The Vanguard Academy is one of the three main settings of the Heroes Coalition fics, alongside the Training Camp at Neo-City and the Heartcross Academy from Mega-Tokyo.

The academy is named after the founder of Neo-City, Hector Vanguard also known as Hector the Vanguard.


The Vanguard Academy serves as an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of instructors.

Compare to other academies, the Vanguard Academy has no age restriction nor race restrictions, anyone is welcome to attend the academy that wants to attend school or those who just missed attending schools.

The Vanguard Academy has a very close ties with the Training Camp as numerous trainees and heroes are also attending the academy, some instructors from the training camp also works at the academy.


The Academy uses state of the art classrooms, the hall is a semi-circular auditorium of stepped seats. There is a stage at the front. Below the seats with access from the outside rear are a number of music practice rooms. The façade of the hall towards the forecourt and road has two entrance lobbies linked together by eight stone columns. The forecourt is paved with stone. The department has an onsite design library with dedicated seating to encourage student use. All music halls and performance areas are fitted with soundproof windows which prevent sound from escaping, even while open, as well as walls engineered to prevent sound crossing at right angles. The floors of the centres also float on a bed of air, so as to maintain good soundproofing. An Observatory houses a 10-inch-aperture Cooke refractor on a motorised equatorial mount. A fully operational army-only CCF detachment operates at the college under the supervision of a resident SSI (school staff instructor). Weekly parades take place at the parade ground adjacent to the armoury, with occasional off-campus activities, such as range-days or overnight exercises.


The academy teaches regular subjects but it also provides different subjects that includes teaching history about other worlds, magic & witchcraft and machine building.

The academy has a large number of extracurricular activities such as theatre club, horse-riding club and track & field.


Both people from the Training Camp and the Vanguard Academy shares the same dorm.

List of Staff Members & Students

The Vanguard Academy has a very close ties with the Training Camp as numerous trainees and heroes are also attending the academy, some instructors from the training camp also works at the academy.

Staff Members

Aikuro Mikisugi.png
Akiharu Hino.png
Mercy II Portrait.png
Anna Maymorie.png
Aikuro Mikisugi Akiharu Hino Angela "Mercy" Zeigler Anna Maymorie
Aty II Portrait.png
No Image.png
Bulma Portrait.png
Chifuyu Orimura Portrait.png
Aty Bow Hothoof Bulma Briefers Chifuyu Orimura
Danny Antonucci.png
Dr. Apoy.png
Dr. Pating.png
Danny Antonucci The Demoman Dr. Caesar Apoy Dr. Michael Pating
Dr. Stylish.png
Eddie Riggs.png
