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Trixie Lulamoon is a character from the My Little Pony - Equestria Girls franchise.

Trixie is a student of Canterlot High School, the lead singer and guitarist for the band Trixie and the Illusions.

In the AWA fics, Trixie is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Trixie is currently working at the Heroes Coalition and is part of the DAN Army. She also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Trixie has a pale blue skin tone, a long bluish gray hair and purple eyes. She is currently wearing a blue hoodie jacket over a purple dress, blue boots and a star-shaped hair pin.


Trixie has a very theatrical and egotistical personality, often referring to herself as the "Great and Powerful Trixie" and speaking in the third person. In one instance, she calls herself "the most talented girl at Canterlot High," and she even considers the Rainbooms defeating the Dazzlings a less-than-impressive feat.

Similar to her pony counterpart falling victim to the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie's personality traits are negatively augmented by the Dazzlings' siren magic in the second film. She argues frequently with her fellow students—particularly Flash Sentry—she openly ridicules Sunset Shimmer, and she resorts to sabotage to remove the Rainbooms from the competition.

In the screenplay novelization of the Rainbow Rocks animated shorts, Trixie displays a lot of self-centeredness, frequently boasting about her own talents and disparaging those of the Rainbooms. In the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Holiday Special, she takes delight in the mischief that Anon-a-Miss causes at Canterlot High. In Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine, however, the trouble she causes for Sunset Shimmer are revealed to be out of jealousy and a desire to be Sunset's friend.


XP4 Fanfics

Trixie gained Equestrian Magic which she uses against her foes with varied effects. Trixie can created multiple illusions of herself which confuses her enemies.


  • Her surname of "Lulamoon" was only seen with the toyline until Rainbow Rocks, where it is confirmed in the closing credits.
  • Trixie's main motivation is to get everyone's attention; she wants to impress the CHS students and loves to show off. Also notable when she photobombs Photo Finish's shoot during the song "Better Than Ever" in Rainbow Rocks.
  • This Trixie might just be a schoolgirl and lacking any of the magic powers of her counterpart, but she still considers herself the most talented student at Canterlot High.
  • In the XP4 fics, Trixie is dating Ed.
  • In the XP4 fics. Trixie and Ed are currently the champions of the Halo Marathon Games.
  • In the XP4 fics, Trixie shares a room with Ed, Adagio Dazzle and Precious Dazzle.


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