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This is the list of Stahn Aileron's Artes.

Demon Fang - When the Demon Fang arte is used, the character launches a ground projectile towards a target. This arte is useful for melee characters who need to stay away from enemies temporarily and damage them from a distance, while waiting for healing or support from an ally. However, this arte can travel only along the ground, with the exception of the games that use any form of the Aerial Linear Motion Battle System, causing it to miss any flying or jumping targets. 

Tiger Blade - When using Tiger Blade, the user slashes upward while jumping, then slashes downward while landing. This arte is effective for hitting any opponents in the air, further allowing the user to force their target to the ground. In some of the games, there is a third hit that can be added between or after the slashes, sometimes involving a shoulder charge or punches that simulate the standard movement patterns of this arte.

Tempest Strike - When using the arte, the user somersaults into the air while extending their weapon outward, slashing the enemies multiple times while airborne. 

Shakkouken - When Shakkouken is executed, the user reaches out toward the enemy and grabs it with their fist, creating a small orb of light in their palm that burns the enemy before blasting it away. 

Light Spear -  Stahn Aileron's weapon becomes a long spear of light, which he thrusts at the enemy several times, raising his weapon to a higher angle with every strike to push the enemy upward. 

Dragon Swarm - When this arte is executed, the user makes a chain of several wide slashes, moving forward with every strike. This is a damaging and deadly attack that is not easily avoided by grounded enemies.

Light Spear Blast - The user's weapon becomes a spear of light, with which they attack the target using several rising thrusts.

Beast - When this arte is activated, the user slams the target with extreme force, creating a blast of energy in the image of a lion's head, which forces all nearby enemies to be blasted away and knocked to the ground. 

Dragon Toss - Stahn spins high in the air with several rising kicks while wreathed in flames, finishing with a final upward slash.

Rising Phoenix - this arte represents a union of Fireball and Spin Slash. The latter arte is represented in the initial rising action that takes place upon activating the arte, enabling Stahn Aileron to deal damage while back-flipping into the air, followed by dive-bombing his enemies while bathed in flame.

Infernal Torrent - When this arte is used, the user slashes at the enemy while their weapon is engulfed in flames, creating a large wave of fire. This attack commonly reaches far distances and deals multiple hits quickly, affecting a large arc in front of the user.

Searing Gale - When the arte is used, the user jumps while spinning, making flames follow them. Afterward, the user raises their sword before slamming it to the ground. Upon contact, fire sprouts from the area affected by the sword's touch.

Phoenix Blast - When Stahn uses this arte, he quickly spins around with his sword extended and imbued with flame. As he returns to face his target, he thrusts his palm forward, launching a flaming aura shaped like a phoenix upward at an angle, forcing enemies into the air. 

Fiery Beast - When either arte is used, the user slams the target, as if initiating a Beast attack. Then, the user follows with a large and explosive blast of fire or lightning, knocking down all enemies within the affected area. 

Final Fury - Stahn throws his shield away and then begins a long series of strikes, ending with a huge blast of flame.

Fire Ball - the spell shoots off one or more fireballs at the enemy. These fireballs are capable of homing in on an enemy target, regardless of position on the battlefield. 

Fire Storm - Fire Storm either appears as a fire tornado that floats the enemy upward or a horizontal vortex of flames, visually similar to Storm and Blizzard.

Fear Flare - The spell summons several large spheres of fire that rain down upon the targeted enemies.

Falre Tornado - This spell creates a rapidly spinning vortex of fire that affects a moderate range of the battlefield, capable of lifting multiple enemies into the air while they are damaged by the spiraling flames, before the vortex dissipates and drops the enemies to the ground.

Eruption - Eruption typically involves several waves of magma pulsing out of the ground. Originally, as a follow-up, fireballs rain down over the affected area.

Explode - This spell summons a small ball of fire that is dropped from the sky, creating a massive explosion upon impact with the ground. The spell's explosion has a massive effect radius and deals a great amount of damage often with a single hit, similar in style and strength to Indignation.

Phoenix - Stahn engulfs the field in a massive burst of fire before spinning around to slash all nearby enemies. He then takes flight across the battlefield, leaving behind a streak of flame that resembles the wings of a phoenix behind him.

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