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Nathan Seymour, also known as Fire Emblem, is a character from the Tiger & Bunny anime and manga.

An effeminate warrior with control over fire who often casually hits on the male heroes. Along with having a really fabulous appearance, Nathan is also shown to be very intelligent and observant. Nathan's company, Helios Energy, is self-owned, which also serves as Nathan's affiliate as a superhero.

In the AWA fics, Nathan is a student at the AWA Academy and is a part of Class 23.


Nathan is an African-American with pink shaved hair, pink eyes and lips. They wear a pink furred, pink & white mantle coat over a black top, red pants and pink high-heeled boots.

Fire Emblem's costume is of the typical hero style. Despite the fact that they do not fly, they possess a burning cape, which they can turn on and off. 


Nathan is very flamboyant and flirts with the male heroes, often making them such offers as "I'll give you a big kiss when you get back." Their nickname for Barnaby is "Handsome", using the English word. Nathan flirts with Tiger a lot: they offer to "sleep beside" Tiger (who turns them down, saying he'd get a stiff neck from using Emblem's arm as a pillow), and snuggled into him while they discuss the enemy fire user. They do similar things to Barnaby and Rock Bison, often referring to Barnaby as handsome and touching Rock Bison inappropriately. They are very self-confident and enjoy cutesy and feminine things such as cute teddy bears. Pao-Lin describes them as being "strong as a man and gentle as a woman". Though normally speaking with a high pitched voice, when angered they revert back to a more masculine intonation. They seem to prefer peace among the heroes and enjoy giving love advice and acting as a sort of big sister to the other heroes, especially the female heroes. They are loyal to their friends and possesses a strong sense of justice.

Despite their flamboyance and carefree attitude, in the second Tiger and Bunny film, it is revealed they were ostracized for their interest in men and femininity. This implies that despite their confidence and freedom currently, their past rejection by their peers and family still haunts them.

They are shown to have a rivalry with Lunatic due to their fire powers and asked Barnaby to teach him a lesson on their behalf.


Fire Emblem has the power to generate and control fire (pyrokinesis). Their powers allow them to manipulate fire as though it were partially solid as shown by their ability to collect a stream of flame into a denser fireball. They also have one of the fastest power activation, as they are shown to be able to launch a powerful jet of fire with just a flick of their pinky. Fire Emblem is also a highly skilled driver, as they are able to dodge a hail of machine-gun fire while in their car.

Fire Emblem also has one of the strongest abilities and it doesn't seem to take much effort to increase the level of fire; their only competition is Lunatic, who has blue flames, which are stronger than their red flames. Nevertheless, they are a powerful NEXT who is able to activate their powers with ease.


  • Nathna is the first character from Tiger & Bunny to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • In the AWA fics, Nathan is good friends with Ayumi Takahara and Yui Goido.
  • Nathan lives in Sternbild's Gold Stage.
  • Nathan's strong points are that they are obliging, introspective, and make use of regrets.
  • Nathan's weak points are that they have an intense greed for cosmetics and low energy in the morning due to low blood pressure.


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