Emiri Yamanaka.png
Erika Yaeger Portrait.png
Dr. Stylish Eddie Riggs Emiri Yamanaka Erika Yaeger
Gina Diggers II Portrait.png
The Heavy II Portrait.png
Alyas Pogi Portrait.png
The Engineer Gina Diggers The Heavy Henry "Alyas Pogi" Cruz
Hulk Hogan Portrait.png
Ibiki Morino Portrait.png
Joanna Dark.png
Johnny Bravo II Portrait.png
Hulk Hogan Ibiki Morino Joanna Dark Johnny Bravo
Kakashi Hatake Portrait.png
Kratos Aurion II Render.png
Lilith Asami Portrait.png
Kakashi Hatake Kratos Aurion Lilith Asami  Louie
Major Stronghold.png
Makarov Dreyar II Portrait.png
Mario Martinez.png
Major Richard Stronghold Makarov Dreyar Mario Mario Martinez
Max Tennyson II Portrait.png
Maya Yamada.png
Miharu Nijino II Portrait.png
Max Tennyson Maya Yamada The Medic Miharu Nijino
Mika Suzuki.png
Penelope von Steiner.png
Lord Dominator.png
Mika Suzuki Olive Penelope von Steiner Professor Dominator
Qrow Branwen Portrait.png
Reine Murasame Portrait.png
Samurai Jack II Portrait.png
The Pyro Qrow Branwen Reine Murasame Samurai Jack
The Scotsman II Portrait.png
Scout Portrait.png
Shihoko Azuma Portrait.png
Shizuka Hiratsuka.png
The Scotsman The Scout Shihoko Azuma Shizuka Hiratsuka
The Sniper II Portrait.png
Son Gokuu.png
The Spy II Portrait.png
The Sniper The Soldier Son Goku The Spy
Tabane Shinonono.png
Taco Talberts.png
Terrence Ohno.png
Tony Jaa.png
Tabane Shinonono Taco Talberts Terrence Ohno Tony Jaa
Van Grants II Portrait.png
Yumi Agnes Portrait.png
Yuuji Kitao.png
Van Grants Vegeta Yumi Agnes Yuuji Kitao


Abbey Bunner Portrait.png
Acacia Greene Portrait.png
Acerola Portrait.png
Adagio Dazzle.png
Abbey Bunner Acacia Greene Acerola Adagio Dazzle
African Wild Dog.png
Ageha Kuki Portrait.png
Ai Mizuno II Portrait.png
Ai Roborovskii.png
African Wild Dog Ageha Kuki Ai Mizuno Ai Roborovskii
Airi Arcadia.png
Akame II Portrait.png
Air Airi Arcadia Akamaru Akame
Aka Red II Portrait.png
Akane Isshiki II Portrait.png
Akane Owari.png
Akane Sakurada.png
Akame "Aka Red" Kunihiro Akane Isshiki Akane Owari Akane Sakurada
Akatora Portrait.jpg
Aki Hinata.png
Akira Nova II Portrait.png
Akira Tomita.png
Akatora Tsujimiya Aki Hinata Akira Nova Akira Tomita
Aladdin II Portrait.png
Alain II Portrait.png
Alejandro Burromuerto.png
Alexander Campbell.png
Aladdin Alain Alejandro Burromuerto Alexander "Xander" Campbell II
Alibaba Saluja II Portrait.png
Alice Hegstrand Portrait.png
Alice Tsukagami.png
Alibaba Saluja Alice Hegstrand Alice Tsukagami Alisa Ilinichina Amiella
Alla Yuliya.png
Allen Walker.png
Alphonse Elric.png
Amelia Sainthearts II Portrait.png
Alla Yuliya Allen Walker Alphonse Elric Amelia Sainthearts
Amu Hinamori II Portrait.png
Amy Rose Portrait.png
Andres Alvarez.png
Andy Anvil.png
Amu Hinamori Amy Rose Andres "Singko" Alvarez Andy Anvil
Angie Yonaga.png
Anna (FE) II Portrait.png
Aoi Futaba II Portrait.png
Aoi Sakurai II Portrait.png
Angie Yonaga Anna Aoi Futaba Aoi Sakurai
Arabian Oryx.png
Arachnus II Portrait.png
Aria Blaze.png
Applejack Arabian Oryx Arachnus Aria Blaze
