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Motoharu Tsuchimikado is a character from the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime and light novels.

Motoharu is Kamijou Touma's next-door neighbor and a student of A Certain High School's Class 1-7 alongside Touma and Aogami Pierce. The three of them are called the Three Idiots—Delta Force. Initially referred to off-handedly as Touma's other classmate and neighbor (though in the anime is shown earlier as a recurring side character), he is later properly introduced during the Angel Fall Arc, as a spy for several organizations, most prominently Academy Cityand Necessarius, and as the first known Magician-Esper hybrid. After the events of the invasion of Academy City, he later becomes an important character in the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index, and becomes a member of GROUP, which he joins to ensure the safety of his beloved stepsister Maika.

In the AWA fics, Motoharu is a student at the AWA Academy and is part of Class 4.


He has blonde hair and is always seen with sunglasses and a gold chain around his neck. He wears shorts and only a green shirt with white floral patterns, reminiscent of stereotypical Hawaiian shirts, when not in his school. However, he wears the shirt along with his winter uniform. His appearance is due to the fact that he wants to be popular with girls, however, because of this, he is mistaken as a delinquent. He is very well toned and muscular for his age.


As the meaning of his magic name indicates, he is a trickster and liar by his own admission, willing to betray anyone if it helps him. Maybe it's because of this attribute that he has survived being a agent of multiple various factions.

He takes his job seriously and is willing to abandon being a magician by becoming an esper for the sake of the Church. He works behind the scenes to keep the balance of the two sides, and takes it hard when he fails, subtly telling Touma that the conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City started not because of Touma, but because someone (Motoharu) behind the scenes didn't do their job.

Regardless of being a serious magician and a spy, Motoharu enjoys being a high school student. He is on good terms with Kamijou Touma and his classmates, and gets into various shenanigans with them.

However, he has shown to have a caring side, and that is with regards to his step-sister, Tsuchimikado Maika, on whom he dotes upon and loves. His behavior with his step sister is the reason why he is referred to as the Siscon Sergeant. It is shown that he easily gets jealous when Touma and Aogami Pierce were referred by Maika as Onii-chan.

Maika is also the reason why he has stayed loyal to Academy City and puts his life in danger for it so he can protect the world Maika lives in.


His magic name is Fallere825, "The backstabbing blade".

He was formerly a skilled onmyouji, as being of the Tsuchimikado family, famous in historical Japan as the dominating the arts for several centuries, but gave up his abilities when he went under the Power Development Curriculum. His esper ability is the Level 0 Auto Rebirth, which allows him to recover from life-threatening injuries over time. This allows him to somewhat bypass the penalty inflicted on non-magicians that try to use magic, making him the first successful Magician-Esper hybrid.


Onmyodou Arts: He's very skilled in basic magic and onmyoudou, as he managed to erect a barrier during Angel Fall and destroy Touma's home using a spell. He was known as the best teacher of Feng shui and Onmyoudou in Necessarius and seems to be keen on spells that involve the 4 guardian deities: Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu and Suzaku.

