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Train Heartnet is the main protagonist of the Black Cat anime and manga.

Formerly Chrono No. XIII, nicknamed the Black Cat for the bad luck he brought his targets, Train abandoned his career as an assassin to become a Sweeper: a licensed bounty-hunter. Easy going and friendly, Train just wants to live his life freely. Unfortunately, as the re-emergence of his ex-partner Creed Diskenth proves, Train's past may not be as far behind him as he thinks.

In the AWA fics, Train is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 2.

In the XP4 fics, Train debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


Train's outfits change frequently during the manga and more rarely in the anime, only when he leaves Chronos.

During his time as an, he wears a long, black trench coat over a black dress shirt and with black pants.

As a sweeper, he wears a white v-neck t-shirt (that shows off his XIII tattoo) under a blue cropped jacket with four doughnut-resembling objects over his front. (In the anime, Train says they are food rations, but originally the mangaka said they are wooden and act as armor). His gun's holster is held on with two brown straps and worn over blue pants (black in the anime) and he wears black shoes. He also wears a red collar with a bell in reference to his cat-like personality.


Train's underground name is "Black Cat" because of the misfortune that lies in his wake. He always says to his target "I've come to deliver some bad luck" before killing them and he always completes a mission with 100% accuracy, without remorse. This is a side that Creed, a comrade of lower ranking, admires. Train's demeanor is very cool, bordering nonchalant and almost detached until he met a girl, Saya, who was a bounty hunter who lived life as she wanted to. He then began to reveal a much warmer and more human side of himself, which Creed despised Saya for.

After giving up his life as an eraser working for Chronos, Train becomes a Sweeper (bounty hunter) and his personality changes drastically as he takes on a more lighthearted approach to life. There have been many scenes where Train is displayed carefree and even somewhat foolish. He often gets into fights with Sven (these fights involve Train letting another bounty slip through, his bottomless appetite, being way too silly, etc.) Following Saya's way of life, he refuses to kill, and seems to take enjoyment in annoying his enemies. He is not one to "look before he leaps" and his antics usually lead to accumulating debt that he and his partner Sven have collected from property damage. At times he is solemn, usually from regret that he was unable to help someone and other times, carefree and exuberant. There are times when Train will revert to his earlier personality when tempted.

XP4 Fanfics

Train is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of Of Guns and Magic. He also attends at Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 10, Train, alongside his team, Of Guns and Magic, are seen in the kingdom of Reste Sig where they had a mission to defeat the rebellion going against the Royal Blomma Family. After driving away the rebels, Train and everyone were ordered to stay in the kingdom for a while until all rebels are captured which they complied.


Train has shown remarkable speed and agility when running, as well as being able to run through an entire crowd to get to his target without their notice. Train has also shown that he can wield his gun like a melee weapon and hit people to avoid shooting them after becoming a Sweeper.

Marksmanship: Train wields Hades, an ornate 6 shot black revolver made out of Orichalcum with an XIII engraved into its side and a lanyard (which could be from Saya's gun). It weighs 2.5 kg. He is an extremely skilled marksman, able to accurately shoot down bullets from other guns, and make a number of bullets hit at exactly the same time as well as ricochet bullets off of multiple surfaces and effectively hit a target. He is also ambidextrous.

Black Claw - A physical attack where Train slashes with his gun in three different spots at his target in one shot.

Black Cross - An evolved/alternate version of Black Claw, where Train instead slashes twice in the same spot for critical damage. The style in that he slashes resembles a cross in the form of an X.

Railgun - When his body became infected with nanomachines he manages to manipulate them to create static electricity. The orichalcum in his gun Hades can act as a catalyst for the nanomachines. This allows him to focus the electricity into the barrel of Hades, turning it into a railgun. He is able to fire three of these daily, due to the energy consumption it takes to create the electricity. Train loses this ability after using it against Creed in their final battle.

Burst Railgun - This is Train's strongest attack. Train is also able to use Sven's specially made bullets with the Railgun, as shown when he uses the Railgun to fire a Burst Bullet. He uses this to defeat Creed. However, the combination of the cells in Train's body as well as the raw strength of the bullet is able to destroy the orichalcum barrel of Hades. Due to Train's condition at the time of finishing Creed off with this technique, the energy put into the attack also deprives him of his nanomachines, thus, he loses the usage of his Railgun ability at the end of the manga series.


  • Train is the first character from Black Cat to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Train is terrible at video games, especially and ironically shooting games.
  • The bell he wears actually belonged to a stuffed animal black cat that Saya won for some kids at the festival.
  • His name contains thirteen letters, matching the tattoo on his chest. His birthday, April 13, also shares this distinction. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.
  • It is also possible that the number 13 is given to him, referencing the 13th Arcana, as he is commonly associated with Death early on.
  • Train is 23, but has the appearance of a 16 year old, which is noted in the anime. It's implied he looks young in the manga as well, as most he comes across find it hard to believe a "kid" like him is the Black Cat unless having prior knowledge of the fact.


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