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Taisuke Sawanaga is a character from the School Days anime and games.

Taisuke is a student in year one, class three. A spirited, peculiar, perverted and rather hopeless romantic, Taisuke is Makoto's best friend from junior high school who frequently endeavors to forward his otherwise lonely ambitious love life, oblivious to Hikari's feelings for him. He takes a strong interest in Kotonoha, despite her rejection, and only under certain circumstances in the game actually dates her.

In the AWA fics, Taisuke is a student at the AWA Academy. He is also a part of the Loser's Club. Taisuke is also part of the AWA Rookie 20 and is ranked # 13.

In the TWA fics, Taisuke is one of the major characters. Taisuke is part of the Honor Fighting Force and is a member of Team Furious.


Of the entire cast Taisuke's nearly the tallest character, surpassed only by Nanami by a single centimeter. He's generally seen wearing the school uniform and his casual attire consist of a grey shirt and blue pants. In the pool he's seen wearing a red speedo.

AWA Fanfics

Taisuke wears a dark jacket with red highlights over a white t-shirt, black tight pants with checkered and red linings, a white & black boots and a gray flap cap.


He's generally seen as a loud and relatively good-natured friend of Makoto and serves as a comic relief character with humorous outbursts and crying because of his misfortune, especially when it comes to his lovelife - or lack thereof. Taisuke's in the movie club of Sakakino School.

He is very perverted, rather shamelessly ogling the girls when oppertune moments appear, such as in the Anime when the girls are all in swimsuits.

While his denseness and bluntness in regards to sex and physical relationships are significant hurdles, he possesses redeeming qualities in that he can be a good boyfriend, thoughtfully asking those he dates what they want and if he can do anything for them.

Despite his apparent idiocy when it comes to intimacy and reading someone's moods, Taisuke ends up being something of an idiot savant when it comes to reading people's feelings toward others - the hight of irony, considering he fails miserably when he's the one interacting with someone, which is a deficiency he arguably shares with Sekai.


AWA Fanfics

Taisuke learned how to use chakra and magic. He also learned six moves of the Rokushiki and also gained the power to use Kenbonshoku Haki.


  • Taisuke is the first character from School Days to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • In the AWA fics, Taisuke's attire is based from Sami Zayn of WWE.
  • In the AWA fics, Taisuke is the ex-boyfriend of Yuzu Aihara.
  • His name Taisuke means "peaceful shell". While his surname Sawanaga mean "Swamp of eternal".


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