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Tamaki Suoh is one of the main characters from the Ouran High School Host Club anime and manga.

The founder and president of the Host Club and quite the charmer (even though he comes off as a well-meaning idiot half the time). Tamaki likes to think of himself as the "daddy" of the Host Club, and thinks of Haruhi as his "daughter".

In the AWA fics, Tamaki is a student at the AWA Academy.


Being a hafu (Japanese by his father and French by his mother), Tamaki has the pale-blond hair inherited from his mother. His eye color in the anime is violet, but in the manga is blue. He is quite tall and slender in build. When not at school, he prefers to wear haute couture clothing. His good looks and charm often allow him to win over others and he is known by the rest of his club members as Tono (i.e. King/Boss), with a 70% request rate by the female guests. He enjoys cosplay and does so with the Club, often. He is able to cry without the use of eyedrops (which he claims to be the mark of a true host) and his appearance is often compared to the President of the Black Magic Club, Umehito Nekozawa, whose natural features also include blond hair with blue eyes. Tamaki's rose color in the Host Club is white.


Tamaki Suoh is one of two major protagonists in this shojo comedy, the other being his love interest, Haruhi Fujioka. Although his outward manner would be best described as flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic he is, in fact, a young man dedicated to his studies, his friends, and his duties as a host. He is considered the "Princely" type, entertaining his female clients with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. He views the club as his "family" with himself as the father, Kyouya Ootori as the mother, Haruhi Fujioka as the daughter, Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin as the sons, and Honey and Mori as the neighbors. His real family consists of his mother, Anne-Sophie (who he is forbidden to see by his grandmother until late in the manga); his father, Yuzuru Suoh; and his strict paternal grandmother, Shizue Suoh. He is also known to be an accomplished classical pianist.

As the main comic relief character of the series, Tamaki is portrayed as outspoken and naive for his age. Throughout the anime and manga series, his facial expressions are the most exaggerated. While celebrating romance in general, he is quite blind to his own feelings of romantic love towards Haruhi, of which the other hosts are completely aware. Of all the hosts, Tamaki's "host" personality differs the most from his true personality insofar that he is both poised and charming as a host, but often bumbling and attention-seeking outside of that milieu. His desire to please the Host Club's female guests, however, is so genuine that he denies to himself and everyone else his love for Haruhi in order to keep the Host Club up and running.

Despite his childish attitude he is surprisingly intelligent, easily ranking second in Class 2-A, the top spot being held by Kyoya. It is also shown that he does not put much effort into his studies (e.g. watching TV in the middle of the night before a quiz), hinting that his academic standing may not originate from hard work but superior intelligence. Although there are instances where he demonstrates brilliant insights that surprise many, he still remains a goofball and a flirt most of the time.

Tamaki is born under the star sign of Aries, the Ram. The positive traits of this sign are adventurousness, courage, versatility, liveliness and passion; the negative traits being arrogance, stubbornness, impulsivity, a lack of discipline, a tendency towards being confrontational and a tendency to leave projects midway.


  • Tamaki along with the rest of the Host Club are the first characters from Ouran High School Host Club to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Tamaki's view of Haruhi as his daughter is a defense mechanism known as "sublimation," where unacceptable feelings are relegated into a more palatable framework so that the individual can maintain a particular relationship or situation which would otherwise be considered inappropriate to them.
  • Tamaki shares his birthday with Buddha (i.e. April 8); April Fool's Day (i.e. April 1) having been an alternate suggestion.
  • His nickname "Tono" means "lord" from antiquity.
  • The Japanese character in Tamaki's surname means king or ruler, hence his being the "princely" type.
  • Tamaki's request rate is 70%, making him the most requested host, thus earning his nickname as "The King" of the Host Club.
  • He doesn't seem to like chrysanthemum.
  • He is the second tallest of the host club.


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