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The Vongola Rings are special Rings worn by the current Vongola Guardians after a new successor to the Vongola Famiglia is chosen. These Rings, along with the Arcobaleno Pacifiers and the Mare Ringsmake up the Tri-ni-set (7³), three sets of extremely powerful Rings that are said to have created the world. In the Future Arc, their importance was emphasized together with other Rings that utilize the Dying Will Flame. In the future, Tsuna of that time thought that the Vongola Rings would cause conflicts and in order to ensure the well-being of the Vongola Famiglia, destroyed them. They were first seen as Half Vongola Rings in a case that Basil held, which Squalo had to fight Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Tsuna to attain.

It was revealed by Vongola's Primo that the current Vongola Rings' form is only temporary and was reduced to this form as it was to ensure that the Vongola Rings were properly passed down to their proper successors, and in order to sustain the division, Vongola Primo decided to restrain the maximum Flame output, therefore making it weaker than the Mare Rings and the Arcobaleno's Pacifiers. 

The name Vongola means "Clam," while Arcobaleno means "Rainbow," and Mare means "Sea." According to the poem, Yuni stated that "the Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation." This could be the reason why there are so many similiarities between the Vongola Primo's Guardians and Vongola 10th's (Tsuna) Guardians, and therefore making Tsuna and his Guardians the true heirs to the Vongola Rings.

True (Original Form)

Giotto entrusted Tsunayoshi Sawada and his Guardians with the Vongola Rings' True Form, believing that Tsuna and his Guardians would understand the true meaning of both the Ring and his resolve.

Vongola Gear

After the Vongola Rings were damaged in the Guardians battle with the Simon Famiglia, Talbot upgraded them using the power of the Vongola Box Rings and Vongola Primo's blood, Penalty. The upgraded rings have taken new forms to suit its wielder, being made exclusively for the 10th Generation boss and Guardians and are now called "Vongola Gear".


  • When the Rings were in two pieces, each Guardian Ring had a shellfish design above the picture of their position. This hint is to show that Vongola means "clam".
  • Before the Rings were upgraded, they were jagged rocks with a mineral in the shape of their respective flames, a "Vongola ore".
  • According to Talbot, the Vongola Rings have spirits inside of them that are not only alive, but also sentient. The spirits told Talbot of the Vongola Gear.
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