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Randall "Randy" Cunningham, better known as The Ninja, is the main protagonist from the Randy Cunningham:The 9th Grade Ninja series.

Randy is the current Norrisville Ninja. Armed with his magical ninja suit, Randy will take on monsters and madmen as he attempts to keep that creepy Sorcerer in his hole.

In the AWA fics, Randy is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Randy debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries.


Randy is a young man from Norrisville, a town has been protected by a ninja for 800 years, but what the citizens of Norrisville do not know is that a new ninja is selected every four years. Randy, a ninth grade teenager, is the next ninja. Randy has been protecting Norrisville from the evil plans of the Sorcerer, his ally Hannibal McFist, and Hannibal's assistant Willem Viceroy.

XP4 Fanfics

For some unknown reasons, a tragedy struck in Norrisville before Randy arrived in Neo-City. The tragedy is yet to be revealed.


Randy is very trimly built, in contrast to his best friend Howard. Randy is also somewhat taller. He has naturally Tyrian purple hair and sapphire blue eyes. Comparing his shirtless physique as shown first in "Got Stank" and later in "Ninja Camp," he seems to have gained some muscle, probably because of his ninja duties.

Randy is always (except as the Ninja) seen wearing a red McTop with a white stipe that angles up to form the same "Greek key" symbol which is found on the cover of the NinjaNomicon and the Ninja Suit. He also has a grey McHoodie that has wavy sleeves and pockets. He wears black McSkinnies that fit very well with the rest of his outfit. He is seen wearing purple zip-up McKicks.

In winter he also wears a dark teal, fur-lined hooded jacket, though in "Debbie Meddle" he was imprudent enough to wear a black jacket with red piping and a red scarf, with the Ninja mask worn on his head like a stocking cap.

In his Ninja Form, he wears a typical ninja attire with red scarf and sash.


Randy is an average high school kid who tries to fit in with the popular crowd and be cool. There are many times where he engages in dubious acts that could possibly get him into a lot of trouble, like crashing Bash's party ("House of 1,000 Boogers"), spitting into a volcano ("Monster Dump"), and using the Ninja powers to fix a science project ("Dawn of the Driscoll"). Often he forgets that his actions have consequences which can result in major problems for himself and the people around him. As time goes on, though, he realizes when the situation is his fault, and takes responsibility to fix it as much as possible.

He is apparently not very smart, as seen in especially science class, or he could just be lazy. Despite his ignorance, he is quick-witted in ninja situations, creating techniques, and normal life situations.

He can be inconsiderate, impatient, and a bit bossy in his attitude with the NinjaNomicon, but is a loyal friend and has the heart of a hero, the perfect ideals of a Ninja. He also keeps his promises, for example, when Howard asked him to promise to stay in the locker for ten seconds after Howard leaves and he did even though Howard farted and closed the locker door on him. Howard can be troublesome and rude, but fortunately Randy is usually forgiving toward Howard's actions. He can treat Howard unfairly or neglectfully at times, as when he said Howard didn't have any understanding of having a duty, but he does his best to make it up, and works hard at balancing their friendship and his vocation as the Ninja.

When Randy gained the mask and became the Ninja, he thought the position would be all butt-kicking and hitting, but discovers it is very hard fighting against robots and monsters, and soon gets used to it. He becomes quite serious at his profession, which strains and sometimes nearly breaks his friendship with Howard. Ever since becoming the Ninja, he grows more mature bit by bit in each episode as a result of the lessons he learns and understands from the Nomicon.

XP4 Fanfics

Randy is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is the part of the Bullet Kingdom(formerly known as New Age Avengers) as it's second-in-command. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 6, Randy, alongside Danny Fenton, Jake Long and Rex Salazar, are new to the Training Camp with Anna Maymorie showing them around. They then came across Regan Bladeworks and introduced themselves before moving on with the tour.

In Chapter 8, Randy is amongs the student who ran in fright, breakdancing a little while at it, when Lazaris Gemstone made her presence inside the Vanguard Academy.

In Chapter 12, Randy, alongside Rex Salazar, Nicco Bondarev and Tucker Noble, is seen running across the Training Camp while pulling a tire with a rope wrapped around their waists.

In Chapter 17, Randy, alongside Danny Fenton and Jake Long, are seen at the training area when Yoshika Miyafuji arrives and introduced Marcus "The Kane" McGee, Eddy Skipper McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi to them, and quickly became good friends with the new recruits.

