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Sonia Strumm, known in Japan as Misora Hibiki, is one of the main characters from the Mega Man Star Force anime and games.

Sonia is a popular rock star who, like Geo, is depressed over the loss of a parent, her mother, which leads them to establish a friendship.

In the XP4 fics, Sonia debuted in XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.

In the AWA fics, Sonia is listed as a purchased slave from the Slave Fortress and is later rescued.


Sonia is young girl with a short dark-purple hair and has green eyes. She wears a pink hoodie jacket with buns on top over a blue shirt, green shorts and blue boots.

As Harp Note, Sonia has a short yellow hair and blue eyes. She is currently wearing a large pink helmet with white round stubs and blue visor, a pink crop top dress with white linings and a yellow & pink symbol over a black full bodysuit with pink & white arm-length gloves and yellow cuffs, a pink knee-high metal boots and a white scarf around her neck.


In terms of demeanor, Sonia is quite the opposite of Geo: spunky, outspoken, and mischievous. Sonia seems to be romantically interested in Geo, shown by the fact that she has asked him out on dates several times. Sonia also throws herself in front of one of Queen Ophiuca's attacks to protect Geo, and as a result is poisoned. In the second game, Sonia again asks Geo to go to Wilshire Hills. In this game, Sonia seems more blatant about their relationship. She once asked Geo who he likes better between an argument with Luna. She has also shown jealousy when Geo is with a girl alone during his mission of finding the OOPArts.

XP4 Fanfics

Sonia is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Universal Guardians. She also attends Vanguard Academy as a student. 

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 1, Sonia alongside her team, the Universal Guardians and the Squad of Excellence are seen in Peach Creek City taking on a large number of Emotionless. And after getting rid of the creatures, Sonia alongside everyone celebrated their mission's success.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 3, Sonia is seen sitting on a bench alongside Geo Stelar when Ranma Saotome, Gray Fullbuster and Eijiro Kirishima ran past them.

In Chapter 7, Sonia, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, is present in the Mission Briefing Room in the Training Facility where Dr. Michael Pating brief them about their mission in the Halidom of Ylisse before departing.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Awakening

In Chapter 1, Sonia, alongside members of the Universal Guardians and Squad of Excellence, arrives in a forest somewhere in Ylisse and appears to be lost. They later came across Chrom, Frederick, Lissa and Robin and quickly befriends them. After having conversation about the Emotionless, both sides decided to work together to eliminate the creatures. They decided to camp for the rest of the night.

In Chapter 2, Sonia, alongside members of the Universal Guardians, the Squad of Excellence and Chrom's group, arrives in Ylisse and met up with Owain. Later, after Chrom decided to have a meeting with Frederick, Geo Stelar and Luna Platz, the rest decided to meet up with the Shepherds at the garrison. Later, Chrom and the others arrived and claims to have an announcement.

In Chapter 3, Sonia, alongside her team, Gaius, Sully, Stahl and Panne, are seen walking around the large field somewhere in Ylisstol when they came across a group of Zealots and engaged in a battle with them. They managed to overpower them causing the red & blue colored simulation troopers to retreat. Confirming that Dr. Dolan Danger is in this world, they decided to head back to warn the others.

In Chapter 4, Sonia is seen having a conversation with Chrom, Sumia, Sully, Robin, Owain, Geo Stelar, Naruto Uzumaki and Natsu Dragneel at the garrison when Gaius arrives with Virion.

In Chapter 5, Sonia, alongside her team, Frederick, Maribelle, Virion, Kellam, Say'ri, Cherche and Vaike, are seen walking around a large field outside Ylisstol when they came across Dr. Dolan Danger and Jerry Jonny Torr McGee. After the doctor accidentally telling them his plans of obtaining the Ara-Ka Cube, much to everyone's disbelief. After that, the doctor ordered the Zealots to attack them but they quickly defeated them, prompting their enemies to flee.

