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Vaas Montenegro is the secondary main antagonist and the face of the Far Cry 3 game.

Simply put, Vaas is downright nuts. He's also violent, unpredictable, mercurial, prideful, and extremely dangerous. Vaas started on this downward spiral when he became addicted to drugs brought to Rook Island by Hoyt Volker. He eventually joined up with the self-appointed warlord after Hoyt promised him power and wealth. Now, on an island of madness, he is the most feared madman of them all.

In the XP4 fics, Vaas survived his death and was transported in another world by the Blue Hand. Vaas is currently working in the Heroes Coalition and is the leader of the Insanity Group, and is an honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom(formerly known as New Age Avengers). He also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Vaas has a brown skin tone, green eyes with black bags, a black hair styled in a mohawk and black goatee-beard, he wears a red Sando shirt, gray cargo pants and black combat boots.


Vaas is bipolar, one minute he's cordial and respectful, the next he's a raging lunatic that would set people on fire.

XP4 FanFics

Like Marcus, he suffered a memory lost, not remembering who he was aside from his name. He would often speaks grimly whenever he's on a battle and would later ponder of what he said. He is a good acquaintance to Needles Kane. As of lately, he is all aware that he was once a criminal and is aware that he had done a lot crimes in the past.


Skilled in guns, close combat and knife weilding. He also enjoys blowing things up and is not afraid to fight dangerous foes.


  • Vaas is 27 years old.
  • In the XP4 fics, Vaas along with his group would often hangs out behind the training facility.
  • Montenegro is Spanish for "Black Mount".
  • Montenegro is also a former Yugoslavian country.
  • In the XP4 fics, Vaas along with Needles Kane are the first on-screen reformed villains to join the Coalition.


Notable Quotes

  • (about the IS) "I don't like those tin cans."
  • (towards an IS) "You know... I always wanted a robot for a toy... I always wanted a robot toy... and when I got one... I broke it... I FREAKING BROKE IT! I BROKE IT! I DISMANTLED IT TO PIECES! But it doesn't bother me a bit... Why? CAUSE I ENJOY IT! I HAD FUN BREAKING IT!"
  • (towards Laura Bodewig) "You know I had no idea what to say with your situation, chica but I'm telling you should think first before you do something that you'll regret."
  • "Did I ever mentioned to you, the definition of insanity?"
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