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The Vegan Police are two unnamed characters from the Scott Pilgrim vs the World comics.

They are an elite task force charged with enforcing the rules placed on those with special powers gained through practicing the Vegan diet.

In the XP4 fics, they are currently part of the Heroes Coalition and works as a Solo Heroes despite being partners. The two also attends the Vanguard Academy as students.


The first man looks like a hippie. He has a brushed-up blonde hair and wears dark aviator glasses. He wears a black tank top with a gray scarf around his neck, dark-brown jeans and black rubber shoes.

The second man looks like Buddha. He has a bald head, black-thick eyebrows and his eyes are shut. He wears black t-shirt, dark-gray jeans, brown rubber shoes and a necklace with large beads.


Both are tough and had no-nonsense personalities, willing to do anything to get the job done. They are also very strict when comes to rules and will not hesitate to punish anyone who breaks it.


If a vegan is caught eating non-vegan food, they can make use of the "Deveganizing Ray" which will strip a powered vegan of all known abilities. 


  • The two who come to Scott's impeccably well-timed, yet - in Scott's own words - "poorly set up, last minute" (Deus Ex Machina-esque) rescue in volume 3 resemble Buddha and a hippie. 
  • They may also be a reference to the Final Fantasy VII characters Reno and Rude.


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