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Virgil Ovid Hawkins, also known as Static, is the main character of the Static Shock animated series.

A high school student in Dakota City. As a result of accidental exposure to an experimental mutagen in an event known as the Big Bang, he gained the ability to control and manipulate electromagnetism, and uses these powers to become a superhero named "Static." Countless others who were also exposed also gained a wide variety of mutations and abilities, and Static spends much of his time dealing with these "Bang Babies", many of whom use their abilities in selfish, harmful, and even criminal ways.

In the XP4 fics, Virgil is currently a member of the Heroes Coalition and is part of the Triumph Division. He also attends at the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Virgil is an African-american young man with dark hair styled in dreadlocks and has dark eyes. He is currently wearing a black hoodie jacket with yellow linings over a blue shirt, dark blue jeans, black & white sneakers and blue bandana around his head.

His costume consists of a blue & white mask, a black & blue hoodie long coat over a black jumper suit with a yellow lightning symbol, a blue collar and a yellow belt, blue kicks and blue gloves.


Virgil grew up to be an honor roll student with a quick tongue.



  • Electromagnetism
  • Electrokinesis
  • Electro-Blast
  • Magnetic Manipulation


  • Gloves: Static wore special gloves to better channel his powers.


  • Static Saucer: A disc of mylar that could be folded up and stored inside Static's coat, and unfolded with a jolt of electricity.


  • Zap-Caps: Grenades of electromagnetic energy, to be used if his powers were shorted out.


  • Virgil hates being called by his middle name, Ovid.
  • Virgil's powers cause him to have a high electrolyte count, which is usually attributed to high consumption of salt, like that in junk food.
  • One of Virgil's biggest heroes is Green Lantern.
  • Before acquiring his Static Saucer, Virgil would often simply use a garbage can lid to fly on.
  • Some of Virgil's nicknames are Sparky, Beyoncé, V, V-man, Virgil, Virg, Hero.


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