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Nanoha Takamachi is the central character of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series and its sequels, originally appearing in Triangle Heart 3.

Nanoha is an ordinary nine year old girl that answered a call of help from an injured ferret. The ferret was actually a Mage, Yuuno Scrya, in animal form who was tracking down a monster in order to collect its jewel seed. Nanoha volunteers to help him and acquires the Raising Heart—making her a magical girl. She learns her abilities at such a fast rate that it surprised Yuuno and she is able to subdue the monster with relative ease for a beginner.

She goes on to collect more jewel seeds but encounters another magical girl, Fate Testarossa, with seemingly the same goal. Nanoha is defeated but resolves to continue helping collect the jewel seeds and also finding out more about the other mysterious magical girl because she seems sad and lonely. Eventually she ends up defeating Fate in fierce combat and also assists the TSAB in stopping Fate's mother, Precia who wishes to use the Jewel Seeds for her own purposes. As a result she is accepted into the TSAB and becomes a renown mage after many other exploits. In StrikerS, she is leader of the Stars squadron and her call sign is Stars 1. Her signature move is the Starlight Breaker.

In the AWA fics, Nanoha is a student of the AWA Academy and is the Student Class Representative of Class 1.

In the XP4 fics, Nanoha is part of the Multiverse Government as part of the Royal Eight Gladiators. Nanoha is allies with the Heroes Coalitions and is an unofficial honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom.


Nanoha has she has a long brownish red hair that is tied in a side tail with blue eyes, she wears a white military uniform with blue shoulder pads & black belt, blue business skirt, white stockings and blue sneakers.

Nanoha wears a white & blue barrier jacket with a red ribbon on her chest, white & blue skirt that reaches past her knees, black socks and white sneakers.


In Nanoha, she is more of a thoughtful and somewhat naive girl. She has a deep, kind personality but later becomes much more mature and ladylike in the sequels. Nanoha is also rather energetic and idealistic, showing a certain joy of living.

A major aspect of Nanoha's personality is that she always tries to understand other people. As such, she is shown to always take a diplomatic approach to problems and tries to reason with her enemies at first. However, she is also shown to be a pragmatic heroine, as she is not afraid to use force if communication alone is not enough.

MOVIE 1st THE COMICS adds more aspects to her character. Before she became a magical girl, she was shown to be somewhat depressed, seemingly lacking a purpose in life. When she was little, she often felt helpless and wished for the strength to change things.


Nanoha, despite her lack of experience, has demonstrated considerable magical talent at such young age. Many of her techniques are taught by Yuuno or improvised from already-learned abilities. She specializes in shooting and bombardment spells, but has a balanced set of abilities, with variations in both defensive and offensive powers. Although she is not as agile as Fate, she has higher defense and more precise control over ranged spells. Apart from her natural magical power, Nanoha is shown to be remarkably skilled and tactically smart. As such, she is able to defeat Fate in Nanoha and Heiliger Kaiser Vivio in StrikerS, despite presumably having lower magical power at those points.

List of Spells

A.C.S Driver - is Nanoha Takamachi's spell to expand fully the Strike Flame under Raising Heart Exelion's Exceed Mode, and perform acceleration-charge-strike attack with the help of the Accelerate Charge System. It is classified as an "energy blade generation + flight support strengthening" spell.

Active Guard - is a defensive spell to generate a low-speed blast to decelerate the target and assume the contact gently. As it is not generating a barrier like Circle Protection, for simplicity it is sub-categorized under other defensive spells

Area Search - is a supportive spell used by Nanoha Takamachi to search or investigate the nearby area. A number of mana spheres (similar to divine spheres used for shooting attack) are generated to search for the target.

Axel Fin - is a flight support spell used by Nanoha Takamachi, being the enhanced version of Flier Fin, after Raising Heart is upgraded to Raising Heart Exelion in A's and The MOVIE 2nd A's.

Axel Shooter - is a shooting spellcast by Nanoha Takamachi after Raising Heart Excelion is upgraded with a cartridge system in A's. Essentially, it is a powered up version of Divine Shooter that is able to make faster turns and be controlled more precisely despite no visual change at all. Its only demerit is that the caster cannot cast nor control the spell when moving.

Barrel Shot - is a composite high-speed bombardment spell with supportive effects cast by Nanoha Takamachi. It is a pre-requisite for casting other extremely powerful bombardments, as it assists sighting, stabilizing the bombardment route, and controlling the energy diffusion.

Barrier Burst - is a spell originally derived from Protection Powered, detonating the active barrier to counter a melee attack. It is a very useful spell for Nanoha, as it allows her to break a melee engagement and gain distance for her shooting and bombardment attacks.

Divide Energy - is a supportive spellcast by Nanoha Takamachi to transfer some of her mana to the target. The amount of mana shared this way is regulated by the caster.

Divine Buster - is one of Nanoha Takamachi's two signature bombardment spells (another being Starlight Breaker). It consists of a large beam of mana launched from Raising Heart, which is capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Divine Buster is first developed by Nanoha and Raising Heart as a bombardment to seal far away Jewel Seeds, but has since been predominantly used as an offensive attack spell.

