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Nami is one of the main characters from the One Piece anime and manga.

Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hats, and the second of Luffy's recruits. Nami was initially introduced as a thief who detested pirates and stole from them, tagging along Luffy with dubious loyalty to him. However, it is revealed that her surrogate home, the Conomi Archipelago, was occupied by the Arlong Pirates and she only wished to buy her home back. When Luffy freed the archipelago from Arlong's grip, she fully joined the Straw Hats afterward.

Nami is an exceptional navigator, able to read the weather with perfect accuracy then give instructions to pilot the ship through any storm, and is responsible for showing the way to the next island. Although Nami isn't strong like her crewmates, she uses a weapon called the Clima-Tact, later upgraded to the Perfect Clima-Tact and currently the Sorcery Clima-Tact to manipulate the weather on a small scale, giving her a great range of tricks and attacks. Her thievery skills are also quite useful from time to time.

Nami's years of thievery have given her a sly and wily personality, as she isn't above taking advantage of or blackmailing her own crew mates. Despite these greedy personality traits, she is still very loyal to the crew, though they do get on her nerves from time to time.

Her dream is to draw a map of the world, which she was unable to realize until Luffy managed to free her and her island from the tyrannical rule of the Fish-man pirate Arlong. She owes a great deal to the others and especially Luffy for this, and is often the only member of the crew other than Zoro to personally confront or remind him of the deep, gut-wrenching choices that he must face.

In the AWA fics, Nami is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 3.

In the XP4 fics, Nami debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!.


Nami is a slim young woman of average height, with orange hair and brown eyes. Most people consider her to be very attractive or even beautiful. She has a black tattoo (blue in the anime.) on her left shoulder, which represents mikan, and pinwheels (a homage to Bell-mère, Nojiko, and Genzo, respectively), where she used to have a tattoo for being a member of Arlong's crew.

Her overall physique matured suddenly (though this is, most likely, a simple change in style of artwork). Her fashion frequently changes as does her hair style. Many of her shirts feature four-letter words, such as "Gold" or "EVIL", similar to a shirt that Bell-mère once wore that had "MACE" on it. On her left wrist, she wears the Log Pose, which she needs in order to be the navigator of the ship, and a gold bracelet, given to her by her sister, Nojiko. After the Arlong Park Arc, Nami frequently changes into a variety of clothes in the series for each arc, and usually pairs her tops with skirts that have two rings on the sides. Her trademark shoes are orange high-heeled gladiator sandals. Nami wears some form of high heels in every arc, and while they do make her taller, they do not seem to affect the way she walks or her speed. Though she tends to style her hair neatly, occasionally, a hair on top of her head may form into a messy cowlick.

She wears a strap around her thigh with three slots in it which she keeps each pole of her bo staff and later the Clima-Tact in.

Before the Syrup Village Arc, Nami wore her trademark orange mini-skirt with two white rings on each side filled in with orange or brown in their centers and shirts with short sleeves that were long enough to hide her tattoo on her left shoulder that showed that she was a member of the Arlong Pirates. She also had short hair with a particularly curled strand over the left side of her face.

During the Romance Dawn Arc to the Syrup Village Arc, Nami's initial trademark look consisted of a white and blue striped shirt, her trademark orange mini-skirt and brown high-heeled boots.

During the Baratie Arc, she wore a pink shirt with the letters "W" and a lowercase "B" in the center in a circle in white. The shirt has white liners and two lines along the sleeves. She also wore her yellow mini-skirt, and brown high-heeled boots.

During the Arlong Park Arc, Nami wore a green camisole with dark green flower shapes, tight black pants with two yellow rings on the sides, and light orange high-heeled sandals. Nami temporarily put on a glove to hide the fact she had stabbed her hand when pretending to murder Usopp, but quit wearing it once the truth was exposed. She also wore Luffy's straw hat for a while before it was later returned to him. After the arc, she wore a plain white shirt with a blue mini-skirt with two white rings on the sides. For the first time, she wore sleeveless clothing that exposed her Arlong Piratestattoo, but later, in a fit of uncontrollable rage, Nami later stabbed her tattoo relentlessly in an attempt to destroy it, until Luffy stopped her by force. She eventually asked Dr. Nako to remove it, but the doctor couldn't erase it entirely, leaving a visible scar; the scar had been caused from both Nami repeatedly wounding herself in the arm and the indelible nature of the tattoo. Nami chose to cover it up by getting a new tattoo which was a cross between a tangerine and a pinwheel, in honor of both Bell-mère and Genzo. Nojiko also gave her a gold bracelet as a keepsake before she departed from her home, which Nami began to wear regularly on her left wrist ever since.

