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Sayaka Miki is one of the main characters of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime.

Madoka's best friend. She has an unwavering sense of justice. She forms a contract with Kyuubey to heal the wrist of her childhood friend Kyousuke, allowing him to play the violin again. As a side effect of her wish, she is afforded prodigious healing abilities and a musical motif. She wields cutlasses, of which she can conjure infinite amounts.

In the AWA fics, due to the AWA gang's interference, her tragic fate was averted. Sayaka is a student at the AWA Academy.


Sayaka Miki is a young girl with short medium blue hair and blue eyes. She is also very pale. She is seen wearing her school uniform in the beginning of episode one which, like all others, her uniform is a cream colored long sleeved shirt with a big red bow on the front. The bottom of the sleeves are open and have red borders around them. The front of the shirt also has two pockets on them. She wears a pair of brown shoes with dark deep blue knee socks.

In her magical girl form, her clothing consists of a blue and white button down strapless top, a blue skirt, white stockings with a blue stripe, teal boots, a white, thigh-long cape, and 2 pairs of gloves: one being midnight-blue and elbow-length, while the other being white and the standard length. Her Soul Gem is imbedded in her belly button.


Sayaka is shown to act slightly tomboyish and heroic. She cares a lot for her friends, made clear by her immediately making the contract to become a magical girl just so she could save Madoka.

Despite acting tomboyish, she does have a girly side, shown by her interest in romance and classical music. However, her vision of love is very unrealistic.

Sayaka rarely thinks twice before acting on something, and conflicts with others easily. Even if she is kind and courageous, those two things make her ignorant and careless.

Throughout the anime, Sayaka and Kyoko were often arguing with one another, and their first encounter was even a fight to the death. If it wasn't for Homura, it's come to show that Sayaka would have died twice.

It's also evident that Sayaka has some love for anime and games, since she called Homura 'moe' and by the quote of "She's so moe, it makes me sick!". It's also hinted that she likes cosplaying as well.

Sayaka also hates the idea of being rejected by people that she loves. This is an example of how Kyousuke started dating Hitomi and she felt hurt and rejected. This is come to show that Sayaka wants praise for what she's done and even get the chance to date him, but to a dismay, that didn't happen.

In the AWA fics, Sayaka develops a "straight man" trait because of everyone's ridiculous behavior.


Due to the nature of her wish, Sayaka has powerful regenerative abilities. She can heal herself much faster than the other magical girls in the series as well as great endurance. In battle, she can combine this self-healing special ability with magical techniques that detach her senses and block all forms of pain, becoming a nearly unstoppable berserker.

While using her magic, circles of notes are sometimes seen around or near her. This is believed to be related to her wish to heal Kamijou. She has also been shown summoning circles of notes in mid-air that she uses to jump off of and change her direction in battle, leaving blue streaks behind her.


  • In the AWA fics, Sayaka is currently Kyousuke Kamijou's girlfriend.
  • The first character in her last name means "beauty". The last character means "tree". Her name could also be written (tree trunk) or (sake offered to the gods).
  • Her first name is written in hiragana, which has no special meaning. However, "sayaka" could also be written (obvious) or (clear).
  • She is also known as Blue among fans.
  • Sayaka Miki is the tallest one out of the entire group in the anime and manga.
  • It is revealed that during Sayaka's transformation into a witch a series of runes are shown twice. When those runes are translated, they put together German words. When the German words are translated to English, they mean "stormy" and "loving." This symbolizes Sayaka's causes of becoming a witch: her tendency to love and to be stormy when upset.


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