Roka Shirogane is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Roka is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee.

Roka also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Roka is the son of Silver Shirogane a White Tiger Faunus and Azula Shirogane a human, both are a Huntsman and a Huntress and owners and teachers of a martial arts dojo somewhere on Roka's birth place Mistral and he's cousin to Ollie Wisteria. When he was twelve years old, he gained a fear of ghost after he was chased by a Geist Grimm which he mistaken for a ghost and it unlocked his Semblance and since that time, he was called a "Scaredy Cat" by his peers either Human or Faunus and so, his parents helped him overcome his fear and soon he was seen as courageous to his peers at Mistral but only to some, because he still has a fear of ghost and it occasionally shows. He attended Sanctum Academy, the same year as Pyrrha Nikos and he also built one of his weapons there as well. There, he befriended a fellow Faunus who became part of his team at Beacon Academy, Zar Nevada a Panther Faunus. During his time in Sanctum, he participated in Mistral's Fighting Tournaments and he ended up second place in the Regionals after Pyrrha and he respected her for her great skills after he was defeated by her. After graduating from Sanctum, Roka and Zar went to Vale to attend Beacon Academy where Roka reunited with his cousin Ollie and they along with Zar and a new friend named Ginger Cerulean a Wolf Faunus were formed into team ORNG. They had an amazing time in Beacon and that included becoming friends with teams RWBY, JNPR and team LUNA and along the way discovered their new supposed second Semblances and during the Vytal Festival, they befriended a team from Haven Academy called team GHST and after they found out that Roka was scared of ghosts, they started teasing him much to his chagrin. During the fall of Beacon, teams ORNG, GHST and LUNA fought together to protect the students of the gathered schools from Grimm so that they could evacuate. Through the chaos, Roka encountered Adam Taurus of the White Fang by chance and he witnessed his mercilessness when he cut off one of his friends Yang Xiao Long's right arm and it left him paralyzed in shock and it got worse when he saw him decapitate another of his friends Blake Belladona but thankfully it was an after image and he saw Blake take Yang to safety and then, he snapped, using his Semblance, he charged towards Adam and engaged him in battle, while exchanging blows with their blades they exchanged words, Adam told Roka why he'd fight him considering that they're both Faunus and he replied that he hurt his friends, then Adam gets disgusted that he'd make friends with a human and a traitor, then he accused Roka of being a traitor to his kind and Roka said back that Adam's the traitor because what he just did was an act of not only cowardice but also an act of dishonor and that infuriated him, then suddenly out of instinct, Roka unleashed his new powers at Adam and it sent them both flying in opposite directions, causing Roka to lose consciousness and the next thing he knew, he was in in a hospital bed, recovering with Ollie sitting by his side. After the fall, team ORNG went their separate ways to their homes, months later at the beginning of spring, Roka decided to go on a journey for some soul searching and before leaving, his parents gave him "Shirokaze", a weapon once wielded by his grandfather from his father's side, his parents told him that once he finds his purpose, he should let them know so that they could support him all the way and so Roka now uses it as his primary weapon. Three months after, Roka travelled around Mistral and along the way he trained with his weapons and two Semblances and became a freelance Huntsman, he protected villages he passed by from Grimm and had his weapons maintenance every now and then and he even helped out in certain problems from helping out villages with fighting off Grimm to fighting off thieves and White Fang thugs and even easily defeating a certain punk from the Branwen Tribe (The guy who Yang punched which caused his tooth to fall off at Volume 5). Then one day, he went to visit a guild where his friend Lunette Yeager of Team LUNA currently stayed. It was there that he discovered that Lunette had reunited with her team and they discovered that he was what's called a "Blessed". And after they explained about the Heroes Coalition and how they're currently part of that organization and his powers origin, Roka was surprised to know that his supposed second "Semblance" is actually called a "Gift", Lunette then said that they came to recruit him so that he can train his Gift to its true potential and they already told his parents and so, Roka accepted the offer and went with team LUNA to the Heroes Coalition. Currently in the Coalition, besides talking with friends and sometimes butting heads with Xander, Roka spends his spare time practicing his sword skills in the training area or meditating with Suzie in the afternoon and just like her, he'd send those who disturb them flying with his Air Bending.