During the Loguetown Arc, she wore a plain navy blue, short-sleeved shirt, a dark blue mini-skirt with white rings on the sides, and navy blue high-heeled sandals.

During the Warship Island Arc to the Reverse Mountain Arc, she wore a sleeveless baby blue shirt with a light heart in the center with a crisscross design, a dark blue mini-skirt, and her regular light brown high-heeled sandals. She also received a Log Pose from Crocus and began to wear it regularly on her left wrist, the same one with her gold bracelet.

During the Whiskey Peak Arc, she wore a black shirt with the word "MODE" printed in the center in pink with the base in a pink mesh-like design, her regular yellow skirt and her high-heeled sandals.

During the Little Garden Arc, she wore a simple, long-sleeved shirt with blue sleeves, her yellow skirt, and her high-heeled sandals. After escaping Mr. 3's Giant Candle Service Set, her shirt was burnt and revealed a black, lacy brassiere underneath. She also wore Sanji's jacket to cover up, before changing on the Merry.

During the Drum Island Arc, she wore several outfits. In the beginning, Nami wore a pale blue, short-sleeved cotton sweater, her yellow skirt and high-heeled sandals. While Luffy and Sanji carried her to be treated by Dr. Kureha (she caught a fever in the previous arc), Nami wore a checkered, hooded parka with the colors white, orange and bright yellow (which Luffy later donned). She wore pale blue pajamas while recovering at Dr. Kureha's home, and a light purple blanket with light brown fur lining it when she ventured out of her room. In the end, Nami wore a long, maroon coat with fur on the hood, collar and hem, and maroon high-heeled winter boots.

During the Alabasta Arc, she wore white overalls to protect her skin while in the desert, she retired these clothes during her fight with Paula to reveal a dancer like outfit (which Sanji had bought her earlier in the arc) after Paula damaged them. This outfit consisted of a blue and purple halter top with a pink shroud and a long white skirt with the top part blue, Nami later tore the skirt up the side to make it easier for her to run. Finally, Nami wore a long sleeved white shirt with a brown skirt to match all of these with her normal high heels.

During the Jaya Arc Nami wore a blue and white striped tank top with her usual skirt and high-heels.

During the first part of the Skypiea Arc, while exploring Angel Beach and Upper Yard, she wore a bikini that was designed in a cloud pattern colored in blue, light blue and white. She paired her top with maroon trousers, and went barefoot. After returning from Upper Yard, she threw on a light yellow short-sleeved shirt over her bikini and put on her orange high-heeled sandals. Sanji notably showed dismay when Nami put on the shirt. She also wore glasses for a small period of time, and upon doing so, tied her hair back in pigtails to keep it out of her eyes, leaving it tied up for the remainder of her return trip to the Upper Yard. Nami eventually changed back out of her shirt when she had to dive into water, and stayed in her bikini; Sanji was pleased to see Nami had removed it. She finally changed into a gray, zippered camisole with the word "EVIL" imprinted on it in big blue letters, blue cutoff jeans, and a dark gray pair of sandals.

During the Davy Back Fight Arc she wore a black tank top revealing her navel with the word gold on it, she also wore white jeans with two rings on the side, a bracelet, and her regular high heels.

During the Water 7 Arc, she sported two outfits. The first one was a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt with a light blue tie that had three rows of black dots decorated diagonally at the end. She complemented her top with a white pleated skirt with golden rings on the sides and dark blue high heel gladiator sandals. After Luffy's fight with Usopp, Nami changed into a violet camisole with the number "3" imprinted on it in white, a white pleated mini-skirt, and her default high-heeled sandals.

During the Enies Lobby Arc, she wore black high-heeled gladiator sandals, a brown cleavage-revealing blouse that exposes her abdomen with cream-colored liners and a pale blue, pleated mini-skirt. Initially, she also had on a blue denim jacket, but this was later caught and pierced by Kumadori's staff. This caused her to be pinned down, making Nami strip off the jacket and abandon it so she could run away.

In the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, she wore a yellow mini-dress with a hood and her default orange high-heeled sandals.

