongside Jaune Arc and Brent Dark, are seen having a conversation at the auditorium while waiting for the Unification Ceremony to start. And when Jaune got hit twice on the head by a bag of popcorn and a smoothie, courtesy of Charistina MacCrazey, he and Brent snickered.

In Chapter 12, Wesley, alongside Eustace Bagge, Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Aria "Arinah" Sakurada and Mato Kuroi, is seen doing an obstacle course at the Training Camp.

In Chapter 14, Wesley narrated his back story before coming to the Neo-City. Wesley is later seen in the Training Camp when a ball hits him on the face, dazing him out before getting taken to the infirmary by Red, Haru Glory and Tucker Noble. Later, he came back to the training area and witnessed Nyaruto Nyazumaki and Venoct's spar, he was then greeted by Squigly and Leviathan where he got flustered by the former. He then have a private conversation with Leviathan with the parasite encouraging him to ask his master out. He then asked Squigly on a date which she accepted, much to his joy that he began dancing like an idiot, only to be hit by another ball, courtesy of Dan Mandel.

In Chapter 15, Wesley see having a conversation with Squigly & Leviathan at the Training Camp grounds. He is seen again having a conversation with Peacock at Training Camp Grounds along with Squigly & Leviathan.

In Chapter 19, Wesley met the new recruits Eddy Skipper McGee, Marcus "The Kane" McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi. During a training session with Major Richard Stronghold, Wesley is seen running back and forth in spacious gym and later seen trampling on Alden Cole. Later that night and after a whole day of training, Wesley took part of the little get-together at the training facility's cafeteria.


Wesley is a skilled fighter with heavy fists and a strength of a bull. Wesley is a Blessed with a yet unnamed Gift which he stated a mixed between Superman, Green Lantern and Captain America. His Gift allows his to emit yellow colored power on fist which he uses to bash his opponents, he can constructs objects such as shields and hammers.


  • It is implied that he is roommates with Denton Gibson.
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actor for Wesley are AJ Castro (Created Superstar from WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011) and Hiroki Takahashi (Kenji Harima from School Rumble).
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