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The Summoner is one of the antagonists from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

The Summoner is the creator of the Emotionless and is a member of the Dark Forces, and is the leader of the Summoner's Entourage.

The Summoner is also the older sister of Glenda.


The Summoner originally belongs to a noble family. Despite being a noble, shwe is an exception from her family. Most of her family members had something they're talented at, she on the other hand has no talent whatsoever. Her family is well known around Lyndbaum as talented individuals, and because she doesn't show any defining talent that people often forgets that she's part of the family. Desperate for recognition, she asked Aty to teach her how to learn summoning magic, so she can prove to everyone that she has talent.

And then one night, Aty and her got into an argument. Aty was telling her to be patient because she don't want her to make a mistake because summoning magic isn't easy to begin. After that, the Summoner ran away from home and became missing for several weeks. She then came back after weeks of disappearance, there Aty and everyone discovered that she did something she shouldn't have. During her disappearance, she obtains a magical staff and a grimoire that holds knowledge of summoning creatures that requires of torturing human souls which are known as the Emotionless. By obtaining that grimoire, she gained knowledge on how to create and summon this creatures. And after that, she left declaring that she will show the entire universe to recognize her and her power.


The Summoner is a young girl with pale youthful skin, red eyes and short silver hair. She wears a black tattered cloak with hood over a gray dress and is barefooted.


The Summoner is wicked and sadistic, and would do anything to achieve her goals. She's seems desperate for recognition from their superiors. Despite her contributions, she gets look down a lot by many of her colleagues, much to her anger and dismay.

The Summoner initially hates Marcus the Kane, after he and his team foils her plans numerous times, however after getting kissed by him and his surprising support for her, she develops a small crush which later develop into a full-blown love even kissing Marcus to prove it.

According to Aty, the Summoner was once a passionate and determined young girl who seeks only recognition from others.


The Summoner has the ability to summon creatures known as the Emotionless by mixing dark magic with tortured human souls.

The Summoner is physically weak and her only method of self-defense is stabbing people with a dagger.


  • The Summoner is the first villain to gain a crush on Marcus. The second being Arisu Nightmare.
  • According to XP4Universe, his ideal voice actress for the Summoner are Diana Kaarina and Ayahi Takagaki (both voiced Aria Blaze from My Little Pony: Equestria Girls).
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