Aria Holmes Kanzaki.png
Aria Sakurada.png
Arina Makihara II Portrait.png
Arisa Alise Portrait.png
Aria Holmes Kanzaki Aria "Arinah" Sakurada Arina Makihara Arisa Ayase
Armin Arlert II Portrait.png
Arisa Schumann.png
Ash Ketchum II Portrait.png
Ashley Plutia Iris Heart.png
Armin Arlert Arissa Schumann Ash Ketchum Ashley Plutia Iris Heart
Asian Small-Clawed Otter.png
Asuka Tanaka Portrait.png
Asuna Yuuki.png
Asian Small-Clawed Otter Asuka Tanaka Asuna Yuuki Aurochs
Axis Deer.png
Ayame Shaga II Portrait.png
Ayase Ayatsuji.png
Avery Axis Deer Ayame Shaga Ayase Ayatsuji
Ayumu Kasuga Portrait.png
Azusa Nakano Portrait.png
Bandeiras Hattori II Portrait.png
Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga Azusa Nakano Ban Bandeiras Hattori
Barazou Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Baron Armstrong.png
Bartlomiej Agbayani.png
Basilio Portrait.png
Barazou Mankanshoku Baron Armstrong Bartlomiej Agbayani Basilio
Baton Switch Portrait.png
Beefeater E Caty.png
Belle Lavitz.png
Ben Tennyson II Portrait.png
Baton Switch Beefeater E Caty Belle Lavitz Ben Tennyson
Big Mac (EG).png
Black Star.png
Black-Tailed Prairie Dog.png
Blake Belladonna III Portrait.png
Big MacIntosh Black Star Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Blake Belladonna
Blue Note Portrait.png
Bols II Portrait.png
Bozes Co Palesti.png
Blazer Blue Note Bols Bozes Co Palesti
Brad Burns.png
Brady (FE) II Portrait.png
Bravefront 1 Portrait.png
Brawley Beats.png
Brad Burns Brady Bravefront 1 Brawley Beats
Brent Dark II Portrait.png
Brick McArthur II Portrait.png
Bright Idea.png
Brent Dark Brick McArthur Bright Idea Brook
Brown Bear.png
Bu-Ling Huang.png
Buccanneer Murphy.png
Bud Bison II Portrait.png
Brown Bear Bu-Ling Huang Buccaneer "Buckles" Murphy Bud Bison
Bulat II Portrait.png
Bulk Biceps (EG).png
Campo Flicker.png
Cana Alberona.png
Bulat Bulk Biceps (EG) Campo Flicker Cana Alberona
Captain Planet.png
Cardin Winchester II Portrait.png
Carla Portrait.png
Captain Planet Capybara Cardin Winchester Carla
Painwheel Carol.png
Cassandra Murata II Portrait.png
Cecilia Alcott II Portrait.png
Celestia Ludenberg II Portrait.png
Carol (Painwheel) Cassandra Murata Cecilia Alcott Celestia Ludenberg
Celestia Ralgris.png
Cerebella Portrait.png
Cesaro Barbossa.png
Chad Portrait.png
Celistia Ralgris Cerebella & Vice-Versa Cesaro Barbossa Chad Mordetzky
Charistina MacCrazey.png
Charlotte Dunois.png
Charlotte E. Yeager.png
Chelsea II Portrait.png
Charistina MacCrazey Charlotte Dunois Charlotte E. Yeager Chelsea
Cherche Portrait.png
Cherry Crash.png
Cherry Faraway.png
Chrom Portrait.png
Cherche Cherry Crash Cherry Faraway Chrom
Chester Blake.png
Chie Satonaka Portrait.png
Chihiro Fujisaki.png
Chester "Chess" Blakely Chicken Chie Satonaka Chihiro Fujisaki
Chimera Wyld II Portrait.png
Chino Kafuu.png
Chitoge Kirisaki Portrait.png
Chopper Tony Tony.png
Chimera Wyld Chino Kafuu Chitoge Kirisaki Chopper Tony Tony
Chouji Akimichi II Portrait.png
