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The Unlikely Heroes is the unofficial name of an independent group founded by Yukari Yakumo.

The team is mostly comprised of individuals from Gensokyou and five losers. Later on, the team would gain more members as they travel across the Multiverse. The team does not have an assigned leader but many considered Kennedy "Kenny" MacIntosh and Blu the Honor as their leaders.

The group are now allied to the Heroes Coalitions.

List of Current Members

Kennedy Kenny MacIntosh Portrait.png
Blu the Honor Portrait.png
Ruderford Tucker Portrait.png
Darius Greg Portrait.png
Kennedy "Kenny" MacIntosh Blu the Honor Ruderford "Rudy" Tucker Darius Greg
Gino Samuels Portrait.png
Helmsley D.png
Yukari Yakumo.png
Reimu Hakurei Portrait.jpg
Gino Samuels Helmsley "Helmz, Helmet" D. Heyman Yukari Yakumo Reimu Hakurei
Marisa Kirisame Portrait.png
Alice Margatroid Portrait.png
Remilia Scarlet Portrait.png
Sakuya Izayoi Portrait.png
Marisa Kirisame Alice Margatroid Remilia Scarlet Sakuya Izayoi
Meiling Hong Portrait.png
Patchouli Knowledge Portrait.png
Youmu Konpaku Portrait.jpg
Sanae Kochiya Portrait.png
Meiling Hong Patchouli Knowledge Youmu Konpaku Sanae Kochiya
Kanako Yasaka Portrait.png
Suwako Moriya Portrait.png
Nitori Kawashiro Portrait.jpg
Aya Shameimaru Portrait.png
Kanako Yasaka Suwako Moriya Nitori Kawashiro Aya Shameimaru
Stahn Aileron Portrait.png
Rutee Katrea Portrait.png
Flandre Scarlet Portrait.png
Fujiwara no Mokou Portrait.png
Stahn Aileron Rutee Katrea Flandre Scarlet Fujiwara no Mokou
Luigi Portrait.png
Wario Portrait.png
Waluigi Portrait.png
Mario Luigi Wario Waluigi
Donkey Kong Portrait.png
Bowser Portrait.jpg
Kamek Portrait.jpg
Donkey Kong Bowser Kamek


The team uses a starship called GS Hustle Fleet created and build up by Gino himself. The starship's design is very similar to a Dreadnought which are kilometer-long capital ships mounting heavy, long-range firepower. 

The GS Hustle Fleet is 1200 kilometer long, with a main gun of commensurate length. An 1000-meter mass accelerator is capable of accelerating one twenty-kilogram slug to a velocity of 8075 km/s (1.3% the speed of light) every two seconds. Each slug has the kinetic energy of about 50 kilotons of TNT, about two and a half times the energy.

Inside the ship, it has a control room, a meeting room, a kitchen area, a dining area, a living room, a game room, locker rooms and showers for both genders, a bar, a casino, a karaoke booth, a billiard hall, a bowling alley, a basketball court, a laboratory, an infirmary, a tech garage, a library, a batting center, a training room, a simulation training area, a swimming pool area, and a stage area.

The ship also contains countless rooms and office. Safe to say that this ship can house an entire population from five to six worlds.

The team also uses the Gummi Ship as a drop ship.

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