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Tsubasa Ootori is one the main characters from the Metal Fight Beyblade anime.

Tsubasa is a Blader and a secret-agent of the WBBA who went undercover within the Dark Nebula before the events of Battle Bladers. He later became the third member of Team GanGan Galaxy with Gingka Hagane, Masamune Kadoya, Yu Tendo and, Madoka Amano in Big Bang Bladers. He is a fair fighting, calm headed Beyblader who wishes to soar like his Earth Eagle 145WD.

In the AWA fics, Tsubasa is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Tsubasa is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of Team Idolo. He also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Tsubasa is a tall, slightly muscular boy with long silver-grey hair which is tied into a low ponytail by using a clip with bangs that hang over his eyes. His eyes are a golden brown color but changed under the influence of the Dark Power to a dark purple. Tsubasa wears a sleeveless brown shirt with a lavender trim around the shoulders that shows part of his midriff. He also wears a pair of white loose fitting trousers with a pair of brown boots. Tsubasa also wears a pair of brown fingerless gloves which go up to his wrists. He also keeps his Beyblade, Earth Eagle, in a Bey storage box kept on his right forearm.

In Zero-G, Tsubasa has cut his hair so that it now only reaches his neck. He wears a black button down shirt with a red suit and khakis. He has notably gained a more formal look when compared to the previous seasons.


Tsubasa is a strong Blader who is generally self-possessed, nice, intelligent, aloof, perceptive, adapatable, kind. He is a strong tactician who is very adaptable especially during tough points in a battle and utilizes all his senses during battles. Later, he is plagued by a dark side that undermines his strengths as his self-confidence in his battling style.

When he first appeared, he is very adaptable character and seems like a nomad willing to help anyone. However, that perception changes when he joins the Dark Nebula seemingly to offer his services for money. It is later revealed that he is actually a WBBA special investigator who went undercover to infiltrate Dark Nebula to find out what they were really up to.

Tsubasa then joins Gingka and his friends along in their journey and help them always whenever needed. He usually tag battles with his partner and good friend, Yu Tendo, on the same team.


Tsubasa has a mysterious ability that is based from all of his Beyblades. He uses a blade in combat and most of his moves are based from all of his Beyblades movesets.

  • Metal Wing Smash: He glides on the wind which causes him to glow on a bright purple aura which represents the strength he gathers before he crashes into his target.
  • Stream Slash: He glides on the wind, and entrusts his movement fully to it, allowing him to bypass any resistance; including the vibrations of Libra's Inferno Blast releasing his own shock wave.
  • Counter Stance/Counter Smash: He prepares himself by becoming one with the wind of it's movement and he is able to glide past enemy attacks as a counter and produces a shock wave. This can also be done by flying in the air and then counters the enemy by attacking their fusion wheel which makes them loose balance giving Eagle the advantage.
  • Diving Crush: He glides on the wind and soars into the sky to gather all the air resistance and dive onto the opponent with increased power when aided by the wind energy which glows a bright purple.
  • Smashing Claw: He glides on the wind and soars into the sky, only to dive onto the opponent and use the recoil to bounce back into the air and repeat the process in a circular motion repeatedly. This is Eagle's weakest special move.
  • Shining Tornado Buster: Tsubasa's most powerful special move; he rides on the wind and soars into the sky then gathers an incredible amount of wind using his wing like energy ring to immerse itself in a purple tornado that crashes upon the opponent, sharp enough to pierce nearly any defense.


  • Tsubasa literally means "wing" in Japanese, and Otori literally means "great bird". The word play of "wing" and "great bird" coincide with his Beyblade being Earth Eagle 145WD.
  • Despite being the 2nd strongest Blader on Team Japan, he is the only person on that team who has not won a battle against Gingka.


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