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Shamal is one of the main characters of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha anime and light novels.

The mother of the three, taking care of most house-related chores, except cooking. She doesn't usually take part in combat, but she has healing power, and her communication and portal magic means she generally acts as a mission control. She also makes most of the cartridges for Vita and Signum. Her Armed Device, Klarwind, resides in her rings.

In StrikerS, she's mostly relegated to the background as a magical doctor on Mid-Childa. Like the other Wolkenritter, Shamal is part of Hayate's Riot Force 6 and is the chief doctor. She and Zafira fail to protect the Long Arch from Otto, Deed and the Gadget Drones, but later they recover from their injuries and arrest Otto.

In ViVid, she has taught Zafira's disciple, Miura Rinaldi, some of her skills, but it's not mentioned what exactly. She, Hayate and the rest of the family watch Miura's matches in the DSAA Inter-Middle Championship, and later Shamal nurses Vivio after her match with Miura who defeated her.

In Force, she is a member and chief doctor of Hayate's Special Duty Section 6.

In the AWA fics, Shamal is part of the AWA and works as one of it's instructors, and is part of the Medical & Health Department.

In the XP4 fics, Shamal is part of the Multiverse Government. Shamal is allies with the Heroes Coalitions and is an unofficial honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom.


Shamal has a short-frizzy blonde hair and has purple eyes. She wears a lab coat over a brown uniform jacket, a white dress shirt, blue neck tie and a black turtleneck shirt, a brown office skirt, black pantyhose and brown slip shoes.


Shamal is typically soft-spoken, kind and polite. She helps around the house, and can be sensitive to criticism, especially with regards to her cooking. Shamal tends to worry about the welfare of Hayate Yagami and the other Wolkenritter, and can occasionally be prone to crying under emotional strain. She is quite close with Hayate, and like Vita, does not address her as "Mistress" but instead affectionately calling her Hayate-chan.

However, it is also revealed in A's Sound Stage 02 that Shamal used to be iron-hearted in the past, ripping off Linker Cores in the past Book of Darkness Incidents, which is strongly different from how she is after meeting Hayate.


Shamal's Armed Device is a set of four rings, named Klarwind, which she can use to detect enemies, create portals and bind targets. She is able to magically heal injuries with Klarwind, and is skilled at creating defenses for various purposes. Furthermore, she can create cartridges with Klarwind for her fellow knights.


Calming Heal is a healing spell cast by Shamal in A's. It targets an area set as the closest distance of the caster, with the effects to heal wounds, accelerate the recovery of stamina and mana, and repair Barrier Jackets.

Commandment Rope is a binding spell cast by Shamal with the wires of Klarwind's Pendelform. Presumably it is the base spell of Commandment Chain, a similar spell introduced in earlier series (but chronologically after Commandment Rope's deployment).

Communication Jamming is a spell cast by Shamal to generate a field to interfere telepathy or other magical communications. It may also jam electronic or wireless waves.

Healing Wind is a healing spell under the Ancient Belkan magic system. Through enchantment with the caster's mana, living beings in the targeted area are vitalized, so that healing of wounds and recovery from fatigue are accelerated, and defensive equipment is repaired. In cases when the targets have consumed mana severely, the caster may even share his or her mana, making it a synthetic healing spell.

Investigation Spell is a supportive spell cast by Shamal to scan the nearby area.

Klargeheul is a spell cast by Shamal to create flash and radar jamming to distract the enemy.

Mirror of Prospection is a supportive spell cast by Shamal to sight the distant area or to spy on the moves of opponents.

Mirror of Travels is one of Shamal's specialty spells, forming a portal with Klarwind's Pendelform. It is generally used to quickly teleport objects in space, but can also be utilised offensively to access the target's inner part or core, including one's human body.

Physical Heal is a basic healing spell, mainly learnt by mages of the back positions.

Surging Storm is a spell possessed by Shamal to generate a surging whirlwind near the feet in the portable continuity. Notably, she has never cast nor been described as capable of such attack in the primary continuity.

Swirling Storm is a spell possessed by Shamal to launch a whirlwind afront in the portable continuity. Notably, she has never cast nor been described as capable of such attack in the primary continuity. Shamal generates a whirlwind that swirls to the front for a certain rangeto attack. It is considered an offensive variation of Wind Shield, in which she generates a flat whirlwind afront for defensive purpose instead.

Thunder of Destruction is a wide-area attack spell, being a pure mana attack with the effect of breaking force fields. It creates above its target a mana orb, which then fires a powerful thunder blast downwards.

Ultralong Distance Transporation is a teleportation spell of ultralong distance, generally requiring the efforts of more than one mages to cast.

Wind Fetter is a spell possessed by Shamal to creates small tornadoes in the portable continuity. Notably, she has never cast nor been described as capable of such attack in the primary continuity.

Wind Shield is a shield-type defensive spell possessed by Shamal.

Wire Lock is a binding spell cast by Shamal. Apparently, it is a binding spell used against huge target(s) or over a wide area, c/w the more-focused Commandment Rope.


  • In the AWA fics, Shamal and Summer Rose would often scold Gintoki Sakata for teaching his students to become reckless.


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