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Suzuka "Suzie" Takahashi is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Suzie originates from the Watcher's Realm. She is part of the Mississippi Gang.

Suzie is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Suzie is the daughter of Japanese-American Jason Takahashi and pure Japanese Yuka Takeo Takahashi, two owners and teachers of a martial arts school in Oxford Mississippi and an older brother: Sasamaru "Sam" Takahashi. She was born in Kyoto, Japan then moved to America when she was thirteen, where her parents started a school for different types of Japanese martial arts and others. When she and her family just moved in, like Ozzy she was having trouble adjusting to her new lifestyle. Back then, she was shy, timid and indecisive but despite that, she was quite popular with the other students at the school she started in, due to the fact of being good at almost every subject including computer. It soon led to some of the other students getting jealous and whenever she'd try to befriend them, they'd either ignore her or harshly tell her to go away. That made her very sad and the only thing that can distract her sadness is practicing her Kendo or listening to her music. Soon about after three months, she became like an emotionless blade and she was like those typical Emo persons in order to hide her sadness. This was due to everyone at her school ignoring her as if she was never there. Because of that, she became lonely and depressed and it affected her grades and everyone in the school ignored her like she was invisible and it got her family worried for her. Her sadness then ended when she met the Hollard twins and Ozzy Wizner, they helped her out with her problems and they soon became friends. Of course after she explained her problems to her new friends, they got really angry because it turned out, the ones who were jealous of Suzie spread bad rumors about her which caused everyone to ignore her and boy were they in trouble because the Hollard twins and Ozzy were the school's defacto "Disciplinary Squad". They soon found the culprits responsible for her despair and told them off, the culprits apologized and everything was fine. Everything was turning out great with her and her new friends, they even shared the same passion for videogames, anime and cartoons, although she still retained her stoic, emotionless and sleepy look. They'd take turns hanging out with one another at their own homes with Suzie's place being the last because in her friend's opinion, her home is the most awesome place among the rest because it's a modern Japanese style mansion. Her life changed however when she and her friends gained their powers a month before she turned 16. When she gained her powers at first, she was scared because she was fading in and out like a ghost, thinking that she died awhile after 4 lights crashed landed directly at them when she got home but with some reassurance from her parents and her brother, she calmed down and that she's still alive. It turned out that she gained ghost like powers like one of her favorite American cartoon characters: Danny Phantom. But the similarity ended when she found out that she couldn't levitate and that she can see elemental spirits and she can also command them (after befriending them of course) and combine them into anything she wishes. It turned out before gaining her powers, she has a 3rd eye: she could see spirits of the dead and it amplified after she gained her gift, now she can also see elemental spirits and spirits of myth whether in or out of Japan. Like her friends she learned how to focus her powers in just half a year and along the way, she learned how to fight without the use of her powers by learning martial arts at her parents martial arts school and of course most of the martial arts she and her friends learned were at her parents martial arts school. She also learned Ninjutsu allowing her to become a master of stealth, with or without her powers. When Louie found her and her friends, he explained to their families of what their powers are and proposed to let them join the Heroes Coalition. Of course their parents were reluctant at first but with assurance from the kids that they'll be alright, they agreed.

During the night before Suzie and her friends left, she recieved a gift from her family, from her brother, her gray scarf with dark red tips, from her mother, a Shirasaya Tanto and a zipper hip bag of shurikens and from her father, one of the Takahashi's old traditional family heirlooms, a serrated Ninjato Sword called Yorukaze. Her father told her to take it and wield it in honor of the Takahashi ancestors of old and her family wished her luck. Currently in the Coalition, she'd spend her spare time with either meditating under the Sakura Tree in the afternoon and attack those who'd disturb her (by commanding the spirits of the wind to send them flying), practicing her sword draws in the training area or read a book in the cafeteria while snacking on sweets.


A young teenage girl an inch shorter than the twins with shoulder length raven hair with a dark red hairpin on the right side of her hair, pale skin, slim build, medium bust and sleepy hazel yellow eyes. She wears a black t-shirt over a dark gray long sleeve shirt, a gray and dark red tipped scarf around her neck with the scarf tips facing her back, a red computer watch that plays music on her left wrist, a pair of dark red fingerless gloves, a gray pleated skirt with a dark red belt over dark red short leggings, two black tactical zipper utility pouches: one with a shuriken crest on her right hip and one with a smoke crest on the back of her left hip, a sheathed Ninjato strapped on her left side, a Shirasaya Tanto on the back of her waist, gray socks and black and red shoe laced running shoes. When on missions, she covers her lower face with her scarf and a pair of red tinted sunglasses over her eyes.