During the Thriller Bark Arc, she sported many outfits. One of them was a pink, long-sleeved sweater with a white collar, a pleated brown mini-skirt, and brown high-heeled boots. She later wore a strapless, long wedding gown and white high-heeled pumps. She tied her hair into a short ponytail. She seemed to have abandoned the sandals for high-heeled boots as of Chapter 435 but she started using sandals again by the end of the arc.

For the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, Nami wore an orange shirt with an orange floral pattern, white short shorts, and her high-heeled sandals. Nami's clothes consisted of a pink shirt, jean shorts, and high heels for the Straw Hat's Separation Serial.

From the Return to Sabaody Arc through the Fishman Island Arc, Nami's hair has grown rather long, reaching down to her lower back. Her breasts have also grown larger and rounder, like Robin's, but apart from this her appearance has not changed much, save for the fact that both her body curves and hourglass figure have become more pronounced. Oddly, her face is now drawn to look younger: with her eyes bigger (with the irises now showing), droopier, and placed lower on her face; though this may be from the art style evolving. She also has grown slightly taller. Her outfit after the timeskip consists of a revealing green and white bikini halter top, tight low-rider jeans (that expose a bit of her hips and rear), orange high-heeled sandals, and a pair of pearl-like earrings that she constantly wears. Ever since arriving to the New World, Nami sports a new belt with a "" symbol on it where she can also keep the pieces of her Sorcery Clima-Tact on the right side and puts the belt around her waist when she is fighting seriously against an opponent.

Before leaving Fishman Island. she changed into a Criminal brand red halter top and tied her hair back in two ponytails behind her with blue bands, as well as removed her belt. The Minister of the Left also gave her a New World Log Pose to replace her old Log Pose, which had become unreliable due to the more unpredictable nature of magnetic fields coming from islands in the New World, which she began to wear henceforth. As the crew left the island Nami decided to unwind, undressed, and took a bath, but upon being interrupted during her bath due to the ship getting caught in a White Strom, she rushed out onto the deck only wearing a light blue hooded zippered sweatshirt over her body to make herself decent for the time being, as well as her new Log Pose, gold bracelet, pearl earrings. She also put on slip-on brown sandals; in the anime, she was only shown wearing them very briefly and ended up barefooted, losing her sandals when the Sunny passed through the White Strom.  

At the start of the Punk Hazard Arc, when they arrived in the New World, Nami changed into a red and yellow Criminal brand bikini top with the same pair of jeans, belt, and high-heeled sandals. She also tied her hair back again, and temporarily wore a pink raincoat while in stormy waters. When she reached the cold side of Punk Hazard, Sanji gave her his jacket to stay warm. She was later given a long black double-breasted coat and a set of gloves by Kin'emon using his unnamed Devil Fruit power, but when Sanji was using her body after Trafalgar Law swapped their minds with his Ope Ope no Mi, he took them off to rescue Kin'emon's displaced torso from underwater, and they changed back into rocks. He had the samurai create a new set of winter attire, a tan coat with black fur and gloves, which Nami noticed was different and beat him up over once they were put back in their own bodies, thinking he took her clothes off for perverted reasons. Inside Caesar Clown's lab, she shed the coat and gloves in the warmer conditions, causing them to revert back to rocks.

After returning to the Thousand Sunny, she changed into real and more personalised stylish winter clothing and also replaced the clothes which were not suited for the cold, putting on a high-collared black coat with three sets of gold buttons held together by straps, brown gloves, a set of black leggings instead of jeans, and in place of her sandals, a set of calf-high dark brown boots with white fur insulating the boots at the calves. Once the crew had sailed out of Punk Hazard into more pleasant conditions, she wore a pink sleeveless shirt with the word "HEAT" on it in red letters with a picture of candy below it, teal and white striped shorts, and her high-heeled sandals.

During the Dressrosa Arc, Nami's first outfit consists of a tank top and short shorts. Later, while playing a shogun scene on the Sunny, she wears a bikini top, short shorts, and very high heels. After the crew had split up, she changed into a frilled halterneck and a pleated frilled skirt with round studs around the waistline and a small decorative bow in front. She wore her hair back in a ponytail with a scrunchie, and kept her pearl earrings and high-heeled sandals.

While on Zou, Nami wore a fancy purple dress covered in fancy pearls, which is a national treasure of Zou. She still wears her high-heeled sandals and her hair is loose. When leaving Zou she wore a skirt and shirt with the number "73" on it and later a hooded fur coat when the crew was traveling in cold weather.

