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Takashi Morinozuka aka Mori is one of the main characters from the Ouran High School Host Club anime anime and manga.

Mori is tall and intimidating, but very soft-spoken. As his family is sworn to protect the Haninozuka family, Mori shares a very special kinship with Honey and his friends.

In the AWA fics, Mori is a student at the AWA Academy.


Mori is an imposing figure that is made all the more so by his wild appearance, possessing a very tall build, spiky black hair, dark grey eyes and a darker skin tone than the other Hosts. He is noted to wear the typical Ouran Academy blazer unbuttoned on most occasions, and is rarely ever seen without Honey walking by his side or perching on his shoulders.


In the anime and through most of the manga, Mori only speaks when something needs to be said; his intelligence and observant nature taking in much more than many realize, making him a wise adviser to those who seek his counsel. Later in manga, he begins to speak more frequently, possibly because of the greater distance between himself and his best friend and cousin, Honey. His protective nature extends not only to Honey but to his friends and classmates, as well. He is extremely well-respected and well-liked by everyone who knows him; however, when tired, he can become talkative and somewhat flirtatious, which surprises those unaccustomed to this side of his personality. Mori is quite loyal and generous, especially in regards to Honey and the female host, Haruhi; this is demonstrated in his willingness to assist them in whatever they need without a second thought and without ever appearing subservient or uncertain of his individuality.

In the anime episode Ep 22 - Mori-Senpai Has An Apprentice Candidate, 1st-year student Ritsu Kasanoda - the third generation heir of the Kasanoda-gumi (a yakuza gang), seeks Mori's advice on making friends because, despite his intimidating appearance, he appears to have many. In Chapter 51 of the manga, Hikaru is shown to stay the night at Mori's home; while there, Mori is shown to be rather blunt in addressing Hikaru's issues.

Mori is born under the star sign of Taurus, the Bull. The positive traits of this sign are generosity, dependability, down to earth nature, patience, independence and persistence; while the negative traits are stubborness, indolence, materialism, possessiveness and frugality.


  • Mori along with the rest of the Host Club are the first characters from Ouran High School Host Club to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Mori is extremely adept at kendo, being a national champion. He is also very skilled with the katana, as seen in "The Refreshing Battle of Karuizawa!".
  • Mori studies Theory and Philosophy of Law after graduating from Ouran Academy.


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