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Oswald "Ozzy" Wizner is a character from the XP4 Series of Fanfics.

Ozzy originates from the Watcher's Realm. He is part of the Mississippi Gang.

Ozzy is a member of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. He also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Ozzy is the son of Peter and Jessie Wizner, two owners of a southern cuisine diner located in Oxford, Mississippi. He and his family used to live in Austin, Texas in his grandfather Roland Wizner's ranch when he was little, then moved to Mississippi when he was 12 to start a new life, but they would return to visit during family vacations. When he and his family just moved in, he was having difficulty adjusting to his new life, back then, he was shy, socially awkward and timid, that lead him to being a target of bullying. It stopped when he met the Hollard twins: Joey and Kylie who stood up for him to be left alone and the 3 of them became friends and over half a year, he overcame his shyness, timidity and social awkwardness and started standing up to others. When he gained his powers he was scared at first because of fear of hurting his friends and family when not in control of his fire, but with a little help and assurance from them, he was able to control his powers. After hearing about his friends learning how to defend themselves without relying on their powers, he did the same, with his parents approval, he attended a martial arts school of his friend Suzie Takahashi where the twins also attend and he learned the art of gunslinging and lasso throwing from his grandfather and he and his friends would get together often to see how strong they've become. When they were found by Louie to be recruited at the Heroes Coalition, he and his friends prepared and during the night before leaving, his grandfather gave him a belt that contains revolver clips, a shoulder bag with shotgun shells, his trusty revolvers, pump-action shotgun, a lasso, his trench coat from during his younger days and a brown cowboy hat. He told him to be careful when on those rowdy adventures and wished him luck. Currently in the Coalition, Ozzy would often spend his spare time in the Tech Garage to help out with any maintenance and sometimes work on special devices for him and his friends.


A tall teenage boy an inch taller than the twins, he has bald cut black hair, brown skin, average athletic build and brown eyes. He wears a white V-neck t-shirt under a dark brown open trench coat, a brown cowboy neckerchief around his neck, black leather fingerless gloves, black jeans with a gray belt that carries revolver clips and revolver bullets, two Colt Single-action Army Peacekeeper Revolver pistols holstered on either side of his hips, throwing knives on the back of his belt, a lasso also on his left side and a pair of black Nike running shoes. When on missions, he wears a brown cowboy hat and a pair of orange tinted sunglasses, a shoulder pouch that carries shotgun shells on his right side, a machete on his left side right next to his lasso and a Winchester 1897 Shotgun on his back and when a battle starts, he puts his neckerchief over his lower face.


He's courageous, optimistic and very straightforward. He loves the thrill of adventure whether if it's the great out doors or just sitting around at home watching TV or playing games. Like his friends Joey and Kylie, he likes playing videogames and watching cartoons and anime, and when he has nothing else to do indoors, he goes outside to exercise or practice his lasso throwing. He sometimes tends to be cocky towards his opponents sometimes and it would lead to him becoming overconfident and it would sometimes lead to making mistakes. He also tends to tease his friends or others about some personal things and it would often fluster them and it would sometimes get him in trouble. He also tends to be dramatic sometimes, whether if he gets teased himself, get insulted, or that he would pretend to get hit by a fatal blow. Like all others like him, he doesn't like being looked down upon like he's a piece of worthless trash (descriminated), he'd comfort those who're suffering the same situation as his ancestors did and he'd talk back at the discriminators and tell them off of how it would feel like to be in their own shoes, and if that doesn't work, he'll threaten to burn them to a crisp if they don't back off. He also tends to talk back at people who'd make insulting remarks or joking threats sometimes to embarass them in front of people. He's also a voice of reason, he can settle down a crowd whenever a fight happens or if some people would make some reckless decisions. He would also often ironically get reckless himself, and that would happen when he would charge into battle without even thinking. There are also some times when Ozzy can unintentionally be a "Jinx", like for instance that he said something that's sometimes a joke, it would eventually come true or when he'd state something that assured that everything was now alright when all of a sudden, something unexpected happens and sometimes it's always bad.


When he became a Blessed, he gained the ability to create and control fire and light, this is called "Solar Light", he has the ability to harness the powers of the sun, he can launch streams of fire from his hands, engulf his body in a fiery aura (Destiny Solar Light) which would make him look like a cross between a Solar powered Guardian and a Ghost Rider (minus the bones) without damaging his clothes or equipment, plus his eyes behind his sunglasses turn stark white, he can use his powers to enhance his weapons and make them fire powerful solar blasts (like the Gunslinger Hunter), create weapon constructs out of fire, send waves of fire by punching the ground, incinerating close by enemies (Solar version of Arc Striker Titan) and launch an orb of explosive solar energy (Solar version of Void Voidwalker Warlock). He's able to touch or hold other people without hurting or burning them when powered up. He's also immune to fire.