In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Nami bought a corset skirt and blouse, making her look like a "pretzel girl", which Carrot and Brook liked. Before landing on Whole Cake Island, Nami briefly wore a suit of armor with spears on the back (due to fighting ants all night) but changed out of it instantly. Later on, after her original outfit gets destroyed in a fire, she steals new clothes from an unconscious man lying nearby; blue overalls with very large, puffy pant legs along with a pink sash wrapped around her waist. When meeting with the Fire Tank Pirates, she wore a short, backless red dress. After escaping Whole Cake Island, she wore a long sleeve white dress.


Along with Nico Robin, Nami is one of the smartest of the Straw Hats and the third smartest character in the East Blue, according to Oda (the first is Benn Beckman of the Red Hair Pirates, the 2nd being Captain Kuro). She is often seen reading a book in between chapters.

At the beginning of the series, Nami despised all pirates. She viewed them as universally evil after losing someone close to her to pirates, only changing her mind after she met Luffy (although Nami still reminds Luffy that not all pirates are like him). Before her view on pirates changed, she was perfectly fine with giving a captive Luffy up to Buggy, but refused to kill him when asked by Buggy to do so, as she could not bring herself to stoop to their level. Nami is also disbelieving in myths and legends, as she dismissed Devil Fruits as myths until she saw Buggy's Bara Bara no Mi in action, disbelieved the existence of Skypeia, and was dubious over claims of a connection between Sanji and the "mythical evil army", Germa 66. Ironically, all these legends were proven true to her and she was shocked to see that she was wrong but slowly accepted the unbelievable things in front of her.

Nami can be seen ordering the crew to lift the mast or draw the sails. If she deems an island dangerous she will often try to convince Luffy (usually along with Usopp and Chopper) to not go there but will nonetheless follow Luffy's orders when he demands so. She seems a coward but she has been referred to by multiple people being a "bold woman." Usually she is called that when she stands up for her crew and what she believes to be right. She is aware of the dangers they face every day and has a much better understanding of the world and its more dangerous individuals (e.g. the Shichibukai) than most of her crew does, though lacks Robin's knowledge on some of its other powerful figures (e.g. the Marines Admirals) and organizations (e.g. the Yonko). She can be devilish and cunning at times, and if she feels like it will even give her fights to Luffy, Zoro or Sanji. She is the only one among the crew to be visibly concerned and upset whenever their bounties go up, something the others usually react to with indifference or even joy.

Nami has been deeply affected by her adoptive mother's death and Arlong's enslavement and imprisonment of her. She remembers vividly of the abuse she suffered such as one of Arlong's crewmates refusing to feed her as well as the pain and exhaustion on the streets from stealing money in attempt to buy back the village from Arlong. Upon failing to do so, Nami was utterly distraught and when Genzo and rest of the villages went to die for her, Nami took the knife she was holding and madly stabbed her shoulder before Luffy stopped her. Her experiences left Nami with many painful memories, that she has since then successfully buried but Nami still retained a fear and distrust of the fishmen race as a whole which was only abated after going to Fishman Island, where she claimed she solely held a grudge against Arlong.

After the two year timeskip, she does not over-react, scold, or hit the crew as often for their rash actions anymore, like when she decides to take part in activities such as demanding money when the crew holds Ryugu Kingdom"hostage". In fact she now appears quite calm in the most daunting of situations, most notably when Fake Nami held a gun to her head, implying she has become fairly confident in her abilities. It seems this confidence is paradoxical however, as Nami herself states she isn't weak but she is a "scaredy-cat". True to her word she and Usopp became extremely confident they could take down Baby 5 and Buffalo, once the threat of their retaliation was no longer a factor. Nami is still prone to panic in the face of imminent danger (shown during the descent to Fishman Island and Sanji's declaration that he would counterattack the Big Mom ship), and her love of money causes her to resort to her old antics of hitting the male crew members. She still has an extremely high tolerance of alcohol during celebrations.

As shown in Jaya, Nami appears to be terrified of bugs and spiders. She screamed and panicked when Usopp pointed out a tarantula crawling up her back and remained scared for the rest of the hunt for the South Bird as more insects emerged. This phobia was shown again in an anime filler scene in the Whole Cake Island Arcwhere the Sanji Retrieval Team battled against the giant ants. While the rest of the team fought the creatures, Nami elected to just run away from them, saying she could not stand it.