Chouji Marukura.png
Chris Pearson Portrait.png
Chunk II Portrait.jpg
Chouji Akimichi Chouji "Marucho" Marukura Chris Pearson Chunk
Ciel Alencon.png
Claire Fox II Portrait.png
Clarity Dresden.png
Ciel Alencon Claire Fox Clank Clarity Dresden
Cloudia Cumulus.png
Cocoa Hoto.png
Cody Portrait.png
Cloudia Cumulus Cocoa Cocoa Hoto Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson
Colette Brunel II Portrait.jpg
Common Hippopotamus.png
Common Raccoon.png
Cordelia (FE) II Portrait.png
Colette Brunel Common Hippopotamus Common Raccoon Cordelia
Cornelius Fillmore II Portrait.png
Corona Cactaceae II Portrait.png
Creepy Guy.png
Crested Ibis.png
Cornelius Fillmore Corona Cactaceae The Creepy Guy Crested Ibis
Crested Porcupine.png
Crow Lytis.png
Cynthia Portrait.png
Crested Porcupine Crona Crow Lytis Cynthia
Dan Gotanda Portrait.png
Dan Kusou.png
Cyrille Dac Dan Gotanda Dan Kusou
Dan Mandel.png
Danny Phantom.png
Davis Motomiya.png
Daisuke Niwa Portrait.png
Dan Mandel Daniel "Danny, Danny Phantom" Fenton Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya Daisuke Niwa
Darren Portrait.png
Dash Baxter Portrait.png
Death the Kid.png
Darren Cross Dash Baxter Dawn Medrek Death the Kid
Denki Kaminari II Portrait.png
Denton Gibson.png
Diane (NNT) II Portrait.png
Denki Kaminari Denton "16 Years Old" Gibson Diane Donnel
Drake Gallantry Portrait.png
Drake Garek.png
Duke Armstrong.png
Donzerg "Zerg" Stronghold Drake Gallantry Drake Garek Duke Armstrong
Duncan Nelson.png
Duncan Rosenblatt.png
Edd (EE&E) Portrait.png
Eddy (EE&E) Portrait.png
Duncan Nelson Duncan "Firebreather" Rosenblatt Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith Eddy Skipper McGee
Edward Elric II Portrait.png
Ed (EE&E) Portrait.png
Eijiro Kirishima.png
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen II Portrait.png
Edward Elric Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams Eijiro Kirishima Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen
Elfman Strauss.png
Eli Ayase.png
Elise Pearson.png
Elfman Strauss Eli Ayase Elie Elise Pearson
Elizabeth Thompson Portrait.png
Emmeryn II Portrait.png
Emperor Penguin.png
Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson Emilia Emmeryn Emperor Penguin
Eren Yeager.png
Erena Reese II Portrait.png
Eric Cartman Portrait.png
Eric Draven Portrait.png
Eren Yeager Erena Reese Eric Cartman Eric "Crow" Draven
Erica Fontaine II Portrait.png
Erica Hartmann II Portrait.png
Erika Kurumi II Portrait.png
Erza Scarlet II Portrait.png
Erica Fontaine Erica Hartmann Erika Kurumi Erza Scarlet
Esdeath Portrait.png
Eugenie Rammstein Portrait.png
Eurasian Eagle-Owl.png
Escanor Esdeath Eugenie Rammstein Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Eustace Bagge.png
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.png
Ezo Red Fox.png
Fabia Sheen.png
Eustace Bagge Ezio Auditore da Firenze Ezo Red Fox Fabia Sheen
Faye Bertha Conway II Portrait.png
Felippe Ignacio.png
Fennec Fox.png
