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Nie Li is the main protagonist from the Tales of Demons and Gods manhwa.

At age 13, Nie has reached a level of power that can rival or surpass the best demon spiritualists in Glory City. His goal is to use his knowledge of the future, and the experience cultivated in his previous lifetime, to set right what once went wrong.

In the XP4 fics, Nie Li is part of the Heroes Coalitions as a Solo Hero. He also attends Vanguard Academy as a student.

In the AWA fics, Nie is a student at the AWA Academy and yet to make an appearance.


His appearance is not really described in the novel beyond his pretty good looks and that he is a little shorter then Shen Yue. The manhua shows him as having orange spiky hair that reaches past his shoulders and blue eyes. His hair is often tied up into a pony tail. He wears an orange open vest over an orange gii with white linings, paddings are wrapped around his waist with a blue sash-like cloth, his arms are covered in bandages, orange baggy pants and orange boots.


He has a very calm and determined personality. Though his appearance is that of a thirteen year old, he truly has the mind of someone far older and more experienced. This often times confuses those around him. After losing everyone he cared for in his previous life, he swore to himself that he will protect them in this one.

After experiencing countless near death experiences in his previous life, Nie Li doesn't fear death. Almost nothing makes him afraid after his rebirth. Thus, he is able to handle almost every kind of situation that surfaces. Beside being a master tactician, he is good at reading the hidden intentions of those sly and cunning people he meets. Although he has a vicious tongue, he usually only uses it against his enemies, but does occasionally tease those who are close to him.

Nie Li is the only person so far in the story seen equipping more than one Demon spirit, making others question how he can do that. Nie Li has also seen many of the treasure chests in the world in his past life. Therefore, something completely useless to someone might become a treasure to Nie Li as he has the knowledge of how to properly use them.

In his alternate life, Nie Li used to be a timid and cowardly youth. However, he changed while traveling and facing life and death struggles together with Ye Ziyun. This happiness was short lived as Ye Ziyun died protecting him from a demon beast's attack.


Nie has Physical Human Characteristics, Manipulation of Gravity; Ray Manipulation, Elementary Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Invisibility, Transformations; Effect of induction Status, Invocation, manipulation of the Soul , Sacred Manipulation, Light manipulation, Manipulation of Darkness and is skilled in combat.

Ying-Yang Explosion: A huge explosion made by the Panda of Dams capable of opening huge craters.

Fusion with Demon Spirits: Nie Li is able to merge with certain spirits, thus obtaining the power of the same:

  • Shadow Demon: A very powerful Killer spirit, with him Nie Li becomes invisible and gains a blade on each arm.
  • Fang Panda: It is an Animal Spirit capable of firing huge bursts of energy in the form of a Ying Yang blast and manipulating a Gravitational field that considerably increases Gravity around.


  • At the age of 13, he winds up leading the army defending Glory City. Justified as he has a century's worth of experience in an alternate timeline.


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