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Signum is a character from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha franchise.

The stoic leader of the group, armed with the flaming sword Laevatein. She lives for battles and as a result is the best fighter among Wolkenritter and Fate's worthy opponent. Later the two become close friends.

By StrikerS, Signum moved to Mid-Childa with Hayate and the other Wolkenritter, and become one of the vice-captains alongside Vita of Hayate's Riot Force Six and is Fate's sub-commander in the Lightning unit. Her callsign is Lightning 2. Unlike Nanoha, Vita and Fate, Signum doesn't teach the Forwards in combat, but she teaches Erio Mondial her signature move, Shiden Issen, which he uses to defeat Garyu. Signum defeats Zest Grangaitz by killing him and fulfills his last will by becoming Agito's new master, who is later adopted by the Yagami family.

In ViVid, Signum has taught Zafira's disciple, Miura Rinaldi, which is reflected in Miura's sword-slashes resembling fighting style. Presumely, Signum taught her Bakken: Hiryū, which is based of her Hiryū Issen, and Tenka Kūga, which is based of her Kūga techniques.

In Force, Signum is a member of Hayate's Special Duty Section Six, and she encounters her new rival, Cypha Hückebein, who defeats Signum in their first battle. Fortunately, Signum recovers from her grievious injuries and she and Cypha cross their blades a second time, this time Signum is victorious. The Knight of the Flaming Sword also has become a swordsmanship mentor to Thoma Avenir.

In the AWA fics, Signum is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Signum is part of the Multiverse Government. Signum is allies with the Heroes Coalitions and is an unofficial honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom.


Signum is a tall woman with a pink-purple waist-length hair tied in a high ponytail and has dark-blue eyes. She usually wears a brown uniform jacket over a white dress shirt and black necktie, brown office skirt, light-black tights and brown boots.

In combat, she wears a white & pink barrier jacket over a pink qipao dress with a black armored waist-corset, a white & pink mantle wrapped around her waist with metal pads on each sides, black armsleeves, silver gauntlets and silver-armored boots.


Signum has a taciturn and businesslike personality, contrasted by the more empathetic Shamal and the brash Vita. Her speech is antiquated and and occasionally very formal, including keigo expressions.

Although she appears cold and collected at all times, this facade gives way to a gentler personality when she is with her master Hayate Yagami and the rest of their "family".

In A's, she carries out what she believes to be her duty (collecting pages of the Book of Darkness to save her master's life), even if it means dishonoring herself (by lying to Hayate and later, fighting and hurting a child, Fate Testarossa). On the other hand, after the incident is resolved, she shows willingness to atone for her crimes and foresight not to have aggravated her and other Wolkenritter's case by unnecessary cruelty.

By the time of StrikerS, she has similarly warmed up to her former rival Fate, and the close partnership with Agito later that season seems to have generally loosened her up a little, as seen in Force.


Signum is a skilled aerial knight and swordswoman. She has exceptional swordsmanship and is able to use her Armed Device, Laevatein, very efficiently.

She is one of the most powerful mages in the Bureau, having fought Nanona to a draw at least twice[8][9] and repeatedly faced off against Fate during the Book of Darkness Incident. Canonically, Signum has never decisively lost a battle until her defeat at the hands of Cypha of Hückebein in Force.

Signum is also capable of entering Unison with Reinforce II. As a result, Rein is also registered as one of her Devices on her Bureau ID Card. By the end of StrikerS, Signum also enters Unison with Agito.

Signum's Knight Clothing is comprised of armor plates and a battle dress designed for mobility, functioning similarly to the Midchildan Barrier Jackets. Although Hayate discourages her and the other Wolkenritter from fighting, she designs each of their Knight Clothings.

It turns lavender when Signum is in Unison with Reinforce II. With Agito, it turns violet instead and generates two pairs of fiery wings.

In the movie continuity, Signum's Knight Clothing in The MOVIE 2nd A's is basically the same as that in A's. By the time of Reflection, her Knight Clothing has been refined by the Technical Division's latest technology, resulting in increased mobility and defensive functionality.

List of Spells

Bind Break - is a decline-typesupportive spell that attempts to dispel/deactivate a binding spell. The caster analyzes the binds cast on them, then proceeds to run counter-code to weaken them and finally tears them apart with targeted mana bursts. Both the amount of mana used in this and how fast the counter-code is run affect how quick the bind can be broken. Bind Break is also the reason why binds are only optionally used for attack assistance in battles between high-ranked combat mages.

Dimensional Transfer - is the spell to teleport across dimensions.

Fire Dragon Flash - is Signum's strongest attack when she is in Unison with Agito, basically a fiery bombardment. It is strong enough to be credited as a space-exterminating spell, using the scorching attack from Signum, Agito and Laevatein (although not used directly) to mow spaces down freely.

Floater Field - is a force field spellto create anti-gravity footholds with the use of magic circles. Useful at places with bad footholds and for aerial work/operation, Floater Field is commonly seen at construction or excavation sites. By generating multiple fields (usually three), it can also be used as a cushion for falling.

Flying Dragon Flash - is Signum's mid-range charged attack with Laevatein in Schlangeform. Although it is a weapon attack, it has the size and range of a bombardment spell. It can give mixed damage of stabbing, mana and flame.

Luminous Dragon - is Signum's fiery whip-slash attack with Laevatein's Schlangeform. It can be considered as a MCA-variation of Schlangebeißen.

Panzergeist - is a field-type defensive spell of the Ancient Belka system, which does not have an Auto Guard system. Panzergeist generates a defensive aura around the whole body, allowing the caster to effortlessly defend against shooting or even bombardment attacks. It however consumes a lot of mana and needs a high-level of skill when attacking at the same time.

Panzerschild - is the basic Ancient Belkan shield-type defensive spell, comparable to the Midchildan Round Shield and Modern Belkan Tri Shield.

Purple Lighting Flash - is Signum's signature charged attack with Laevatein in Schwertform, covering the sword blade with flames to increase its power.

Schlangebeißen - is Signum's basic attack with Laevatein in Schlangeform. It can attack opponents in the mid-range, which Schwertform cannot reach.

Sturmfalken - is an arrow-shooting attack of Signum, cast with Laevatein's Bogenform. When cast, fire swirls around Signum as she generates a solid metal arrow, which she then infuses with mana until it glows, to shoot at the target. As the arrowhead has the same composition as Laevatein's blade, mana accumulated therein can be preserved for a short period of time even when the arrow is shot. Having the highest class of power and defense-penetration effect among Signum's spells, it detonates into an explosion upon impact and destroys the target with flame of ultra high heat.

Sturmwinde - is a shooting spell, firing a fiery shockwave to block projectiles from approaching. When used at cross-range, it may be seen as a magic-enhanced attack, instead.


  • Levi the Slasher calls her "Bushido".
  • She is also noted by fans to be a magnificent one of Lamia Loveless from Super Robot Wars. They don't look much alike, but share many traits, including having the same voice actress.
  • Signum could also be based of Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, a swordswoman with a magical Whip Sword. If you spell Laevatein as Levantine it's a Significant Anagram of Ivy's sword Valentine.


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