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Perrine H. Clostermann is one of the main characters from the Strike Witches anime and light novels.

Perrine is a rich Gallian noble that saw her home destroyed when the Neuroi invaded Gallia. She joined the Strike Witches in their liberation of Gallia to help free her homeland from the Neuroi. She admires Mio and quickly develops a dislike of Yoshika due to their closeness. Her dislike eventually turns to full blown jealousy as she challenges Yoshika to a duel. Eventually, she realizes that Yoshika is a comrade but she still makes constant attempts to win Mio's attention and to make Yoshika look bad.

In the AWA fics, Perrine is a student of the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Perrine is a member of the Heroes Coalitions and is part of the Of Guns and Magic. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Perrine has a long blonde hair with frizzy ends, she has yellow eyes and wears spectacles. She wears a blue uniform jacket over a white dress shirt with an ascot, black skirt over her black pantyhose, and black shoes.


Perrine is a formerly wealthy (after devoting her savings and salary to the Gallian reconstruction effort) and proper fifteen year old Gallian girl who looks down upon some of the less-refined habits of her peers. The emotional scars left by the Neuroi's conquest of her homeland caused her numerous problems. As such, she often refuses to work as part of a team, and develops a dislike for the upstart newcomer Yoshikadue to her attachment to Mio, which eventually develops into full-blown jealousy, even leading her to challenge Yoshika to a duel. Perrine currently holds the rank of Flying Officer, and her original unit was the Forces Aériennes Galliaises Libres 602nd Flying Corps.

It is revealed that her admiration for Sakamoto began after she was defeated by the former fifteen times in a duel while she was stationed with the 602nd. Her original perception of the Major was that she was strange and poorly skilled due to Fuso not experiencing the horror's of the retreat from Galia. After losing in their duels, Perrine fainted and was taken to the medical ward by Sakamoto. Upon waking up, she expresses her shock at being defeated as well as her desire to return to her homeland. The Major then tells her about the then new 501st JFW and it's mission, including the liberation of Galia. It can be assumed that this prompted her to join the 501st.


Perrine's magic ability, Tonnerre (Tonēru; French for "Thunder"), consists of a lightning based attack that expands outward from her location striking multiple targets within range. She has complained upon using the attack as it messes up her hair.


Perrine is depicted carrying a rapier in artwork. It was featured on the original figurine, and she waves it about during the fourth Hime Uta album. It finally makes an appearance in Season 02 Episode 09, "The Bridge to Tomorrow". She uses a Bren light machine-gun in combat.


  • Perrine is based on the French flying ace, engineer, politician, and author Pierre Clostermann.


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