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Tabane Shinonono is a character from the Infinite Stratos anime and light novels.

Tabane is Houki Shinonono's older sister and the creator of the IS.

In the XP4 fics, Tabane is currently working at the Heroes Coalition as part of the Science and Research Department. She is an instructor at the Vanguard Academy.

In the AWA fics, Tabane serves as one of the many instructors in the AWA Academy.


Tabane is a young woman with purple eyes, long purple pink hair that extends to her hips and a curvaceous figure and large breasts. She wears a lab-coat, a pair of robotic rabbit ears and is often seen wearing a frilly maid-like blue and white dress.


Much to everybody's surprise, Tabane is a very energetic person and runs around like a happy child. She often refers herself as "Tabane the Genius", hinting to a sense of cockiness. She is very fond of the people she loves and would hug them as many times as she feels like. Physically, Tabane is as skilled as she is smart. She claims this is one of the many reasons she has been called a genius by others.

Her explosive entrances and her childish manners often results in her being hit on the head by people like Chifuyu and Houki, but she recovers extremely fast and gets energetic again. Tabane also has a more often than not tendency to act slightly lecherously, proven when she teases Houki about her large breasts. This perverted side of hers is also one of the reasons why Houki and Chifuyu tend to become very annoyed with her. She also has little sense of responsibility for what she does or what her creations cause, as in the case of the IS.

She has the comical tendency, befitting of her childish personality, to manipulate the concept of things falling out of the sky often. More than once, has jumped distances or landed at speeds far exceeding the human tolerance limit. While it is mostly exaggeration, times where she has done that have not been few and far in between. This may imply that she has fairly high physical endurance and that she doesn't have a weak heart. She can, rather, be fearless and confident when it comes to some things. 

Although she sometimes acts like a child, her intelligence is at the top of the world and can work at a very fast rate, such as adjusting the Akatsubaki to fit Houki's body in less than a minute and declaring that she can finish configuring Akatsubaki in just seven minutes. She is implied to be the mastermind behind a few incidents, such as the unmanned IS incidents in Volume 3 & 7. As well, she seem to enjoy watching event happen around her IS's, sometimes even playing as a influence in them, although she won't directly interfere with them, even when she could. This suggest that she prefers to observe events than stop them.

Tabane favors rabbits, with the metal bunny ears on her head and the carrot pod she arrived in to give Houki her IS. Her costume choices are centered around children's tales, though oddly so, as she was said to have donned a combination of clothing derived from every character of Hansel and Gretel, and the costume she is seen in at the beach was said to have been derived from Alice and the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Also, Tabane may or may not be aware that she helps out enemies from people she knows, such as Madoka being an enemy to Ichika and Chifuyu although she is their sister. This shows that Tabane has a will to help others whether they ask for it or not.


Since she's its creator, she has an extensive knowledge of them, creating the Akatsubaki, a 4th generation IS and unmanned IS's that no country has ever got to all by herself. Tabane has created 467 IS cores that nobody can replicate. She is extremely fast at processing electronics. Besides creating IS, Tabane also able to "teleport" her customized machines from the sky with a single click on her remote control. She is capable of de-activating an IS, possibly through a form of fail-safe she may have installed into the IS core.

Physically, Tabane is as skilled as she is smart. She claims this is one of the many reasons she has been called a genius by others. Having increased her body on a cellular level, her speed, power and agility allow her to make the best use of her fighting skills. She claims that only Chifuyu Orimura, who is renown as the worlds greatest and has amazing physical capability herself, can fight her on even terms. Which only further shows how powerful she really is. Squall Meusel, the leader of a Phantom Task squad and someone good enough to match the likes of Tatenashi Sarashiki, admitted that she would lose to Tabane if she got serious after witnessing her abilities, even with her IS. She also has a strong immune system, being completely unaffected by a sleeping drug Squall fed her.


  • In the XP4 fics, Tabane is currently dating Dr. Michael Pating.
  • In the XP4 fics, Tabane is once called "Alice" by Eddy once.


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