Fal Faye Bertha Conway Felipe Ignacio Fennec Fox
Filia Portrait1.png
Flash Sentry Portrait.png
Flash Thompson.png
Filia Flannery Faulkner Flash Sentry Flash "Agent Venom" Thompson
Flavia Portrait.png
Fluttershy Portrait.png
Francesca Lucchini II Portrait.png
Flavia Fluttershy Fossa Francesca Lucchini
Frederick Portrait.png
Frilled Lizard.png
Fuchsia Blush.png
Franky Frederick Frilled Lizard Fuchsia Blush
Fumikage Tokoyami II Portrait.png
Fuu Sawatari.png
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu II Portrait.jpg
Gaara II Portrait.png
Fumikage Tokoyami Fuu Sawatari Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu Gaara
Gaius Portrait.png
Gajeel Redfox Portrait.png
Galen Marek.png
No Image.png
Gaius Gajeel Redfox Galen Marek Gelman
Gemini Sunrise.png
Gentoo Penguin.png
Geo Stelar Portrait.png
George Bomb.png
Gemini Sunrise Gentoo Penguin Geo Stelar George Bomb
Geraldo Axel Portrait.png
Gerome Portrait.png
Gertrud Barkhorn.png
Giant Armadillo.png
Geraldo Axel Gerome Gertrud Barkhorn Giant Armadillo
Gillian Norman.png
Gingka Hagane.png
Gob II Portrait.png
Gohan Son.png
Gillian "Gill" Norman Gingka Hagane Gob Gohan Son
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey.png
Gon Freecss.png
Gray Fox Portrait.png
Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey Gon Freecss Gowther Gray Fox
Gray Fullbuster Portrait.png
Gregor (FE) II Portrait.png
Greninja Portrait.png
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.png
Gray Fullbuster Gregor Greninja Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Gundam Tanaka.png
Guy Cecil II Portrait.png
Hachiman Hikigaya.png
Hacka Doll No 3.png
Gundam Tanaka Guy Cecil Hachiman Hikigaya Hacka Doll No.3
Hamilton Uno Ror II Portrait.png
Hanayo Koizumi.png
Hank Hill II Portrait.png
Hamilton Uno Ror Hanayo Koizumi Hank Hill Happy
Haru Glory II Portrait.png
Haruhiko Ichijou.png
Harvar D.png
Heath Burns (EG) Portrait.png
Haru Glory Haruhiko Ichijou Harvar D. Eclair Heath Burns
Heath Slater Portrait1.png
Hector Vanguard Jr Portrait.png
Henry (FE) II Portrait.png
Herald II Portrait.png
​​​​​​​Heath Slater Hector Vanguard, Jr. Henry Herald
Hibari Hanakoganei II Portrait.png
Hifumi Yamada.png
Hikari Karibuchi.png
Hikari Yagami II Portrait.png
Hibari Hanakoganei Hifumi Yamada Hikari Karibuchi Hikari Yagami
Himawari Shinomiya.png
Hime Onizuka.png
Himeno Kimihara II Portrait.png
Hinata Hyuuga.png
Himawari Shinomiya Hime "Himeko" Onizuka Himeno Kimihara Hinata Hyuuga
Hiro (Darling in the FranXX) Project.png
Hisui Hearts II Portrait.png
Hitagi Senjougahara.png
Hiyoko Saoinji.png
Hiro Hisui Hearts Hitagi Senjougahara Hiyoko Saoinji
Honne Nohotoke Portrait.png
Honoka Kousaka.png
Horace Godwinn.png
Houka Inumuta II Portrait.png
Honne Nohotoke Honoka Kousaka Horace Godwinn Houka Inumuta
Houki Shinonono II Portrait.png
Houtarou Oreki.png
Hsien-Ko Portrait.png
Humboldt Penguin.png
Houki Shinonono Houtarou Oreki Hsien-Ko Humboldt Penguin
Hunter Isaac Rey Portrait.png
Ibuki Mioda.png