In Chapter 19, Randy, alongside the others, are joined by the new recruits Eddy Skipper McGee, Marcus "The Kane" McGee, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Smith, Edwin Horace "Ed" Williams and Rolf Yrmi in the day's training. During the training session with the Heavy, Randy witnessed Double D accidentally tossing a heavy disk backwards and hitting Eddy on the head, knocking his friend out silly. Later, during a training session with the Scout, Randy successfully done a zipline routine. Later that night and after a whole day of training, Randy took part of the little get-together at the training facility's cafeteria.

In Chapter 21, Randy is present during Marcus "The Kane" McGee and Darren Cross' par at the training area in the Training Camp.

In Chapter 22, Randy, alongside Jake Long, Eddward Marion "Double D, Edd" Vincent, Tatsumi and Mine, are seen at the courtyard of the Training Camp when Esdeath appears before them. Randy, along with Jake and Edd, hid behind a tree when Esdeath and Mine had an argument.


Not much about Randy's fighting style is known, but there are clues hinting that he might be a free style fighter, using almost everything around for his own advantage in battle, like using a shovel to hit the robot and using the force of a new robot to counter the killer potatoes in "Attack of the Killer Potatoes". He also use bells to fight Bucky Hensletter in "Got Stank". He heated a Robo-Ape using a convenient microwave option for Robo-Apes in "Gossip Boy".

Randy also has many Ninja weapons in his arsenal, including the Ninja Sword, smoke-bombs, chain sickles, and many others. His scarf has proven to be a helpful object as well, good for grabbing objects. Although ninjas are known to use stealth for their advantage, Randy doesn't seem to use this skill much, but has proven to be able to do it. The Nomicon holds a section of "Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior", which holds the ability of the art of healing, which Randy learned in "Dawn of the Driscoll", and possible future skills like the art of flying, the art of telepathy, and the art of invisibility. After Randy threw the Ninja Mask in a fire to save Howard from the Tengu, he gained Ninja Rage, which he can now use fire-based powers like the Tengu Fireball. The online game Punchocalypse also has a Cold Ninja Rage, so it can be assumed that Randy might earn this skill eventually.

While not book smart, Randy is quick-witted and intelligent, and can come up with a plan by just looking at things or people. Hence, why he was elected as second in command in the team. It is later revealed that he had capabilities to use kii energy.

And as of recently, he has began to show high resiliency and durability during battles.

Elemental Powers:

  • Blow You Away: The Air Fist.
  • Playing with Fire: Ninja Rage lets him launch fireballs. As well as those Ninja Hot Balls.
  • Shock and Awe: Electroballs
  • Kill It with Ice: Ninja Cold Balls, and in one of the games he has a Ninja Cold Rage.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: The Earth Attack. Which doubles as a Mook Maker.
  • Making a Splash: The Hydro Hand which lets him materialize water out of his hands.


  • Randy is one of those characters who thinks he's cool and tries to act cool, but is actually an enormous dork.
  • Without the suit, he's still willing to do things like dive off the side of a dam and tackle a panther to try and save a friend.
  • "What the juice?!" He also has a number of Catch Phrases in the form of odd euphemisms and lingo, such as "that's the cheese" (that's the best), "so honkin' bruce" (that's freaking awesome), "shnasty" (extremely gross), and "so wonk" (so lame), many of which are Share Phrases.
  • He slightly resembles a young Stanley Ipkiss.
  • His math skills were mentioned on his essay in Last Stall on the Left and then shown in Escape from Detention Island while proving Howard's innocence to Principal Slimovitz.
  • He has a tendency to consciously twist whatever lesson the Nomicon is trying to teach him into support for what he wants to instead of what he needs to do. Partially justified as Nomi!Randy all but implies that he was formerly a self-centered slacker on Howard's level before becoming the Ninja.
  • His phobia as revealed in McFear Factor are chickens and a rooster.
  • Randy has a band called 30 Seconds to Math alongside Howard Weinerman.
  • In the XP4 fics, Randy revealed that he has three years left to carry the mantle as the Ninja.
  • In the XP4 fics, Randy shares a room with Jake Long and Danny Fenton. After the renovation, Rex Salazar was added as their roommate.
  • In the XP4 fics, it is possible that everyone from Norrisville High is aware that Randy is the Ninja.


Notable Quotes

  • (to Howard Weinermann) "Give up? You still talk nonsense even to this day Howard... Give up? I don't even know the meaning of the word, heck, there's no switch inside my body that says 'give up' ! Even if I lose an arm or two, even if my skins peels off, even if my bones are all broken, I will never stop! And let me tell you one thing Howard, something that you will never understand... my desire to protect others... HASN'T CHANGE AT ALL!!!"
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