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Sachi Nagamiya is one of the main characters from the Glasslip anime.

Sachi is an ill-girl and loves reading books. Touko is her closest friend and is Hiro's crush.

In the AWA fics, Sachi appeared at the fourteenth chapter of All Worlds Alliance Stories.


Sachi has a studious look to her, making her a nerd. She has black shoulder-length hair, with one side longer than the other, and she also has violet colored eyes. She is usually seen wearing her spectacles that have an orange frame. Sachi's casual clothing consist of a white short sleeved cardigan, a navy blue collar vest, khaki colored shorts, long black socks that reach over her thighs and black/blue and white sneakers.


Sachi has a calm and quiet personality. She is usually seen reading and is caring towards her friends, however, she can become overly protective at times, especially when it concerns Tohko.


  • Sachi has a poor health.
  • Sachi once claimed that Hiro is her boyfriend.


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