From time to time, Nami enjoys casual and leisurely activities, and the most common of these is reclining in a deck chair, often to sunbathe, read, or relax under the shade of a parasol umbrella. During her moments of leisure in her chair, she likes being barefoot, and will often ditch her shoes to lounge more contentedly in her bare feet, to the extent that there have been times where she doesn't even have shoes with her while she relaxes in her chair. However, Nami can get even more comfortable by changing into swimwear, and sometimes sits in her chair after taking a swim in the Thousand Sunny's pool. In fact, her first wanted poster picture was taken while she reclined in a deck chair at a pool party in the Post-Enies Lobby Arc. While she is in her deck chair, she may be accompanied by Robin or presented a refreshing snack or drink by Sanji, but she doesn't take kindly to the rest of the crew's rambunctious antics on the ship, which tend to disturb her as she relaxes.

She at first held a lot of tension with herself and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates before she officially joined. After the Arlong Park Arc, Nami finally began to loosen up and started wearing more stylish and revealing clothing instead of the simple and modest clothes and boots that she used as a burglar. She began to favor open-toed shoes, as sandals were the norm in her homeland, the Conomi Islands, and started using sleeveless shirts, since she no longer had to hide her Arlong Pirates tattoo and now had a new one that she could display on her arm with pride. After the timeskip, she began to wear Criminal brand clothing as well due to it being a popular and particularly stylish brand created by Pappug, one of her friends. However, her clothing has sometimes gained unwanted attention, as Sanji has shown delight at seeing her in more provocative outfits, and throughout the Water 7 Saga, Paulie consistently scolded Nami in a prudish manner, going as far as calling her a harlot. Nami also liked the beautiful wedding dress that was put on her in Thriller Bark, despite being opposed to the idea of marriage, especially with her "would-be" groom Absalom.

She will also not hesitate to strip down or outright discard pieces of an outfit if it is hindering her in times of danger, such as ripping the hem of her already ruined dancer's dress to flee from Paula, pulling off her shirt to dive into a Milky Road, and wriggling out of her denim jacket after Kumadori had pinned her down by her denim jacket and was about to strike her with a deadly blow. Nami has shown dismay at clothes she is particularly fond of being ruined, angrily striking Luffy when she saw her jacket torn up when she lent it to him in the Drum Island Arc. Likewise, she will even tear apart someone else's clothes if she has to, not hesitating to shred an unconscious Kalifa's clothes after their battle to find a potential key to Robin's seastone cuffs in the Enies Lobby Arc. In Whole Cake Island Arc, when her clothes were burned off by Jinbe, Nami wasted no time stripping a nearby prisoner of his clothes. Nami is also willing to politely borrow other peoples clothes, such as borrowing Sanji's jacket to wear at the end of the Little Garden Arc after Usopp's plan to save her, Vivi, and Zoro had burned her shirt, leaving her with a black bra on, until she could get a replacement shirt after returning to the Going Merry.

Nami is easily surprised and shocked by the more outlandish things in the series, yelling at the crew when they don't seem as concerned as her. Nami even expressed shock at a talking, clothed crocodile, despite traveling around with Chopper and Carrot from the Mink Tribe as Luffy pointed out and said she should be used to things by now.

XP4 Fanfics

Nami is part of the Heroes Coalitions and is member of the Fairy Knights. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Kick-Off!

In Chapter 3, Nami alongside her team, the Fairy Knights, are seen walking around Mount Altana somewhere in the kingdon of Fiore when they came across a group of Emotionless and defeated them. Later, they met up with Gelman and made their way to Magnolia.

XP4 Heroes Coalition - Neo-City Diaries

In Chapter 6, Nami is seen having a conversation with Asuna Yuuki in the lounge area of the Training Camp.

In Chapter 21, Nami is seen with Usopp and Levy McGarden in the courtyard of the Training Camp when Dan Kusou skateboarded passed them.


Being the assigned navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is responsible for evaluating the direction that the ship goes as they sail further into the sea. Nami also tends to act as the crew's de facto treasurer, managing the crew's money and allocating spending money whenever they arrive at a new location.

