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Nagi Kagami is a character from the Infinite Stratos anime.

Nagi is a student at the IS Academy and one of Ichika's classmates and admirers.

In the AWA fics, Nagi is a student at the AWA Academy.

In the XP4 fics, Nagi is part of the Heroes Coalitions as a trainee. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as a student.


Nagi a long black hair and blue eyes. She wears a standard IS uniform.


Nagi has a candid personality and also has good social disposition. Unfortunately, she lacking in delicacy and shame as a girl.


  • Nagi serves as Cecilia Alcott partner during the Live Cosplay Changing Race.
  • Nagi's parents manages a sushi restaurant.
  • Nagi is voiced by Allison Sumrall and Monica Passley in Season 2.


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