She may appear to look stoic and emotionless (like Akame from Akame ga kill) but she's gentle and very polite towards others and she'd sometimes show a kind smile, although she would easily turn cold towards those who're rude and it would immediately bring down chills down their spines. She's very soft spoken but she's also able to speak loudly even with her soft voice. She can often be blunt sometimes whenever she mentions something that would either be insulting, rude, moral lowering or embarrassing to people and it would sometimes get her in trouble. She loves sweets and she'd often bring a bag of it everywhere she goes (like Kurome from Akame ga kill), specifically oatmeal raisin cookies and she'd do anything to protect her sweets from anyone who tries to take any from her without her permision and if she likes a specific person, she'll offer some to them, plus she loves the sweets that her friend Kylie Hollard makes especially her second faviorite cookie: moist chocolate Crinkles. She also likes listening to music, when on missions, she'd often play music surround sound to suite the mood of the atmosphere or situation she and her friends are in during missions except during when she needs to be quiet, and when she plays special background music for her friends when a battle starts, adding it with their instincts and teamwork, they're always in sync with the music. She also likes to record instrument tunes and singers singing depending on if she likes it or not and whenever she records it whether if it's in a live concert or live audience or outdoors, her record playback always ends up perfect as if it's been recorded in a studio. Like the rest of her friends, she also likes watching anime, cartoons and play videogames and she can understand both the japanese and english dubbed versions and she doesn't mind if the english dubbed versions are similar or different and she'd make a simple smile when topics of her favorite cartoons, anime and videogames are mentioned. Just like the rest of her friends, she doesn't like people being treated like they're nothing but tools, worthless, inferior or an item to be sold or bought, when facing people who think that way, she'd feel angry despite looking stoic and emo, whenever she hears them talk down about people who're either of different races, different country and culture, different in class and others things, she'll get even more angry. The first thing she'd do is either hold the sheath of her sword then lift the tsuba, slightly unsheathing her sword then hold its handle then say out loud "Destroy" and that would intimidate them and if that doesn't work, she'd run to them in a blink of an eye and have her blade unsheathed with the serrated edge leaning towards their neck getting ready to slit their throat and it would be worse if they talked down about either her or her friends by having the pointed tip of her tanto on the descriminators jugular and if someone talks rudely behind her back, she'll throw a shuriken at them, purposely missing them by an inch either anywhere in their body. Among her and her friends, she's the only other person besides Joey who can calm down Kylie whenever she'd go on a hug fest, and she does this by either telling her to stop while giving her a dark stare or pull her ear if it doesn't work, then she'd drag her away back to their friends by her collar. She's also kind of a neat freak, she'd always attempt to keep things tidy and even the smallest of messes would bother her.


Her Gift is called 'Phantom Ninja Arts', with this Gift, she has the ability similar to what ghosts can do which is mostly phasing through solid objects, turn invisible and possess people and she's also able to command the spirits of the elements and turn them into ninja techniques (like from Naruto or any other cartoon/anime that has ninja techniques), using different hand signs that she made and memorized, she can mold the elements and ghost like powers into different techniques that can be used for offense, defense, indirect offense, traps and stealth. When executing her ninja techniques, while doing one to four hand signs, she says 'Shadow Ninja Arts:' then the name of her ninja art. She's able to create clones of herself, create illusions and more. She's also able to use ninja arts without the use of hand signs and those are used for the weapons she carries with her and she can add elemental properties to them as well. Her Gift was thought to be similar to Danny Phantom but showed them wrong when she showed her elemental spirit commanding.


She can command the elements by creating it with her inner energy or manipulating through her surroundings and she can manipulate items made of that element.