In Chapter 11, Sonia is at the garrison when they heard a noise, they ran to the corridors to see Ryuuko Matoi and Ricken chasing a strange hooded figure. Everyone went after the figure and led them to a large grassy fields, and reveals itself as a Pokemon known as Hitmonlee. The Pokemon then revealed that he stole an ancient alien artifact called the Ara-Ka Cube inside the castle. Everyone watches in horror as Hitmonlee uses the alien artifact to summon a zombified version of Emmeryn and Phila, much to everyone's disgust. Hitmonlee then summoned a large number of Emotionless, forcing Sonia and everyone to fight. Sonia then witnessed Donnel activating his Gift.

In Chapter 12 & Epilogue, Sonia, alongside everyone, witnessed Donnel activating his Gift turning both Emmeryn and Phila back to life. After defeating the remaining Emotionless, forcing Hitmonlee to flee, life in Ylisstol went back to normal.


Harp Note is capable of the following abilities and attacks, some of which are restricted to the anime or games exclusively:

  • Frequency Change : Lyra Note can teleport by changing her wave frequency. She'll do this when she needs to go somewhere faraway in Echo Ridge,like her manager's building, but can't find a Wave Road to take her there.
  • Shock Note : Two speakers appear in the columns where Harp Note is not standing. Harp Note then strums her guitar and the speakers each fire a Shock Note.
  • Quick Strings : Harp Note lines up with the player and fires strings at him. The strings break, and when they connect, Harp Note proceeds to fire six notes at him whilst he is paralyzed.
  • Pulse Song : Harp Note moves up close and fires a heart-shaped pulse at the player. It pierces Invis and must be blocked, else it will induce a certain status ailment to the player depending on the colour of the note.
  • Anti-Hypnosis: like any Wave Changed human in the series, Harp Note is immune to hypnosis and can only be fully be taken over by the compatible AM/FM-ian
  • UltraSonic Hearing: Harp Note can hear and translate waves too high or too low for the normal human or even EM Being to hear. This proved extremely useful navigating the Bermuda Maze.
  • Noise Resistance: She later obtained an Ace Program which she installed into her Hunter VG, allowing her to absorb Noise like Mega Man with no ill effects.


  • Sonia's guitar doubles as her Transer, but this function became useless when she acquired her Star Carrier.
    • In the anime, Sonia usually uses her guitar as her main terminal device, but she has been shown to use a red Transer and Wave Scanner, indicating she is of the Leo satellite.
    • Although Sonia's guitar acts as her transer it does not appear to have any Battle Card applications.
    • Even after Sonia's upgrade to a Star Carrier and later the Hunter-VG, Sonia continues to carry her guitar with her at all times.
  • In the games, Sonia is technically the main reason as to how Geo got his special powers in the first two games.
    • In the first game, Geo's Star Pendent wouldn't have glowed had Geo not formed a BrotherBand with Sonia, thus not earning the power of the Star Force.
    • In the second game, had it not been for Sonia going on a date with Geo, they wouldn't have explored the museum hosting the OOPArt. Also, had it not been Sonia's assistance, as Lyra Note, the OOPArt would have been lost and not have been swallowed by Omega-Xis.
  • Lyra uses the guitar as a base for a weapon, similar to how Omega-Xis uses Geo's arm as the Mega Buster and Laplace becomes Solo's sword.
  • Sonia is the only Star Force character who has cut her BrotherBand with Geo twice (first when Geo was confused after his battle with Gemini Spark, and again when Sonia wanted to protect Geo while she was working for Dr. Vega).
  • If the player looks inside Sonia's Transer, they will see that she has a Harp Note battle card, even if this is done before Lyra is introduced in the game.
    • This also happens with the other bosses even before they were controlled by their respective FM-ians.
  • During her concert in Mega Man Star Force 3, the lyrics of her song appear to be base on the first time she met Geo during the events of the first Mega Man Star Force.
  • Features from her personality and appearance make her a close parallel to Mayl, from the Battle Network Series, even augmented by one of her attacks sending heart-shaped soundwaves.


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