  • Red Spell - Also known as the Shikigami Pistol, using Shikigami representing the four guardian deities, and placing them in them in their proper place in the four directions, to create a ritual location, which would draw from the Power of the World. Motoharu chants a spell that would send a powerful long distance spell that turns the spellcaster as the gun for the power to be released. It is capable of destroying an entire house, and has a long preparation time.
  • Black Spell - A spell that uses the water in accordance to the principles of Feng shui. Referred by Motoharu as his favorite. Using a black origami sculpture, the spell makes a sphere of water a meter across appear out of nowhere to use it as a projectile-like attack. Motoharu was also able to use this spell in conjuction with rain to put together a defensive spell to protect himself from Fuze Kazakiri destroying the abandoned bus maintenance facility he was in.
  • Blue Spell - A spell that uses another origami sculpture. After chanting, a shield forms around Motoharu's body temporarily protecting him. The shield is strong enough to protect against anti-materiel bullets.
  • Unnamed Spell: When making a surprise attack on Terra, Motoharu used a spell that launched what initially seemed to be an red bullet, but was really a piece of burning orange origami paper.
  • All-Around Reality Circle - Using a memento left behind by a spell caster, Motoharu forms a magic circle and sets up colored paper that indicates the four colors representing the four deities: Black in the north, White in the West, Blue in the East, and Red in the South. A spellcaster is required to state a simple incantation to activate the spell, from there the paper will spiral into the center of the circle, and will draw a map, using the color of the paper like a printer. Once the paper touches the memento, the papers will explode, and an accurate realtime adjustable map will be created, determining the target's location. The spell takes about 15 minutes to set up, and encompasses 3 kilometers. It can be activated by a different caster to the one who set up the circle.
  • Divination Circle - Forming a basic magic circle using colored paper for a magic circle. It is a spell that activates in response to magic power from an interception spell and calculates where the spell came from, the distance and the direction. It can be activated by a different caster than the one who set up the circle.
  • Unnamed Water Dragon Spell: A spell involving the use of a dragon origami. Used against the Karma-bearing chain beasts with the expectation that they would interfere with the coloration and send it out of control, it created a giant water blast which grew in the area the origami was released, wrapped around its surroundings and slammed into the end of the nearby crane arm, knocking the chain beasts down.

Other Magic

  • Ushi no Koku Mairi: A reconstructed variant of the Ushi no Koku Mairi curse. By using objects such as hairs or fingernails, Motoharu can infect his opponent with a curse. Against Kumokawa Seria, he gouged out her eyeball to activate this spell. It is a popular infection magic spell that even children know and can used to attack remotely. It is noted that any decent magician would be able to put together a countermeasure as soon as they sensed the signs, but Motoharu used it against Seria who had no knowledge of magic. The curse causes the target's senses to dull and finally leads to them losing consciousness.

Esper Ability

  • Auto-Rebirth - This Level 0 ability applies a weak membrane over torn blood vessels to stop bleeding. Through this ability, he can still use magic, as he can repair the damage done to his body. Despite these advantages he still avoids using magic except in the most desperate of situations as he cannot avoid the extreme pain caused when casting it, shown when he destroyed the spell location of Angel Fall, resulting in him falling to the ground in a large pool of his own blood. He also mentions that his ability is not perfect (being a Level 0) and could at any time fail to revive him, causing him to die permanently. He then estimates that he can cast four or five more spells before that happens. The only time he's seen to be "dead" is when he's lying in his own blood after destroying Touma's house to prevent Angel Fall; the next time Motoharu is seen, all his injuries have vanished.

Other Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Tsuchimikado is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He easily defeated Touma, who is a rather experienced street fighter himself, in seconds without Touma even being able to land a single hit. Touma claims that the only way he could possibly beat Tsuchimikado in hand-to-hand was if it was two against one. Furthermore, Motoharu is not restrained in any rule of honor, allowing him to use dirty tricks and low blows to an opponent without hesitation.
    • Deadly Thrust Killing Slash - is the fighting style used by Motoharu. It is formed from the illegal techniques of all sorts of martial arts. In top fighting form, even Kumokawa Seria's skill in deception would not be able to keep up against Motoharu.
  • Marksmanship: Motoharu is competent enough to use basic firearms. It makes up for his weakness in being unable to use magic in science-side missions, as well as his esper ability lacking any use in battle. His aim was so accurate that he was able to intentionally avoid the vitals of Oyafune Monaka with a near miss to give it the appearance of a botched assassination attempt. He was also able to quickly turn around and shoot a grenade out of the air without even carefully aiming, demonstrating his knowledge of the gun and his marksmanship.
  • Deception: For a long time, Motoharu has been able to survive various organizations and continue to trick them into thinking that he was on their side, a clear demonstration of his cunning and reasoning. He was able to blend in with the residents of Academy City without anyone suspecting him of being anything but a Level 0 unless he bluntly told them that he was (e.g. to Kamijou Touma during the Angel Fall Arc).


  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu is the only character officially referred to as both from the magic and science sides. An example of this is in the opening of the Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP game.


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