  • Water
  • Earth – Also includes Rocks and Sand.
  • Air/Wind
  • Fire
  • Wood – Also includes Leaves, Plants and Paper.
  • Ice – Combination of Water and Air.
  • Mud/Clay – Combination of Earth and Water.
  • Lightning
  • Lava – Combination of Earth and Fire.
  • Shadow

She learned various types of martial arts from her parents with most of them being Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo and Kung Fu. She also knows Iaido and Kendo making her a great swordswoman, as well as Ninjutsu, making her a master of stealth. She's also an expert shuriken thrower, she's able to calculate how she can throw it and where it will hit in lightning fast speed, she has an extraordinary sense of eyesight and hearing and good reflex, added with her calculations, she's able to see and hear incoming enemies and enemy fire at very fast speeds (such as shurikens, throwing knives and bullets), she's able to counter them by throwing her shurikens towards the incoming enemy fire, stopping them in their tracks. She's also a computer expert and expert hacker, added with her Ninjutsu she's an expert infiltrator. Plus she can learn fast when it comes to unknown computer tech.


  • Yorukaze - Suzie's main weapon. It's a serrated bladed Ninjato Sword also known as a Shikorogatana with a dark red tsuka with a dark red four-petal shaped tsuba and the kanji symbols of Yorukaze on the handle of the tsuka and sheathed on a black scabbard (mistaken for Imperial Arms Yatsufusa). She's able to use the elements fire, water, air, ice, lightning and shadow on her sword and she can utilize them in combat with her Kendo and Iaijutsu Skills. She's frequently start off with an Iaijutsu stance when in battle and then do a quick attack after drawing her blade then switch to Kendo attacks. She keeps it strapped to her left hip and brings it with her everywhere she goes and she doesn't let anyone take it from her due to it being a precious family heirloom passed down from generation to generation and she always cleans it daily.
  • Shirasaya Tanto - Suzie's secondary weapon. It's a tanto with a black handle with gray outlines, no tsuba and sheathed in a black and gray scabbard. She can control the elements with it as well. With this weapon she's quick on her feet. She keeps it strapped diagonally on the back of her waist.
  • Shurikens - Suzie's third weapon and ranged weapon. They take the form of silver morning star ninja Shurikens. She can envelop these with the elements except for earth, mud/clay, wood and water. With air/wind they become faster, with ice they can freeze, with fire they can burn and explode, with lightning they can electrify and paralyze and with shadow they can hit its target unseen. She keeps them inside a black tactical zipper utility pouch with a shuriken crest on her right hip.
  • Kusarigama - Suzie's fourth weapon and secondary ranged weapon. It takes the form of a silver bladed Kama with a black handle and long chain attached to the bottom of the handle and attached to the other end of the chain is a black metal ball that's the size of a Baseball. She can use the element of earth, wind, fire and lava with it. When not in use she can turn it into compact mode by pressing a button somewhere on the handle and the blade of the kusarigama folds into the handle and the chain retracts into the handle, leaving the metal ball attached to the handle. This was made by her friend Ozzy Wizner so that she could gain an advantage at enemies who move too fast for her to use her shurikens or sword. She keeps it strapped on her right hip, next to her shuriken bag.
  • Smoke Bombs - Suzie's special weapons. These are home-made items that are simple paper balls with a special concoction put inside. She uses them to confuse an enemy allowing her to ambush them or so that she and her friends can make a quick getaway. She keeps them inside a black tactical zipper utility pouch with a smoke crest located on the back of her left hip.

Mode of Transportation:

  • Shroud Rider – Suzie's personal mode of transportation built by her friend Ozzy Wizner. It takes the form of a black and dark red Sports Motorbike with jet boosters at the back and repeating blasters at the bottom front. It can cross any type of terrain including deserts, swamps, snowfields, etc. Its wheels can also protrude spikes in order to dig through ice, allowing it to go through ice floors and walls. It can transform into "Flight Mode" with the wheels turning until the sides of the wheels are facing down, long wings appearing at the upper front above the front wheel and small back wing fins above the rear wheels allowing it to fly in the air as well as in space. It's also equipped with missile launchers on the rear sides of her bike.
  • Stratoboards – Suzie's other special mode of transportation built by Ozzy. It takes the form of a Popsicle stick shaped metal board with a white body, black surface with dark red circuit designs that lights up and two rocket boosters on either side of the back. Suzie brings it on every mission and it can be put away by transforming it into a cube the size of a Rubik's cube and putting it inside one of the pockets of her Tactical zipper utility pouch where she keeps her Smoke Bombs inside.

Signature Stance – Ko Gasumi


  • Suzie is a Japanese-American.
  • Suzie is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actress for Suzie are Caitlynn French and Kaori Nazuka (both voiced Miyu Edelfelt from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya).
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