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Rita Mordio is one of the main characters of the Tales of Vesperia game.

Rita is a researcher who studies blastia and hates to be interrupted during her research. She is eccentric and has a poor social disposition.

In the AWA fics, Rita is a student at the AWA Academy.


Rita has a short brown hair, green eyes and had a pair of goggles wrapped on the top of her head. She wears a red attire with a yellow & black line in the middle, on her right pocket had different kinds of pens, a small lens and a long yellow ribbon strapped on her left shoulder. On her hands a red gloves. Her right foot had a red boot while her left foot had a longer black colored boot with a yellow tip, she also wears a single long pants on said foot.


Contrary to what her young age would make one believe, Rita is actually one of the most intelligent mages of Aspio, the city of scholars. Despite this, she was treated as a weirdo due to her obsession with research and with blastia. When Yuri Lowell first inquired about the famed mage, Mordio, Aspio residents were in awe as to "why he wanted to see that weirdo." It is explained later in the game that the reason for her obsession was that her research was all she had due to her status as an orphan and her lack of any friends or family.

Rita's lack of social skills also stems from the fact that she always had to worry about herself instead of taking the time to socialize with others, and thus was not used to having friendly relationships. To add to the oddness, there is also something in her dresser than even Estelleis shocked about. Although there are many theories about what was in Rita's dresser, it is never found out for sure. In the end credits, it shows that Rita has continued to be a researcher, conducting experiments with chemicals and flying around in a device of her own build. She flies by Estelle and is later seen having tea with her, indicating that she maintains her friendship with the princess. At the end, the entire gang is seen at a reunion.


Rita's primary weaponry is made up of scrolls and whips, with books taking a secondary place. Her best weapon for physical attack is the "Ivy Blade", whereas the "Aspion" is preferred for magical attack. As Rita is a token mage character, her main offense is provided through a large arsenal of spells, accompanied by a small selection of melee artes. She is able to use spells that primarily focus on four of the six elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Darkness. Her mystic artes include Ancient Catastrophe as well as Indignation in the PlayStation 3 port of Tales of Vesperia. Of particular note is Rita's powers when paired with any level of Over Limit in Tales of Vesperia, as Over Limit allows the immediate casting of any spell. The ability can be paired with powerful area spells such as Tidal Wave or Meteor Storm as well as powerful single target spells such as Violent Pain to wreak havoc on the enemy.


  • Rita is the first character from Tales of Vesperia to be introduced in the AWA fics.


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