Ichigo Kurosaki Portrait.png
Hunter Isaac Rey Ibuki Mioda Ieyasu Ichigo Kurosaki
Ichigo Momomiya Portrait.png
Ichika Orimura.png
Ichiro Oogami II Portrait.png
Ike II Portrait.png
Ichigo Momomiya Ichika Orimura Ichiro Ogami Ike
Ikkaku Madarame Portrait.png
Ikki Kurogane.png
Ilia Amitola.png
Illyasviel von Einzbern.png
Ikkaku Madarame Ikki Kurogane Ilia Amitola Illyasviel von Einzbern
Indian Elephant.png
Indian Peafowl.png
Indigo Zap Portrait.jpg
Ingrid Third.png
Indian Elephant Indian Peafowl Indigo Zap Ingrid Third
Inigo Portrait.png
Ino Yamanaka.png
Iroha (SS) Portrait.png
Isaac Clarke Portrait.png
Inigo Ino Yamanaka Iroha Isaac Clarke
Ira Gamagoori.png
Itsuki Myoudouin II Portrait.png
Izuku Midoriya.png
Jacqueline O Lantern Dupree.png
Ira Gamagoori Itsuki Myoudouin Izuku Midoriya Jacqueline O' Lantern Dupre
Jacques Paulsen.png
Jake Long.png
Jimmy Neutron Portrait.png
Jacques Paulsen Jaguar Jake Long James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron
Japanese Black Bear.png
Jaune Arc.png
Jeet Rage II Portrait.png
Jenny Wakeman.png
Japanese Black Bear Jaune Arc Jeet Rage Jenny Wakeman
Jeremie Belpois.png
Jessica Van Lourd II Portrait.png
Jet Siegel Portrait.jpg
Jibanyan Portrait.png
Jeremie Belpois Jessica van Lourd Jet Siegel Jibanyan
Jim Guardian.png
Jin Matsuriya.png
Jinx Portrait.png
Jim Guardian Jin Matsuriya Jinbe Jinx
Joe Higashi.png
Joey Hollard.png
John Price Portrait.png
Jonathan Ludgate.png
Joe Higashi Joey Hollard John Price Jonathan "Jonny 2x4" Ludgate
Juniper Lee Portrait.png
Juniper Montage.png
Junko Enoshima.png
Junko Konno.png
Juniper Lee Juniper Montage Junko Enoshima Junko Konno
Juugo Yama III Portrait.png
Juvia Lockser.png
Juugo Yama Juvia Lockser K1-B0 Kaban
Kagura (Gintama) Portrait.png
Kagura Mikazuchi.png
Kaguya Yamai Portrait.png
Kafuu Kagura Kagura Mikazuchi Kaguya Yamai
Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV.png
Kaito Momota.png
Kanae Mitani.png
Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV Kaito Momota Kamaitachi Kanae Mitani
Kanade Tachibana.png
Kanji Tatsumi II Portrait.png
Kanonno Grassvalley Portrait.png
Kanzashi Sarashiki II Portrait.png
Kanade Tachibana Kanji Tatsumi Kanonno Grassvalley Kanzashi Sarashiki
Kaoru Matsubara.png
Kaoruko Mayuzumi Portrait.png
Kaoruko Moeta.png
Karen Kohiruimaki.png
Kaoru Matsubara Kaoruko Mayuzumi Kaoruko Moeta Karen "Llenn" Kohiruimaki
Karizza Portrait.png
Katsuki Bakugo.png
Kazeyoshi Imai.png
Karizza Stronghold Kat Katsuki Bakugo Kazeyoshi Imai
Kazuichi Souda II Portrait.png
Kazuto Kirigiya.png
Kazuyoshi Usui Portrait.png
Keisuke Hijikata.png
Kazuichi Souda Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya Kazuyoshi "Switch" Usui Keisuke Hijikata
Kellam Portrait.png
Kenichi Shirahama.png
Kenji Harima II Portrait.png
Kenny Rogers.png
Kellam Kenichi Shirahama Kenji Harima Kenny Rogers
Kevin Levin Portrait1.png
Kiba Inuzuka.png
Killik Lunge.png
Kevin Levin Kevin William Dorn Kiba Inuzuka Kilik Lunge
Killua Zoldyck II Portrait.png
