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Sunshine is a unique power possessed by the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor. It is later revealed to be a Grace, a blessing created by the Supreme Deity that was given to one of the Four Archangels. After Gowther used a forbidden spell to fake Mael's death, it somehow went to Escanor when he was born.


Escanor's power is said to be unlike any other. He is at his weakest at midnight and his power peaks at noon. Starting from sunrise, his power begins to increase and he begins to grow larger and his personality changes from his submissive night-self to his arrogant daytime-self, with this process presumably reversing with the setting of the sun. In the daytime, his physical strength increases dramatically and he is able to radiate intense waves of light and heat easily capable of melting metal and vaporizing stone. Merlinhearkens his power to that of the actual Sun, the source of all life. Escanor is able to imbue Rhitta with his magic power, which causes the slashes from his axe to also burn his foes.

In his fight against Galand, Escanor's power level was shown rising by 5 points every second. Merlin mentions there is one problem with his power but does not specify what it is. It likely has to do with his peak, as once his fight with Galand and Melascula was over, he retreated far away from Ban's group because it was approaching noon and only returned at night. During noon Escanor's size grows to monstrous proportions, becoming many times his own size. His magic power also vastly increases.

When utilizing his true magic power he can create a miniature sun of pure magic power, whose heat is such that it can melt the armor of a Holy Knight several meters away just by being in its vicinity. It can also be controlled and directed for attacks, causing immense damage. When his power peaks at noon, the size of the ball increases immensely, as does his strength.

At high noon, Escanor reaches the peak of his power and he becomes The One, "the invincible incarnation of power", according to Merlin. While in this form, Escanor's strength increases to the point where with a single strike of his hand, he could knock off Meliodas in his Assault Mode. His durability also grew to the point where he could easily shrug off Meliodas' Kami Chigiri without sustaining any damage. The One only lasts for one minute.


  • Cruel Sun「 Mujihi na Taiyō (Kurūeru San); literally meaning "Merciless Sun"」: Escanor creates a miniature Sun, which radiates so much heat that it melts nearby armor. He can control it with hand gestures and strike his opponents with it, and it will increase in size as his power grows.
  • Pride Flare「 Sakuretsu suru Gōman (Puraido Furea); literally meaning "Exploding Arrogance"」: Escanor causes his Cruel Sun to flare with heat so intense it is capable of vaporizing a sizeable lake in an instant.
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