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Walpurgisnacht is the first witch introduced in Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime and manga.

This witch is an amalgamation of various other witches.

In the AWA fics, the Walpurgisnacht made it's appearance at Chapter 10 of the All Worlds Alliance Missions - Madoka Magica.


The stage-constructing witch (alias: Walpurgisnacht / real name: unknown); her nature is helplessness. She symbolizes the fool who continuously spins in circles. The witch's mysteries have been handed down through the course of history; her appellation is "Walpurgisnacht." She will continue to rotate aimlessly throughout the world until she completely changes the whole of this age into a drama. When the doll's usual upside-down position reaches the top part of the witch, she completely roils the civilization on the ground in a flash through her gale-like flight.


It takes a form of a harlequin clockwork doll floating upside-down in the sky. It had a half face only showing it's mouth, a blue dress and a large gears at the end of it's body.


The stage-constructing witch's minions. Their duty is to be clowns. Countless souls drawn to her vast magical power. Nobody knows whether Walpurgisnacht was initially a single person, or if it was a phantom born from the gathering of many spirits.


  • Official description from July 2011 Megami interview with Urobuchi: In the last episode we saw the "Walpurgisnacht", but what kind of witch is it specifically?
    It has the destructive power to bring about natural disasters powerful enough to blow away an entire town, but originally it was a single witch. It's a witch that has grown from the combination of countless other witches. Walpurgisnacht combines with other witches in the same way two powerful tornadoes are able to combine and become larger. It's essentially a "conglomeration"-type witch. Because it's so powerful, it rarely shows itself.
  • Walpurgisnacht is named for Walpurgisnacht, a traditional spring festival celebrated on 30 April or 1 May in large parts of Central and Northern Europe. For more information on the festival's history, cultural and literary impacts, and connection to witchcraft, see Speculah:Walpurgis Night.
  • The Guidebook describing the Witch's labyrinth design contains the line, "Everything in this world is fake. My life is nothing more than a drama that you penned. Please, prove it. "Faust" is on show."
  • The exterior view of Homura's residence resembles a scene from Shadow of Memories (Shadow of Destiny for North America). Interestingly, it went through several title changes before release, among them The Day and Night of WalpurgisnachtDays of Walpurgis, and Time Adventure.
  • According to witch animator and designer InuCurry, Walpurgisnacht's and Kriemhild Gretchen's silhouettes are supposed to make a pair.
    • Puella Magi Production Note further reveals that Walpurgisnacht is meant to look like the upper half of a sand timer, while Kriemhild Gretchen looks like the lower half. Interestingly, Homura's shield has also been described as a sand timer.
  • According to Walpurgisnacht's page in the Guidebook, the top part of the gear can turn into a stage where her familiars hold performances.
    • Also according to the Guidebook, the familiars become as heavy as rocks when grabbed, like a Konaki-jiji.
  • Walpurgisnacht was voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Different Story mentions Walpurgisnacht as a colossal super-dreadful witch, whose existence is only known through rumors from other magical girls.
  • In the german version Walpurgisnacht is just called Walpurgis.


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