A tall young teenage boy the same height as Ollie with jet black short hair in a spiky Japanese ponytail (similar to Hanzo's from Overwatch), average build, pale skin, White Tiger ears on his head and almond green eyes. He's clad in a white long sleeved V-neck shirt with blue outlines, light gray and white outlined jogger cargo pants with a gray belt, two pouches, one that contains dust magazines and one that contains dust crystals both on his right side, blue and white trimmed running shoes, gray fingerless gloves, sky blue and white outlined samurai armor composed of Dou chest armor, Sode shoulder armor with a white emblem of a fierce tiger head inside a ring on the right shoulder, Kote forearm gauntlets, Kusazuri lower body armor and Suneate shin armor, a pair of white elbow pads, knee pads and a Katana with a mechanical looking Sheath and a Wakizashi in a sky blue sheath with the Tsuka looking like gun with an extended magazine in it, both magnetically strapped to the left side of his belt. When on missions, he wears a sky blue and white outlined Suji bachi Kabuto helmet on his head with a white pointed U-shaped Maedate on the front center and his Faunus ears are sticking out of the Kabuto's special slots on top and when a battle starts he wears a gray and white accented lower face mask that supplies oxygen.


Roka is very courageous, kind, calm and collected and sometimes serious. He follows Bushido which means that he has a sense of honor, when in battle, he won't attack an unarmed opponent and he doesn't like it when people gang up and hurt others who're defenseless or hurt those who've done nothing wrong because to him, it's disgraceful and also an act of cowardice and the same thing applies when someone hurts others from behind. Although despite being courageous, he has a fear of ghosts ever since he was chased by a Geist Grimm when he was twelve and whenever someone talks about ghosts, he'd end up shaking at the thought of them and either Ollie or Suzie would be often there to comfort him. He would also often end up in awkward situations mostly by accident and those are mostly either when he walks in on girls or bumping into them and both of them would end up in an awkward position and he'd always get flustered at his predicament and even if he apologized, it would often get him into trouble and his friends are always there to defend him. He'd also often butt heads with Xander Campbell over insults due to their differences and it would always lead them to fighting with their blades and Joey would always be the one to end their fighting. Roka also plays videogames and he'd usually play when he has the time. He also doesn't like being called a "Scaredy Cat" and it would infuriate him (which would sometimes start fights with him and Xander or others).


Semblance: Roka's Semblance is called "Vibration Force", he can make his whole body vibrate at will and with it, he can run very fast (similar to Zoom from Zoom: Academy for Super Heroes) and when using his Semblance, he can turn his blades into high-frequency blades, allowing them to cut through almost anything. He can also use his Semblance to make other things vibrate and with enough power, shatter glass. His Semblance is somehow on par with Ruby Rose's Semblance when it comes to speed.

Gift: His Gift is called "Air Bending", he can control air like it's an extension of his body. With it, he's able to create blasts or waves of air, different sizes of tornados, lift large objects through enveloping it in great amounts of wind, use it with his weapons to create cutting waves of wind and other things he can augment his Gift with his weapons and the ability to fly through the sky by using the power of air to levitate in the air.

Other Abilities: He has enhanced sense of hearing, smell and night vision. He's good at Karate, Aikido, Taekwondo, Kendo, an Iaido and Iaijutsu expert, Dual Katana expert, Nodachi expert and is good with using a gun. He's also an expert Free Runner.


Shirokaze – Roka's main weapon that was once used by his grandfather and now passed down to him. It takes the form of a Katana with a silver curved blade, gray colored mechanical looking Tsuka with a horizontal line in the middle and a trigger mechanism on the side, a hatch on the bottom of the Tsuka that reveals a chamber where dust crystals can be inserted and a white mechanical looking sheath with half of the sheath looking like it can extend and a vertical slot on the blade front edge of the sheath from the edge to the tip. When combined with the sheath, it can turn into a Nodachi with the Tsuka handle extending to a Nodachi Tsuka, the sheath extending to the length of a Nodachi blade edge slot. When a dust crystal is stored inside the Tsuka, the blade's edge changes color, gaining special properties depending on what dust crystal's loaded and once the trigger is pulled, it activates the power of the dust crystal. He keeps it magnetically strapped on the left side of his belt.

Gale Roar – Formerly Roka's main weapon and currently his secondary weapon that he made at Sanctum Academy. Its default form is a Katana with a curved silver blade and replacing the Tsuka is a white and sky blue gun with an extended white magazine and the grip of the pistol can extend to the length of a Katana's Tsuka. It can transform into a Mini U.Z.I. Machine Pistol with the blade folding down (similar to Blake's Gambol Shroud in its pistol form) and the grip retracting to its original pistol handle length. During the fall of Beacon, it got damaged after the confrontation of Adam Taurus and soon after, Roka upgraded and remodeled it and Gale Roar's default form is now a Wakizashi that can extend into a Katana and retract back into its default form and like its original form, can also turn into a Mini U.Z.I. Machine Pistol when the blade folds down and it's sheathed in a sky blue sheath. He keeps it magnetically strapped on the left side of his belt, right next to Shirokaze. He can use it to dual wield along with Shirokaze whether if it's dual Katana or Daisho.

Signature Stance – Seigan no Kamae (Right side)


  • Roka is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actor for Roka is Yuri Lowenthal (Bakunetsumaru from SD Gundam Force).
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