Kim Possible.png
Kimial Diehl.png
King (NNT) II Portrait.png
Killua Zoldyck Kim Possible Kimial "Kim" Diehl King
King Cobra.png
King Forest.png
Kiyoka Aikawa II Portrait.png
Kiyotaka Ishimaru.png
King Cobra King Forest Kiyoka Aikawa Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Kjelle Portrait.png
Knuckles the Echidna Portrait.png
Koito Minase.png
Kjelle Knuckles the Echidna Koala Koito Minase
Kokichi Ouma.png
Komaru Naegi.png
Korekiyo Shinguji.png
Avatar Korra.png
Kokichi Ouma Komaru Naegi Korekiyo Shinguji Korra
Kotori Itsuka Portrait.png
Kotori Minami.png
Kouko Kaminaga.png
Korriana Ramzyse Kotori Itsuka Kotori Minami Kouko Kaminaga
Kouseke Ueki.png
Koutarou Tatsumi.png
Koyume Koizuka II Portrait.png
Krulcifer Portrait.png
Kouseke Ueki Koutarou Tatsumi Koyume Koizuka Krulcifer Einfolk
Kurapika Portrait.png
Kurome II Portrait.png
Kurumi Tokisaki Portrait.png
Kylie Howard.png
Kurapika Kurome Kurumi Tokisaki Kylie Hollard
Kyouka Jirou II Portrait.png
Kyouko Sakura II Portrait.png
Kyousuke Kagami.png
Kyoutarou Suga Portrait.png
Kyouka Jirou Kyouko Sakura Kyousuke Kagami Kyoutarou Suga
Lan Fan II Portrait.png
Lavender Lace.png
Kyubi Lan Fan Lavi Lavender Lace
Laughing Zap.png
Laura Bodewig II Portrait.png
Laurent Portrait.png
Laughing Zap Laura Bodewig Laurent Lazaris Gemstone
Leo Garo.png
Lelei La Lalena II Portrait.png
Lemon Zest Portrait.png
Leon Kuwata.png
Lee Garo Lelei La Lalena Lemon Zest Leon Kuwata
Leona Charlotte Portrait1.png
Lettuce Midorikawa II Portrait.png
Levy McGarden Portrait.png
Leona Charlotte Leone Lettuce Midorikawa Levy McGarden
Libra Portrait.png
Lie Ren II Portrait.png
Lilina Portrait.png
Libra Lie Ren Lil Achino Lilina
Lily Hoshikawa.png
Lina Inverse Portrait.png
Ling Yao II Portrait.png
Lingyin Huang.png
Lily Hoshikawa Lina Inverse Ling Yao Lingyin "Rin" Huang
Lisanna Strauss II Portrait.jpg
Lissa II Portrait.png
Lion Lisanna Strauss Lisesharte Atismata Lissa
Little Joey.jpg
Lloyd Irving.png
Lon'qu II Portrait.png
Lonesome Lenny.png
Little Joey Lloyd Irving Lon'qu Lonesome Lenny
Long II Portrait.png
Louise Portrait.png
Lubbock II Portrait.png
Lucia Nahashi.png
Long Louise Francoise Le Blanca Dela Valliere Lubbock Lucia Nahashi
Lucky Beast.png
Lucky Glauber II Portrait.png
Lucy Ashley Portrait.png
Lucina Lucky Beast Lucky Glauber Lucy Ashley
Lucy Heartfilia II Portrait.png
Lukz Ramzyse II Portrait.png
Luluco Portrait.png
Luna Portrait.png
Lucy Heartfilia Lukz Ramzyse Luluco Luna
Luna Loud.png
Luna Platz II Portrait.png
Lunette Portrait.png
Lux Arcadia Portrait.png
Luna Loud Luna Platz Lunette Yaeger Lux Arcadia
Lyndel Flamburge II Portrait.png
Lynette Bishop II Portrait.png
Lyon Vastia II Portrait.png
New Project (33).png
Lyndel Flamburge Lynette Bishop Lyon Vastia Madoka Amano
Mahiru Koizumi II Portrait.jpg
Mai Tokiha Portrait.png
Maka Albarn.png
Maki Nishikino.png
Mahiru Koizumi Mai Tokiha Maka Albarn Maki Nishikino
Mako Mankanshoku Portrait.png
Malayan Tapir.png