Besides Sanji, the crew's trained chef, Nami is also the only crew member known to possess even basic cooking knowledge (likely learned from Bell-mere). Prior to Sanji joining the crew, Nami agreed to cook for a fee, and in his absence, she reprises this role. Initially, she went back to charging money to perform this service, but after Luffy disastrously chooses to cook for the crew in order to avoid paying her most of his allowance, she has agreed to cook free of charge, she was able to cook a delicious fish by following one of Sanji's recipes left behind in the Thousand Sunny.

Physical Abilities

Nami had spent several years from her tender childhood to her young adult life stealing money from numerous people including dangerous pirates to buy back her village from the Arlong Pirates, these harsh and sometimes brutal experiences grants Nami a very high level of physical capabilities in Water 7 Arc, she demonstrated exceptional agility and incredible leg strength, being able to jump the wide distances between rooftops in Water 7. Nami is also physically very strong and fit, and when she is extremely enraged especially from Luffy's reckless spendthrifting, she can pack extremely powerful punches to give vicious beatings, that can cause Luffy who has a tremendously tough durability to have brutal and bloody bruises. While on Weatheria, Nami showed she was capable of running extremely quickly while carrying both a heavy bag much larger than herself and Haredas with great ease.

Although not as skilled at fighting as a few of her crew-mates, Nami is still capable of holding her own against weaker foes. When she was grabbed by a Marine officer Nami brought him down with one savage punch and defeated another Marine with barrage of kicks. When she was fighting Kalifa, Nami withstood a Shigan from the assassin a technique that brought down Paulie, a strong foreman. Nami also survived breathing in the toxins from the Daft Green plant, which is so poisonous it can kill quickly if inhaled repeatedly. Nami survived long minutes before getting the cure. Nami has also supported Luffy in an 11-hour fight with Charlotte Cracker, one of the top members of the Big Mom pirates, which shows that she has high levels of endurance.

Nami was also shown to possess great skill with a bo staff which she would often use for self-defense before acquiring the Clima-Tact. However, because she was usually outmatched by the monstrous foes that they met at sea, she typically relied on her crew-mates to fight in her place. Nami also appears to have great skill with ropes, being able to tie up and capture Luffy from behind.

After the two years of extensive training on Weatheria, Nami's physical abilities have vastly improved along with her fighting skills with the Clima-Tact, now capable of handling tougher opponents on her own. An example of this is seen when she has gained significantly high amount of superhuman strength able to easily deflect a sneak attack from a fishman, who possess ten times the strength of a regular human, and further Nami is now fast and agile enough to keep up with the pace of Neo Marine Vice Admiral Ain'sdagger attacks using her Sorcery Clima-Tact, and even attempt to counter by splitting the Clima-Tact and firing off a blast of wind. Most notably Nami's dexterous skill with the staff was shown when she reacted to a weakened Wanda's attack before Sanji and Brook were able to save Nami from having to defend herself. After stopping Wanda in her tracks and overpowering her, Nami then managed to pin her to the ground. Nami also managed to defeat Brûlée, a powerful daughter of Big Mom who had taken out the highly-skilled Carrot and Chopper beforehand.

Nami was also shown to possess increased superhuman leg strength while on Punk Hazard, as Sanji managed to defeat a group of Caesar Clown's subordinates with great ease while inside Nami's body, utilizing the same kick-based fighting style he usually employs. Still stuck in her body, Sanji also demonstrated the ability to use "Blue Walk", an ability developed from mimicking the superhuman Geppo of CP-9, without damaging the muscles in her legs and even under heavy conditions like the freezing depths of a chilling water deep enough to sustain sharks.

Nami has also shown her already exceptional agility has greatly improved from two years of training as she was able to swiftly dodge Wanda's attack by somersaulting with great ease. She still has limitations however, as when Sanji was trying to outrun Smiley's gas he noted her body could not keep up with the pace of Zoro, Brook, and Kin'emon for long, until he groped her breasts and got a speed boost from over-excitement.

She is shown to have a strong will as she was able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki.

Navigation and Cartography Expertise

Nami is a highly skilled navigator and a extremely talented cartographer. Arlong considered her skills on par with the fishmen "superiority" since they were superior to any fishman's. When Luffy destroyed her room at Arlong Park both bathymetric and geographic maps were seen, proves that Nami has a wide variety of cartographic skills.

