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This is a list of Rutee Katrea's Artes.

Search Glad - When Search Gald is activated, the user will look around the closest area to where they stands and probably find some Gald. Usually, the chance of this happening and how much Gald is found depends on luck.

Snipe Air - When used, Rutee performs an upward slash in the air, followed by a diagonal slash that leads her back to the ground.

Thievery - The arte has the user attack the enemy in an attempt to acquire an item from them. Most enemies have a "Steal Item", an item that can be stolen from the enemy once during a battle. The actual physical appearance of the arte changes throughout the series, but the core of its use remains the same.

Slash Rain - Rutee jumps into the air and then rains slashes diagonally downward.

Serpent Edge - The user strikes the target with their weapon several times, conjuring a series of slightly diagonal water beams in the air and small, angled water pillars on the ground.

Snipe Roar - Rutee performs a low, forward slice before retreating diagonally backward while attacking.

Bloody Rose - When executed, the user thrusts into the enemy and spins into the air with a slash that throws the enemy upward with the user, who follows through with an additional thrust and slash as they both fall back to the ground. 

Ice Needles - When this spell is used, three arrows made of ice are created and shot at the targeted enemy. Depending on which game it appears in, the ice arrows will either appear above the user or the enemy. 

Icicle - the activation of this spell causes icicles to rise from the ground, surrounding the enemy so quickly that the enemy is unable to escape from its effects before the ice shatters to pieces. 

Blizzard - When Blizzard is cast, white sheets of snow and ice drop across all enemies, covering the entire screen. It is nearly impossible to dodge this attack.

Ice Tornado - When the spell is activated, a light blue vortex of snow and ice appears, surrounding and damaging the enemy. In later games, a "lift" effect is added, allowing enemies to be launched into the air with this spell.

Tidal Wave - this spell creates a tidal wave that originates from the background, which grows in size as it moves closer to the battlefield to engulf all enemies.

First Aid - First Aid has appeared in most of the games in the series as the most basic healing spell that support-based characters can learn. Its low TP cost and casting time makes it useful early in the games, but later healing techniques can be more effective due to either increased strength or group healing ability in one cast, despite their higher costs.

Recover - considered the superior version of Antidote, as it can heal nearly any kind of physical ailment.

Heal - This spell is most commonly learned as the intermediate-level healing spell that a character obtains after mastering First Aid. Heal is used to heal a moderate amount of HP to one ally for an increased TP cost and incantation time. 

Resurrection - This spell revives an ally that has been knocked out, performing a similar effect as a "Life Bottle".

Cure - This spell restores a large amount of HP to one ally, often healing any critically injured ally back to full health.

Sharpness - When activating this spell, the targeted ally is usually surrounded by a red or orange light, and their physical attack power is raised. This is most useful for melee-based characters that fight on the frontlines, increasing their damage against enemy targets, while magic-based characters are typically unable to take advantage of this stat increase due to their focus on spellcasting.

Life Discharged - When the arte is used, bubbles will appear everywhere on the battlefield to damage all enemies. Additionally, all allies in the fighting party will be revived with full HP, as well as be cured from any status effects.

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