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Suwako Moriya is a character from the Touhou Project games.

The original god of Moriya Shrine, with dominion over earth and mountains and an affection for frogs for some unknown reason, and one of the only beings able to tame the fierce Mishaguji (snakelike curse gods). Suwako lost control of her shrine to Kanako in a duel, where her steel weapons were rusted by a single counterattack by Kanako's divine vines, and only managed to retain the control that she did because of the refusal of her followers to accept a deity that could not control the Mishaguji. Far less concerned about their dwindling faith than Kanako, she nonetheless agreed to her relocation plan and has found many things in Gensokyo to amuse her. She's noted for a love of "danmaku festivals", willingly taking all comers.

In the XP4 fics, Suwako is a member of the Unlikely Heroes and ally to the Heroes Coalitions.


Suwako wears a short simple purplish-blue dress with a frog print design, large white sleeves stitched onto the torso, and a white collar. She has medium length blond hair, grey eyes, a light brown wide-brimmed hat with two frog eyes on the top, white kneehighs and black shoes.


In contrast to Kanako, Suwako is more laid back and mischievous. She enjoys competing against others, and loses gracefully. Though she feigns ignorance, Suwako is just as capable of scheming as Kanako. Combined with her rarely leaving the shrine, her intentions can be hard to read.


Ability to Create Earthiness

Suwako's ability specifically refers to the element of Kun, one of the eight trigrams in Taoist philosophy that means creating Earth. Kun is exactly the pinnacle of the native god and is associated with acceptance, devotion, subtlety, flexibility, and reacting to others rather than acting first. Kanako Yasaka's ability to create the "sky" of Bagua, or Qian, refers to the opposite element. Although Mountain of Faith offers little insight into the nature of Suwako's abilities, her attack animations in Touhou Hisoutensoku depict her "swimming" through the ground, summoning magma, geysers, and various rocks and minerals, and growing plants instantly.


  • Kanako Yasaka and Suwako are described in Silent Sinner in Blue Chapter 6 as gods that have a body. Having a body is likely why they can move and act so independently as opposed to gods who need a vessel, although they are still capable of splitting their spirit when summoned and called upon like all Japanese gods.
  • Chapter 19 of Silent Sinner in Blue implies that the Lunarians are using shimenawa to seal away a god at the Moriya Shrine. It's unknown if Suwako is aware of this. Her win quote to Reisen Udongein Inaba in Touhou Hisoutensoku merely has her commenting, "I heard that there are all kinds of gods where you come from."
  • Suwako's strongest spell card in Touhou Hisoutensoku resembles the ultimate attack of Akuma from Street Fighter, the Shun Goku Satsu.
  • In Touhou Hisoutensoku, one of her palettes is a homage to Hina Kagiyama. She also seems to have another alternate color palettes that resembles the fan-made character Maybell.
  • The frogs printed on Suwako's dress were taken from Chōjū-giga, the picture scrolls drawn in 12th century.
  • Suwako's theme "Native Faith" is an homage to "Boss6", the BGM used in an STG released by Taito in 1989, Night Striker.
  • Suwako does not have any actual connection to frogs, but she likes frogs and her spirit is sometimes invoked in the form of a frog.


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