He's an expert in Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo and Long Axe fighting. He's mainly a gunslinger, he can fire at very quick speeds and reload at fast reflexes. He's also good with Bojutsu, Knife Throwing, Lasso throwing and Hammer fighting and throwing (like Thor throwing his hammer only that it's a hammer made of fire like a Sunbreaker Titan's Hammer of Sol). He's very knowledgeable about the art of different mechanics, and robotics making him an expert mechanic and he can learn quick when learning about different workings of machines and weapons unknown to him.


  • Dual Colt Peacemaker Revolver Pistols - Ozzy's primary weapons that he frequently uses with or without his powers. He can power them up to shoot fiery bullets or send blazing concussive blasts (like a Gunslinger Hunter's Golden Gun) towards the enemy. He keeps them holstered on either side of his hips.
  • Winchester 1897 Shotgun - Ozzy's secondary weapon that he can also use his powers with. Like his pistols, he can supercharge it up and fire a very powerful blast. This is super effective on enemies that are the size of elephants or bigger. He keeps it holstered on his back.
  • Latin Style Machete - Ozzy's third weapon that he'd sometimes engulf fire in its blade. He can use it on a close combat duel between blades. He keeps it strapped on the left side of his hip.
  • Throwing Knives - Ozzy's fourth weapon. When using these, he can throw either normal knives or flaming knives towards the enemy and he keeps them on the back of his belt.
  • Lasso - Ozzy's fifth weapon that he can use to round up enemies and he can engulf fire in the rope without burning it. He keeps it strapped on the left side of his hip right next to his machete.

Solar Weapons: Special weapons Ozzy makes out of fire that takes a golden orange color and a fiery glowing aura.

  • Nova Axe - Ozzy's signature Solar weapon. It takes the form of a double headed Battle Axe with a long pole that reaches up to his neck. This is his main weapon when he faces dangerous foes (such as Creatures of Grimm, Neuroi, Giant beasts and any other dangerous foe like Green Lanturn). He can engulf the axe heads in fire, send crescent shaped slashes and create rising geysers of fire by slamming the axe to the ground (think Pokémon Fire Pledge only without engulfing the enemy in a ring of fire).
  • Solnir Hammer - Ozzy's second signature Solar weapon. This takes the shape of a european Blacksmith Hammer. He can use it to hit enemies either by throwing it or hitting them directly with the hammer. He can also use it to harness the power directly from the sun (only when the sun's around) to amplify his hammer's power and send a large beam of burning solar energy.
  • Solar Staff - One of Ozzy's Trump card weapons. It takes the form of a Bo Staff and Ozzy uses it when surrounded by several enemies or when facing opponents specializing close combat. He can use it to create a fiery tunnels and fiery tornados and send them hurling towards the enemies.
  • Blazing Aegis - Ozzy's defensive and offensive weapon. It takes the form of a Captain America Style Shield (Solar Version of a Void Sentinel Titan's Sentinal Shield), he can use it to ram enemies with it and hurling it at them (like how Captain America does it). He can also emit a powerful solar energy beam with it (although not as powerful as Solnir's solar beam).
  • Blazing Vulcan - One of Ozzy's heavy Solar weapons. It takes the form of a Hand Held M134 Minigun with an ammo pack attached to his back. With this weapon at his disposal, he can mow down an army and heavily injure giant beasts.
  • Golden Javelin - Ozzy's most powerful heavy Solar weapon. It takes the form of an FGM-148 Javelin Rocket Launcher. This is his emergency and last resort weapon, for when an enemy is too powerful to handle, he uses this weapon to destroy the target in one blow and when firing this weapon it becomes a homing missile, no matter where they go, no matter how many times they dodge, no matter how hard they try to destroy the rocket, the missile never misses it's target and once he uses this weapon, Ozzy will become completely drained (unless he can absorb light from the sun to re-energize himself if the sun is out (like Superman)).

Mode of Transportation:

  • Blaze Runner – Ozzy's personal mode of transportation that he built. It takes the form of a brown and orange accented Chopper Motorbike with a back rest, jet boosters at the back and repeating blasters at the bottom front. It can cross any type of terrain including deserts, swamps, snowfields, etc. Its wheels can also protrude spikes in order to dig through ice, allowing it to go through ice floors and walls. It can cross any type of terrain including deserts, swamps, snowfields, etc. It can transform into "Flight Mode" with the back wheel separating into turbine propellers, 4-tube rocket launchers on either sides and a helicopter propeller unfolding at the top just behind the back rest (it looks like the Hovertek Cycle in hover mode from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) allowing it to fly in the air as well as in space.
  • Stratoboard - Ozzy's other special mode of transportation that he built. It takes the form of a Popsicle stick shaped metal board with a white body, black surface with orange circuit designs that lights up and two rocket boosters on either side of the back. Ozzy brings it on every mission and it can be put away by transforming it into a cube the size of a Rubik's cube and putting it inside his trench coat.

Signature Stance - Destiny Iron Lord Battle Axe Stance


  • Ozzy is an African-Texan.
  • Ozzy is an OC of AuraBolter.
  • According to AuraBolter, his ideal voice actor for Ozzy are Khary Payton (Wasabi from Big Hero 6 The Series) Ryohei Kimura (Hideki Hinata from Angel Beats).
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