Malvina Rasputin II Portrait.png
Mana Takamiya Portrait.png
Mako Mankanshoku Malayan Tapir Malvina Rasputin Mana Takamiya
Manami Mitama.png
Mandy Portait.png
Marcia Imperial II Portrait.png
Marcus the Kane II Portrait.png
Manami Mitama Mandy Rosal Marcia Imperial Marcus "The Kane" McGee
Maribelle Portrait.png
Marshmello Portrait.png
Marta Lualdi Portrait.png
Margay Maribelle Marshmello Marta Lualdi
Mashirao Ojiro.png
Mata II Portrait.png
Mato Kuroi.png
Maya Jingu.png
Mashirao Ojiro Mata Mato Kuroi Maya Jingu
Maya Sparrow Portrait.jpg
Medaka Kurokami.png
Megumi Katou Portrait.png
Meguru Amatsuki.png
Maya Sparrow Medaka Kurokami Megumi Katou Meguru Amatsuki
Meme Touwa.png
Meliodas II Portrait.png
Merlin (NNT) II Portrait.png
Mez II Portrait.png
Meme Touwa Meliodas Merlin Me​​​​​​​z
Michael Oum.png
Micro chips.png
Midnight Sparkle.png
Miho Nishizumi.png
Michael Oum Micro Chips Midnight Sparkle Miho Nishizumi
Mikan Tsumiki.png
Mikasa Ackerman Portrait.png
Miku Izayoi Portrait.png
Miles Prowers.png
Mikan Tsumiki Mikasa Ackerman Miku Izayoi Miles "Tails" Prower
Mina Ashido.png
Mina Majikina II Portrait.png
Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke.png
Millianna Mina Ashido Mina Majikina Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke
Mio Akiyama.png
Mio Sakamoto.png
Minto Aizawa.png
Mine Mio Akiyama Mio Sakamoto ​​​​​​​Minto Aizawa
Mirage Argente Portrait.png
Mirajane Strauss.png
Miriel Portrait.png
Miu Iruma.png
Mirage Argente Mirajane Strauss Miriel Miu Iruma
Miyako Gotokuji.png
Miyu Edelfelt II Portrait.png
Mizuno Higeki Portrait.png
Momo Isshiki II Portrait.png
Miyako Gotokuji Miyu Edelfelt Mizuno Higeki Momo Isshiki
Momo Yaoyorozu II Portrait.png
Mondo Oowada.png
Monkey D. Luffy.png
Momo Yaoyorozu Mondo Oowada Monkey D. Luffy Moose
Morgan (F) (FE) II Portrait.png
Mukuro Ikusaba.png
Morgan Morgiana Mukuro Ikusaba Mumbo
Mystery Mint.png
Ms Fortune Portrait.png
Nadia II Portrait.png
Nagi Kagami.png
Mystery Mint Nadia "Miss" Fortune Nadie Nagi Kagami
Nagito Komaeda.png
Nah Portrait.png
Nagito Komaeda Nah Najenda Nami
Nana Kozuki.png
Naoe Kanno.png
Naoto Shirogane II Portrait.png
Naoto Takayama Portrait.png
Nana Kozuki Naoe "Nao" Kanno Naoto Shirogane Naoto Takayama
Naruto Uzumaki.png
Natasu Dragneel.png
Natsumi (DAL) Portrait.png
Needles Kane Portrait.png
Naruto Uzumaki Natsu Dragneel Natsumi Needles Kane
Nekomaru Nidai.png
Nerezza Persefoni.png
Netto Hikari.png
New Day Jose.png
Nekomaru Nidai Nerezza Persefoni Netto "Lan" Hikari New Day Jose
No Image.png
Nico Yazawa.png
Nie Li Portrait.png
Nicco Bondarev Nico Yazawa Nie Li Nikka "Nipa" Edvardine Katajainen
Nina Sakura II Portrait.png
Ninja Dave.png
Noct Leaflet II Portrait.png
Nina Sakura "Ninja" Dave Bauza Noct Leaflet Noda
Nodoka Takehara.png
Noelle Fyne Portrait.png
Noire Portrait.png
Nonon Jakuzure Portrait.png
Nodoka Takehara Noelle Fyne Noire Nonon Jakuzure
Nora Valkyrie.png
North American Beaver.png
Northern White-Faced Owl.png
Nowi II Portrait.png