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The Vongola Box Weapons are seven specially made Box Weapons for the Vongola Boss and the Six Guardians and were given to Tsuna and his Guardians after surviving through Merone Base. Unlike most Boxes, these are the same color as the respective Guardian's Flame Attribute and each has the crest of their master on their forehead. They also function not only as animals to aid their masters, but they can also transform into actual Weapons. These Weapons are called Cambio Forma and are based on the Weapons of the Vongola Primoand his own Six Guardians. After Tsuna defeated Byakuran, Shoichi Iriesaid they couldn't take back the Vongola Box Weapons because they didn't exist in the past. So, with Verde's help, they were made into Vongola Box Rings.

Vongola Sky Lion

Leone di Cieli ver. Vongola is the Vongola Sky Box, and the Box Weapon of Tsunayoshi Sawada. Its name is Natsu and it takes the form of a Lion Cub with a mane made of Sky Flames and wears a visor on top of its head. Like the Sky Lion of Xanxus, Bester, Natsu has the ability to make a roar that paralyzes other Box Weapons by using the Harmony trait of its Sky Flames. It is unique because it has two Cambio Forma. Its Cambio Forma is called Modo Difesa: Mantello di Vongola Primo and Modo Attacco: Mitena di Vongola Primo. When not fighting, Natsu's personality is cowardly, much like Tsuna when he is not in Hyper Dying Will mode.

Vongola Rain Akita & Vongola Rain Swallow

The Cane di Pioggia ver. Vongola and Rondine di Pioggia ver. Vongola are the Vongola Box Weapons of Takeshi Yamamoto and are named Jirou and Kojirou respectively. Jirou is an Akita Inu that carries three of the Swords Yamamoto uses. These Swords have Blades made of Rain Flames and Jirou can wield at least one of them in combat. Kojirou is a Swallow that has the Ability to create Rain infused with Rain Flames and perform combination Attacks with Yamamoto, as well as combine with Yamamoto's sword to perform the Cambio Forma, Asari Ugetsu's Four Irregular Swords.

Vongola Cloud Hedgehog

The Riccio di Nuvola ver. Vongola is the Vongola Box Weapon of Kyoya Hibari and is named Roll. It appears as a Hedgehog with a large orb on its back with larger, but fewer spikes and several floating orbs around it. Roll has the Ability to propagate itself, unlike Hibari's previous Hedgehog, allowing it to overwhelm the enemy and be used as projectiles. Its Cambio Forma is called Alaude's Handcuffs.

Vongola Mist Owl

The Gufo di Nebbia ver. Vongola is the Vongola Box Weapon of Chrome Dokuro and is named Mukurowl (sometimes referred to as Fukuro) . The owl appears the same as the possessed Mist Owl, but has armor on its wings and possesses the ability to enhance the illusions cast by Chrome. Its Cambio Forma is called Daemon Spade's Devil Lens.

Vongola Storm Leopard

The Leopardo di Tempesta ver. Vongola is the Vongola Box Weapon of Hayato Gokudera and is named Uri. Originally a part of the Sistema C.A.I., Uri had the Ability the absorb Sun Flames in order to become a larger and stronger Box Weapon. As a Vongola Box Weapon Uri can absorb Flames to a much greater degree, adding to its Attack power. Its Cambio Forma is G's Archery. During Choice, it is upgraded to have all the Boxes on the belt of the Sistema C.A.I inside, being equipped by Gokudera when activated.

Vongola Sun Kangaroo

The Canguro del Sereno ver Vongola is the Vongola Box Weapon of Ryohei Sasagawa and is named Kangaryuu. It isn't an offensive type Box Weapon, but rather a supportive type. Originally, Kangaryuu had the Ability to infuse any item in its pouch with Sun Flames, giving them the Activation trait to increase the speed of healing. As a Vongola Box, Kangaryuu gains two large cannons on her back. These cannons can fire a burst of Sun Flames that increase muscle power for small periods of time. Its Cambio Forma is called Knuckle's Maximum Break.

Vongola Lightning Bull

The Bovino Fulmine ver. Vongola is the Vongola Box Weapon of Lambo and is named Gyuudon. it appears as a large armored Bull that can generate Electricity. This power is great enough that it nearly killed both Gokudera and Ryohei when Lambo first brought it out. Its Cambio Forma is called Lampo's Shield.

Vongola Box Rings

When they were going back to the Past, Shoichi said that they could not take the Vongola Boxes with them. However, when they're in the past, Tsuna says that Yuni and the Arcobaleno had given them so many presents. One of those presents was the Vongola Box Rings. Now they look like Rings and have a compact size. Tsuna hinted that the Vongola Box Rings were made by Verde's genius Abilities.


  • Chrome, Gokudera, Hibari, Yamamoto, and Ryohei all have Vongola Box Weapons based off other ones they already own. It is not known if these are completely different Weapons or are the originals boosted by Update Boxes, which are Boxes which upgrade a person's original Box Weapon.
  • Yamamoto is the only person to date to have a Box Weapon made up of two different Animals, an Akita and a Swallow. If you notice in the picture at the top, Kojirou is sitting on Yamamoto's shoulder, signifying he is part of the Rain Vongola Box.
  • It seems that when a Vongola Box Weapon's Cambio Forma is activated, the resulting animal has an eye with three rounds in it, similar in appearance to the White Round Time Machine which the Boxes were previously housed in.
  • It is shown that all Vongola Animals have a crest on their forehead with a Roman Numeral I.
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