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The Goddess of Incineration is a character from Tokimeki Memorial: Only Love series.

The Goddess of Incineration appears one day at Tokimeki Memorial with no memories and later became a janitress.

In the AWA fics, the Goddess of Incineration is part of the AWA and serves as one of it's janitors.


She is a tall woman with a fair complexion, she had purple afro hair with a headband made of leaves on her head and had purple eyes. She is currently wearing a blue & white gypsy clothes, with numerous golden accessories around her body including earrings, a circlet and gauntlets, purple ribbons wrapped around her legs and is barefooted.


A mystrious magical goddess who has a mission to cleanse evil spirits away and helps people in need. She has an afro and a long broom. Kind of a klutz, she accidentally bumps or tips the piled-up garbage and falls on her, which she lost her memory from shock according to Naomi Hoshina, who took care of her. She recovered her memory when one of the robotized, sphere-shaped garbage collectors, which it was possessed by an evil spirit, discharged an old T.V. set at her, knocking her down almost senseless.

She seems to enjoy cleaning and helping others in need.


She is able to wield divine magic which uses to fight evil spirits.


  • Her real name is unknown.
  • She was called the Goddess of Incineration because she came out from an incinerator.


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