She is capable of formulating advanced equations in mere minutes to predict a precise course of action, although she usually needs to write the equations down on a physical medium when formulating them. She has a supernatural ability to sense changes in the weather, "with her body" according to Vivi, and can even predict the emergence of supposedly unpredictable cyclones in the Grand Line, undeterred even by a high fever. This ability, combined with her years of knowledge in cartography and navigation, has also made Nami an expert in meteorology. Not only she has been shown to continuously and accurately predict various normal weather conditions, but she is also capable of predicting and handling the almost unnatural, unpredictable, and inexplicable weather conditions of the Grand Line, being more than capable in navigating through these conditions.

This attribute proved useful during Nami's one-on-one altercation with Enel, where she managed to deflect several of the Goro Goro no Mi user's lightning-based attacks using only "Thunder Balls" from her first Clima-Tact. It could be assumed that after the timeskip her navigation skills have greatly improved due to her study of the New World climate with the help of Haredas, as even Caribou immediately recognized and praised her skills as a navigator during their descent to Fishman Island.

Skilled Thief and Pickpocket

Apart from her navigational skills, Nami has also proven herself to be an excellent thief and a master pickpocket. She is able to take small items, such as keys, without her victims noticing, a skill she honed from a young age. Her most notable thieving feat was shown just before she left her village. At the harbor, she stole numerous wallets from the villagers saying goodbye to her while she was running past them, and among the villagers and the Straw Hats, plus Johnny and Yosaku, no one noticed until she revealed what she had done.

She now uses this skill to steal from other pirates, and occasionally government employees, more often than not sneaking aboard their ship or base and taking all their valuables while they are distracted by some fight. Her skill at thievery has even been recognized by the World Government and has earned her the epithet "Cat Burglar".

Art of Weather

Further information: Art of Weather

Nami's fighting style focuses mainly on using the Clima-Tact to manipulate the weather of her surroundings, also known as the "Art of Weather". Which when combined with her immense knowledge of meteorology and weather systems, can be used for devastating results.


Further information: Art of Weather/Clima-Tact

She first gained the ability to manipulate the weather when Usopp gave her the Clima-Tact. The flaw with his invention, however, was that it was primarily for party tricks. Regardless of this conflict, due to her expertise she was able to combine several of its functions in order to pull off dangerous and useful techniques, like creating a mirage of herself, (Mirage Tempo) in order to distract her opponent, and a powerful lightning cloud (Thunderbolt Tempo), which was used on Miss Doublefinger who thought she was a magician. 

Perfect Clima-Tact

Further information: Art of Weather/Perfect Clima-Tact

After the Skypeia Arc, Usopp improved the Clima-Tact with Dials, creating the Perfect Clima-Tact. This improvement gave her much greater power of the weather, allowing her to easily pull off stronger and newer versions of the tricks she could do with the Clima-Tact, like creating insubstantial duplicates of herself using mist (Mirage Tempo: Fata Morgana). This weapon was also powerful enough to allow her to wipe out hordes of Marines (Thunderbolt Tempo) successively and defeat CP9'sKalifa (Thunder Lance Tempo). There was still a flaw in its use, however, as Nami was unable to properly control the lightning and her allies would sometimes sustain collateral damage.

Sorcery Clima-Tact

Further information: Art of Weather/Sorcery Clima-Tact

After the timeskip, her abilities are greatly enhanced, being able to easily destroy a bar and a submarine (and harm the occupants of both) with lightning blasts that can be compared to an attack by Enel. At the stand-off between Neptune's soldiers with Usopp and Brook, she wielded the upgraded version of the Clima-Tact with the disappearance of the balls, which she now calls the Sorcery Clima-Tact. When the Straw Hats arrived at Gyoncorde Plaza, Nami's "Mirage Tempo" was shown to have improved to the point of making herself appear completely invisible, and she was also able to shoot a powerful gust of wind she named Gust Sword to easily dispatch a fishman.

She can now use and create weather in more creative ways, like launching an egg which hatches to release a large thundercloud that she can then take control of in order to strike down her opponent(s), which she calls "Thunder Breed Tempo", and creating an orb at the end of one of the three segments of her Clima-Tact which possesses enough heat to melt snow and harm a snow woman like Monet (Heat Egg). This new Clima-Tact has also been proven to not only be useful for battle situations, but regular daily uses as well, such as taking showers (Shower Tempo) and making paths for travel with sea clouds (Milky Road). The latter is an achievement of its own as it was stated that sea clouds could not be created in the Blue Sea.

