Purple Sister is a character from the Hyperdimension Neptunia games and anime.

Purple Sister is Nepgear's otherself.

In the AWA fics, Purple Sister is considered a student at the AWA Academy.


As Purple Sister, she looks to be the younger sister then, being shorter/smaller than Purple Heart.

Her hair becomes a brighter shade with a very slight pink tone added and lengthens to her knees while her bangs and side parts before the ears also lengthen. Her eyes turn a bright blue color and her hairclip is now a round white piece with a blue center. While her primary HDD form color is white, Purple sister is usually seen in the upgrade form consisting of a black bikini-esque outfit with parts of purple and smaller blue glowing pieces. The top/chest part is connected around the neck while her gloves and boots are above elbow and knee length. The hair piece is black.

Her normal HDD form is a white leotard-like bodysuit with lilac accents. It connects around the neck with similarly coloured boots and gloves.


Her personality so far seems to be somewhat the same when in comparison to Neptune's, whose personality changes to more confident, less air-headed, and serious. It is even commented by Neptune in Neptunia V that her personality remains consistent regardless of which form she's in. It's possible she may be less shy and more open in this form, and she seems to be more confident in herself too. She is still very kindhearted and will show mercy.


Purple Sister is a well-rounded character who arguably may be the strongest in the second game. While not as high as her sister, she has strong attack power that can do good damage to bosses. She also possesses strong magic power, very good defenses, decent avd and speed, and strong tech and luck. Her HP and AP are also high.

Purple Sister is also somewhat broken, due to a few reasons. The first is her special ability to allow her partner to disable the damage limit. This allows for attacks to do more than 9999 damage and can be dangerous when using certain partner skills. She also has a move called Celestial Severance that when she is in HDD form can kill bosses in two to four uses. With the exception of Blanc and Noire, Purple Sister can achieve special pair combos depending on who she is paired with. All four sisters together can also execute a special move.


  • Purple Sister mentions a flame monster that was equipped with a scarf that caused a huge eruption. This could refer to Natsu Dragneel, one of the male protagonists of Fairy Tail.


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