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Sanders Fullblaster is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Sanders is a 28 years old mercenary, assassin and soldier.

Sanders is a Solo Hero originally from New-New York's Heroes Coalition but later joined Neo-City's Heroes Coalition after getting fired for failing a mission. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Sanders is a tall, muscular young adult with a dark-brown hair with a shaved sides, a small mohawk and a mullet at the back, and has brown eyes. He wears a dark jacket and white & red patches over a white tank top with two green bullet strap around his chest, a dog tag necklace, dark-blue pants with red, green & blue patches, and dark-grey boots with red & white linings. He also had black & yellow goggles around his head.


Not much is known about Sanders.


It is yet to be revealed if Sanders is a Blessed or not. However, Sanders is seem to be skilled in wielding alien-type weaponry such as the Hammerburst II.


  • Before getting fired, Sander suffered an injury which took him out for nine months. After he recovered, he went to a mission which later ended in failure which got him terminated.
  • According to XP4 Universe, his ideal voice actor for Sanders are Carlos Ferro (Dominic Santiago from Gears of War) and Koichi Nagano (Fossa from One Piece).
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