It is unknown how Nami utilizes the abilities of her new Clima-tact as she rarely spins or shakes her weapon to achieve the desired effects, usually achieving her goal after some verbal queue which names the attack. Most notably, Nami seems to have much more freedom in her control of the phenomena she produces as she was able to direct lightning like a projectile in order to hone in on Baby 5 and Buffalo in the sky, as well as move a thundercloud over the guys who were attempting to peep on her while she bathed, and electrocute them, almost cognitively. Her skills at manipulating the weather have increased to such a point that it appears like she is using magic or ninjutsu, but she herself stated that it is simply chemistry.

Fourth Clima-Tact

Further information: Art of Weather/Fourth Clima-Tact

After being further upgraded due to Usopp's Pop Greens and Franky's genius, Nami's new Clima-Tact is now the "culmination of all of Weatheria's weather science, and has been described by Usopp as being "this century's greatest" something. The Clima-Tact can now grow or decrease in length when different pressure is applied, and is easier to twirl and use. It also seems to leave patterns in the air when it is used, overall giving it the feel of a magic wand of sorts. Ironically enough, the only Weatherian device that Usopp failed to implement into the upgraded Clima-Tact was a "magic wand" that he didn't quite understand.

After capturing the thundercloud homie Zeus, Nami can use her Clima Tact to store Zeus inside, and when necessary she can use Zeus supplemented with her Clima Tact abilities to perform destructive lightning attacks.

Other Techniques

Though infrequent, Nami has a couple of other moves that she can use to incapacitate (in more ways than one) her opponents.

  • Shiawase Punch ("Happiness Punch"): a joke technique that Nami uses to dispatch people watching her bathe; she simply drops her towel, causing any male in the vicinity to collapse from a massive nosebleed. She also uses this as a get-rich-quick scheme, as she charges 100,000 to anyone who sees her doing this.
  • Impact ("Impact Shell"): Nami uses an Impact Dial to absorb attacks and then send them back at her opponents. Since she does not have a lot of strength she suffered from the drawback of the Impact Dial. This was shown only when she finished off Hotori with Gan Fall.


  • Nami has her own jolly roger, which has a blue-and-white-striped bandanna (which somewhat matches the pattern on the blouse she wore in her initial appearance), a winking eye, a tongue sticking out, one hand doing the "OK" sign (a Japanese hand motion signifying money), Nami's hair, and a diamond-star.
  • After the timeskip, one circle represents the whole skull instead of having the mouth and lower jaw separate, possibly to make its hair seem longer to match Nami's. The hair is now mussy instead of neat curls, also matching Nami's wilder hair. The pattern on the bandanna is changed to match the pattern of the bikini top Nami wore in her initial appearance after the timeskip. The skull no longer winks and now wears earrings and the arm has her bangle and log pose. It also has Nami's tangerine-pinwheel tattoo behind it.
  • Nami's birthday, July 3rd, comes from her name since 7-3 can be derived from Na-mi.
  • Despite being one of the weakest members of the crew physically, Nami is able to hurt Luffy with normal strikes (although given the situations in which this happens, it may be purely for comical effect). When questioned by a fan on this, Oda replied that Nami beats up Luffy's spirit.
  • Nami's favorite foods are mainly tangerines and other kinds of fruit. Her least favorite food is orangettebecause if she wants fruit, she will eat regular fruit.
  • Nami also does not like ice cream, the same as Zoro, Sanji, and Franky.
  • Nami's favorite food to cook is roasted duck with tangerine sauce.
  • Nami's favorite type of island and season is summer on a spring island.
  • Nami's specific numbers are 03 and 73 (7=Na - 3=Mi).
  • Nami's specific color is orange.
  • Nami smells like mikan and money.
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were a family, then Nami would be the daughter.
  • Nami's animal resemblance is a cat.
  • If One Piece was set in the real world, then Nami would be from Sweden.
  • Nami's thoughts are "Money, Money, Money, Money, Beauty", and like the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, "Friendship".
  • When asked which flower Nami resembles the most, Nico Robin's japanese voice actress replied she most resembles a sunflower.
  • Nami's blood type is X, the same as Chopper's and Brook's.
  • Nami bathes every day, the same as Sanji and Robin.
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law calls Nami according to her name, Nami-ya.
  • Nami represents the prefecture of Ehime.
  • Nami typically sleeps at 11:00 P.M. and gets up at 7:00 A.M.
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates were not pirates, then Nami would be a childcare worker.
  • If the Straw Hat Pirates had a 50-meter race, then Nami would come in seventh place.


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