Divine Shooter - is a shooting spellcast by Nanoha Takamachi. It can be seen as the first spell which Nanoha develops solely for attacking, as Divine Buster was originally intended as a sealing spell.

Excellence Cannon Variable Raid - is a Bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi. It is a three-buster attack using both the Beam and Plasma Cannon Units of Fortress and Strike Cannon.

Exelion Buster - is a mid-range bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi with Raising Heart Exelion's Exelion/Exceed Mode. Since these modes have high burden, Nanoha has used this spell very sparingly. It is considered one of Nanoha's most powerful moves, probably only second to Starlight Breaker.

Exelion Shield - is a cartridge-aided shield-type defensive spell cast by Nanoha Takamachiafter the upgrade to Raising Heart Exelion.

Flash Impact - is a melee-type attack cast by Nanoha Takamachi. It is a compressed mana-strike attack with Raising Heart, preceded by the rapid approaching of the opponent with the speed-enhancing spell Flash Move. An explosion occurs after the hit.

Flier Fin - is a spell Nanoha Takamachiuses for flying support. When cast, two small wings form near each of Nanoha's feet, and flap occasionally for acceleration or direction change.

Formula Cannon Full Burst - is a bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi when she is in Formula Mode (Fortress Unit in Mode F and hence Strike Cannon becomes Formula Cannon).

Holding Net - is a supportivespell usually cast for safety purpose, say during flight trainings for beginning mages. Nanoha Takamachi has gotten used to cast this spell.

Hyperion Smasher - is a bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi, being a superior bombardment attack over her signature Divine Buster introduced in The Gears of Destiny.

Impact Cannon - is a bombardment attack used in the cross or even zero range. Speedy and without much charging, the mana cannonball is fired like a shooting spell instead of a lasting beam.

Maneuver S.S.A - is a far-to-close assault used by Nanoha Takamachi, attacking from an upper angle in the higher sky like a shooting star.

Oval Protection - is a spheric barrier-type defensive spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi, covering every direction like Sphere Protection, but with larger volume so that it can also protect allies nearby. The barrier follows the caster's movement.

Photon Smasher - is a bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi in ViVid. It appears to be Nanoha's mid-range bombardment attack, comparing with cross-range Cross Smasher and long-range Divine Buster. However, the merits of this spell is yet to be described in details.

Restrict Lock - is Nanoha Takamachi's main binding spell, which can restrain the target within a specific area with light wheels. Besides binding an opponent, the spell can also be cast to lock an inorganic item with a specific space. According to Yuuno Scrya, this spell is a collection-type spell (i.e. Breaker, as defined in later series) which requires high-level skills.

Sacred Cluster - is a shotgun-style shooting spell originally possessed by Nanoha Takamachi, but obtained and cast back on her by Vivio in StrikerS.

Stardust Fall - classified as an "material acceleration type" shooting spell, is a move Nanoha uses to lift up rocks into the air and send them crashing down onto the enemy.

Starlight Breaker - is, along with Divine Buster, a signature spell of Nanoha Takamachi. The spell seems to be one of, if not the, most powerful in Nanoha's arsenal. Although Nanoha introduces Starlight Breaker as a "variation of Divine Buster", its mechanics are quite different. To cast the spell, Nanoha condenses stray mana in the area into a large sphere, then strikes it with Raising Heart to release the energy as a powerful beam. This spell is most useful when cast towards the end of a battle between high-level mages, since the area will be saturated with excess energy from their previous attacks.

Starlight Breaker Plus - is an enhanced variation of Starlight Breaker, charged for a longer time before firing to give it greater power and additional forcefield-piercing properties. 

Strike Smasher - is a bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi, in a way similar to Fate Testarossa's Plasma Smasher from the palm. Apparently it has lower power than other bombardment spells of Nanoha (e.g. Divine Buster), but it compensates with shorter casting time and can be used to counter opponent's attacks.

Strike Stars - is a powerful bombardment spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi. The thinner busters on the side are used to prevent the opponent escaping from the range region.

Wide Area Protection - is an area-wide barrier-type defensive spell cast by Nanoha Takamachi. The spell sacrifices the basic Protection's ability to push the opponent away for the strong and area-wide defensive power.


  • Nanoha is the first character from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha to be introduced in the AWA fics.
  • Nanoha is called the Ace of Aces.
  • Nanoha is formerly a very minor character from Triangle Heart 3. She's now one of the most recognizable Magical Girl characters in anime.
  • Nanoha regularly turns down promotions so she can stay on active combat instructor duty.
  • Nanoha is very good in fighting games.
  • In the AWA fics, Nanoha sees Chizuru Tachibana as a younger brother. In fact, she is one of the first persons to acknowldege Chizuru's role as their future leader.
  • In the AWA fics, Nanoha is thinking of recruiting Kenji Kazama in TSAB.


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