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Souichi Negishi is the main protagonist of the Detroit Metal City anime and manga.

Souichi's alter-ego Johannes Krauser II is the leader of the Visual death metal band DMC (short for Detroit Metal City).

In the AWA fics, Souichi is a student at the AWA Academy and is yet to make an appearance.


Souichi is a young man who makes a living as a musician. He is very successful, but not in the genre of his dreams: while he loves to play relaxing music, his job demands that he play groove/thrash metal in the titular band as "Demon King Johannes Krauser II". Most of the story revolves around Negishi trying to balance being Krauser II, his love life, and his family responsibilities, with mostly hilarious results.


A calm and peaceful musician from Inukai, Ōita, he is a fan of Swedish pop and Shibuya-kei. Ashamed of his true job, Negishi must cope with DMC's rising fame while keeping it a secret from friends and family. Even though Negishi despises Krauser so much, he can never resist the temptation of invoking his demonic ego every time he feels irritated or in trouble. While performing as Krauser, Negishi proves to be a skilled guitarist, able to play just with his teeth.


  • Negishi being a farm boy, Krauser is very good at handling cattle, including Jack Ill Dark's Demon Bull.
  • Krauser himself is an expy of Gene Simmons from KISS, though it's likely he is also a reference to heavily image-based metal artists such as Mortiis.