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Susanna "Sue" Hopkins is one of the main characters from the Genshiken anime and manga.

One of Ohno's American friends, Susanna is a petite girl with an avid interest in yaoi. Sue has managed to be transferred to Shiiou University and is a first-year student and new club member of Genshiken. She is very close to Ogiue and still spouts various anime and manga quotes. Sue is even employed by Ogiue to be one of her assistants for the official manga Ogiue is writing and drawing. She later enters a relationship with Madarame.

In the AWA fics, Sue made her debut at the sixteenth chapter of All Worlds Alliance Stories.


Sue is a petite girl with natural blonde hair and blue eyes. Her build is similar enough to Ogiue's that she can wear the same clothes. She normally has an intense stare and often walks with a scowled look on her face. Although she is obviously adult age (Ohno knows her true age, but won't divulge the information), Sue is often mistaken for a middle to high school aged girl. Because of that, she is often described as a lolita and is frequently dressed as such characters for cosplay.


Sue displays very erratic behavior, one moment indulging in manga or sitting in a corner, and ambushing someone in the next instance. She's often quite loud when she speaks, attracting attention (sometimes unwanted) wherever she goes. Sue's spontaniety makes her hard to predict, though later on the club members start getting used to her.

In contrast to her brashness and unpredictablity, Sue is quite an affectionate and caring individual. She often hugs on Ogiue, exclaiming "Ogiue Chika is my Waifu!" Sue also assists with completing Ogiue's manga, and helps keep her co-workers focused on the task. Sue will also act aggressively to protect her friends feelings, or from perverted attacks in the case of Hato. She is also surprisingly shy and demure around someone she romantically likes.

She speaks Japanese, but apparently can only quote phrases from manga and anime. However, it's discovered by Ogiue that she CAN understand more than she leads on.


  • Sue is promoted to main cast in the continuation, but actually became a member near the end of the original manga.
  • Sue walks around campus in cosplay and willingly acts as Ohno's dress-up doll.
  • Sue ships Hato X Madarame. Although she became interested in Madarame herself before actually getting with him in the penultimate chapter.


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