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The Sniper is a playable character from the Team Fortress 2 game.

The Sniper is a mercenary from New Zealand.

In the XP4 fics, the Sniper is currently a member of the Heroes Coalition as one of it's coaches and trainers. He is an instructor at the Vanguard Academy.

In the AWA fics, the Sniper is a part of the AWA and serves as one of it's many instructors.


The Sniper is a man wearing black vest, red polo-shirt, black pants, boots, shades, fingerless gloves and a cowboy hat.


The Sniper is a tough and ready crack shot. 


The Sniper's main role on the battlefield is to pick off important enemy targets from afar using his Sniper Rifle and its ability to deal guaranteed critical hits with a headshot (with some exceptions). He is effective at long range, but weakens with proximity, where he is forced to use his Submachine Gun or his Kukri. As a result, the Sniper tends to perch on higher grounds or in hard-to-see places, where he can easily pin down enemies at chokepoints.

Although he is typically known for instantaneously killing enemies at a distance, the Sniper can use the Huntsman to get closer to the enemy. Additionally, the Sydney Sleeper and the mysterious contents of Jarate allow him to take on a support role by causing enemies to take mini-crits.


  • The Sniper's real name is Mundy.
  • The Sniper originates from New Zealand.


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