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Mumbo, also known as The Amazing Mumbo or Mumbo Jumbo, is a character from the Teen Titans animated series.

A mad magician with real magical powers. Usually a nuisance, but can prove a real threat when properly motivated.

In the XP4 fics, Mumbo is currently working in the Heroes Coalition as a hero and is an honorary member of the Bullet Kingdom(formerly known as New Age Avengers). He also attends at the Vanguard Academy as student.


Mumbo's uniform consists of a normal magician's clothing. He wears a black turtleneck tuxedo with a white chest pad and a yellow flower pinned to his chest. He also wears a top hat, gloves and a mask.


He acts a lot like a Silver Age version of the Joker, only focused on showmanship instead of comedy. Driven into madness, he has been causing havoc and creating crimes.

XP4 Fanfics

After Eddy talks him out from his crimes, Mumbo joins the Heroes Coalition. He is very loyal to Eddy and Panooki.


Mumbo is a powerful magician, whose magic comes from the hat and the wand, but the magic he can produce—mainly due to the nature of his paraphernalia and his state of mind—is limited to stage magic, conjuring, and comedic effects. These include (but are not limited to) conjuring masses of flowers and cards to attack or distract opponents, levitation, moving objects, transforming people and objects at will, enlarging his glove to catch is opponent, conjuring door traps, animating lifeless objects, and making objects disappear into his hat. His magic is highly versatile and often catches the Titans off guard, allowing him to overpower all five of the Titans sometimes. His hat contains its own pocket-dimension that is entirely under his control and made in his literal image, in which Mumbo's magic is much more powerful, as he was able to turn the Titans into animals (and Beast Boy into a lamp), nullify their powers, and stated he would make them disappear forever (erase them from existence).


  • In the XP4 fics, Mumbo shares a room with Eddy, Panooki and Mandy Rosal.
  • He has the same mask as Robin and Speedy.
  • Despite his real age remaining a mystery.
  • Mumbo bears a striking resemblance, and could have been inspired by, the Great HooDoo from the 70's television show Lidsville, as both are villainous magicians, both have a similar over-the-top voice, and both have an unnatural skin color (blue and green respectively). In addition, the episode Bunny Raven features the titans going into Mumbo's hat, much like the plot of Lidsville in which a boy named Mark falls into the Great HooDoo's hat and ends up in the titular town. The surreal nature of both is also a similarity. Tom Kenny also played Ellis, a parody of HooDoo, in the Mr. Show sketch "The Altered State of Drugachussetts".
  • Mumbo was said to be a one-off character created for the show, but a positive fan reaction influenced further appearances.


Notable Quotes

  • "Whew! Good thing I wear a turtleneck tuxedo."
  • (to Eddy) "Are you kidding? Me, amazing, wants to become a hero? You're dreaming!"
  • (to Eddy) "Well that's a surprise... look, that's sounds nice but I don't think I fit to become one! I mean I'm a guy driven in madness thanks to the powers I obtained from this wand. I can't be a hero because of that!"
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